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Leo Compatibility


In your love life look out for:

Libra: You are well suited together and support each other as a team. Leo is fascinated by sophisticated Libra and Libra by the ardent Leo. Be careful of betrayal and look at each other Moons.

Pisces: You are a wonderful couple with a deep understanding. Leo will be satisfied receiving attention from Pisces and will admire her/him.

Scorpio: You have a physical attraction but in character are really quite different. Scorpio is too intense and at times jealous of Leo. If the ascendant is right you could have an intense sexual relation.

In your work life look out for:

Aquarius: You are both independent, generous and loyal. Leo is strongly ambitious while Aquarius is not. Before having bad surprises it would be better to look at Saturn and the Ascendant.

Capricorn: Both of you are ambitious, both trying to dominate. At work you will compete for the same position.

Leo: Not good colleagues because you are always in competition, but loyal to each other as partners. A good friendship and love relationship can start if one of you have the Moon in Pisces or Cancer.

In your social life look out for:

Sagittarius: You will both be fun loving good companions. At times Sagittarius can put down the pride of Leo with harsh comments.

Virgo: You are a strange couple, Leo has a great pride as opposed to Virgo who is fussy minded. You have different interests and a different attitude towards life that may be difficult to reconcile in the long run.

Leo compatibility with fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Without doubt certain inner dimensions could be found again in the relationship with his two elementary “brothers” and that, somehow or other certain visions and certain dreams belong to both partners of “fire”, so the “great romantic dream” belongs to both.

Between them sentiments and passion will be “burning” and absolutely “uncontrollable”; everything will happen on an extraordinary level with a director of exceptions that seems to be “the universe”, as it follows the lovers step by step in their performances; the Fire signs are so “personal” to think that what happens on the outside should be produced by them and in a certain sense realised “for them”. In this they express the condition of absolute uniqueness of the background; it is difficult for Fire not to feel itself involved in first person in the great creative project and, as a result, everything seems to happen inside a fairy territory so as to give the background to their comedy or to their drama.

The risk for these signs is in their unpredictability and in the difficulty of holding this type of energy stable for a little while, energy that, when it is not sky-high, will be certainly at its worst.

The fired up state cannot last; there is a peculiar extraordinariness to make him precarious, because it would destroy the balance, and yet the fire signs are very much afraid of the fall into “internal pressure” and are still afraid of most of the following states that, for them, means “depression” and then, a lack of vitality and a “gap” in creative spirit, a state that over time they must nevertheless learn to tolerate to be able to pass into a more mature dimension for themselves and for the relationship.

Without doubt there are few other partners who will be able to live and to share this state with them, and therefore, they would want to stop it in eternity, since in the pride and in the brightness of their eyes – you feed the Sun itself – there is impressed also the inevitability of the night that, punctuallt arrives after each day.

If two partners will be able to face the inevitable phase of disappointment and of disillusion their relationship will be able to enter Olympus because they will be able to find always new stimuli, they will be able to recreate each day, also in the absolute ordinary ways, those intimate and fantastic dimensions that will be able to feed the dreams and the vision which they need to live and to re-shine.

If they allow themselves to fold instead at the sense of loss and of falling, the relationship will not be able to last because it will slowly but inexorably pass towards nothing and mediocrity, dimensions of which Fire escapes again like from the plague.

The most dramatic phase of their relationship will thus be the “passage” in which there will be disillusions, rage, quarrels and accusations to the other of not being able to handle the situation any longer compared to the images that they maintain, living a sense of the future: in this phase thee is the end of love and the fall of the eternal romantic dream in which the partner was perceived like the figure necessary to inspire his own inner light.

If they will be able to be supported mutually in this crisis, the relationship between two fire elements will be able to give life to extraordinary things of which others will also be able to avail themselves because, as soon as the secret is discovered, the two will become masters in developing their imagination and in continually giving life to something again that, each time, will always be “extraordinary” in all that it will have in something of the “universal creative strength”.

Leo compatibility with earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Fire and Earth are quite distant, even if it is undoubted that collaboration can be extremely profitable. Mankind has always understood that to make the Earth impregnate it, it was necessary to use Fire: he at first makes her arid, almost spectral and inanimate, but then the ash becomes a soft coverlet that is transformed into precious manure that allows regeneration.

Then it will feed partners (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and they can be “regenerative” for Fire; this does not take out the phase of “aridity” here and it should be faced; this means that inevitably the couple will face cyclic crises that will be regenerating for both if only some specific trends which will be held at bay by both of them.

Of course, for a Leo that has in mind a sense of immortality and uniqueness the comparison with Earth that often has complexes of inadequacy and that feels itself limited and strongly realistic, it can be hard and, if it is not done, with gradualness of the Earth, the Leo can feel himself absolutely devastated being considered exaggerated, selfish and self-centred.

The Earth in fact with his pragmatism risks ruining Leo’s dreams with a bang, and if this happens, it will be also the end of the relationship since our hero will feel himself hurled down Olympus without even the help of a parachute; the point nevertheless is that together with him also dreams, hopes and all the potential tied to the intuitive Fire will fall.

This is the reason therefore this comparison will need great intelligence and great patience from the Earth, that generally, it is not deficient in this; the little “divine child” must be therefore accompanied to grow inside the reality maintaining nevertheless a part of the soul orientated on the need of being special and on the perception of exclusiveness.

The problems can also arise from fear of the Earth that can slow Leo’s ardur down; the caution that blocks the creative push and the impetuous action of the Leo; from the equalization to the reality that closes the doors to the infinite possibilities that each Leo must maintain in his psyche not to see the light setting in the abyss.

If he feels he is too bound to the Earth, Leo risks living only the “parching” phase without ever accepting that the course of time promotes regeneration and fertilization; it never risks not knowing his dreams, really through the dimension of concreteness and of the practicality of the Earth, can become concrete, perhaps not all, but some of them.

The darkness between these two partners can be hidden behind the problem over the course of time: inevitably for the Earth, which is absolutely negligible, on the contrary eluding the Leo, the Earth is a teacher in the knowledge of the times of maturity and will be able to use nevertheless masterfully his prerogative and to wait until the mature Leo reveals those fruits that he potentially had seen and that, alone, can lead to enjoyment.

Leo compatibility with air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

With the Air partners Leo finds them complementary and to a certain extent can be fantastic, and for others, instead, particularly explosive. These two elements have in common the energy direction that makes them go out of the internal world to meet the outside. Nevertheless while the air is decisively “social”, this cannot be said for the Leo that instead, always sees everywhere a possibility of being able to shine and of being able to show his light.

The incomprehension can arise as “stealing the scene” that in the long run becomes heavy especially for the Gemini who has, in turn, a great need of being at the centre of attention for different, but equally compulsive, reasons.

Of course, both really can learn to mutually complement the other and “steal” something from the other to supplement it and to become more complete. The Leo can steal a little bit of the rationality and of the authentic sociability from Air; particularly from Libra and Aquarius he can learn the art of mediation, a quality absolutely missed in the solar sign, at times compensated by an authentic generosity of mind, but often difficult to develop for the lack of objectiveness, the only condition to be able to accept the path “of the mean”.

Air, like him, can learn to be involved more, to be contaminated also by great emotions and passions; he can also learn to be more generous and less calculating developing a minimum “heroic” sense; he can feel that the truest reason is not always in his “head”.

Undoubtedly the comparison is difficult: Fire is completely impulsive and in no way rational: he travels with an internal radar that, and he literally leads and gives directions that are absolutely unacceptable for air that always has in mind a great project that asks for mediation and strategy; among other things, the incapacity to accept “the limit” – which reaches both of them – is shown nevertheless on different levels: intellectual for Air, physical and of being able for Leo.

A good deal of patience is required in order for the relationship between these elements to work, a thing that none of the two possess; the air is fickle, nervous and unable to understand what it means “to lose its head”; Leo is stable only if it is inside the creative cycle, otherwise it feels itself extinguished and without life.

Leo is too self-centred to take into consideration the other’s needs and the Air is too removed to recognise the intimate dramas of a disappointed Leo.

Of course, if the two recognise the difficulties of the other, then there can be a real integration with exceptional results because Air will be able to avail at that point of initiatives and of energies that she does not possess and also of that passion that might in any case, give the best result; the Leo can learn instead that pinch of detachment that would return the simplest and less expensive life to him on an energy level and, at the same time, he might see that the part that it excludes would make it more complete.

The darkness between these signs is in intolerance; in fact, Fire does not tolerate reason, logic and design: he feels them imprisoning and invalidating of the creative function that, for him, must arrive in an unpredictable way, when it wants, exactly like the inspiring Muses that could not in any way be slave women of the mind. Air does not tolerate the ability of sensing things without passing through a mental process; it does not support intuition because, when it is shown, it seems to be a “divine” gift rather than a process of the human mind.

Leo compatibility with the Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Fire and Water evoke strong and very different images; the emotional impetus is lost that is perceived like something overwhelming and difficult to contain, to the idea of the incandescent lava that slips into the sea and that slowly cools down and changes colour, to a saucepan that boils and that emits too much vapour; it evokes nevertheless also water images that, if they are too strong can extinguish fire hampering its lighting.

In fact this depends very much on the amalgam that the two manage to do as they interact in their relationship. The possibilities are infinite, especially on the level of “creativity” that, in case the Leo might also avail himself of a sensitiveness that becomes intense and dense before penetrating into the meanders of the soul when it interacts with the Scorpio or particularly fantastic and ready to perceive the sense of the innocence or of the infinite, when it integrates certain values belonging to Cancer and Pisces.

This combination in fact grows and is refined, but is also more receptive, the great creative and imaginative office of Leo; at the same time, the great sensitiveness of Water can also teach its partner Fire to find a channel to be expressed without remaining imprisoned in the soul.

Of course, for other aspects the difficulties are not excluded; Fire is dynamic, Water not at all; Fire needs to stabilise and Water aims to extinguish it completely or in some cases, absolutely to excite it more: this is very particular since if Fire is too impetuous, Water not only does not slow it down, but it can absolutely feed it; if instead it is too weak, the Water extinguishes it completely; it will be needed then to find a right means to integrate important goals that are sought continually.

Besides Water can also feel itself violated often by the intensity and by the impetuosity of Fire that, when it is excited, does not take into account the sensitiveness of its partner, ending up by causeìing it serious harm.

Water at last can evaporate or stagnate under the surface with the result that it witnesses the sense of loss of identity before reaching an invisible danger on the outside, but ready to break completely and suddenly (especially in the case of Scorpio).

The true problem between these elements is in the balance between sentiments and instincts and in visibility; Fire is so bright and clear that often it loses sight of the confused and poorly defined contours in which it scours the water, especially when it is about the Scorpio that is not so stagnant and with dark water, seduces the great need or passion and of being able of strike Leo unknown to him, with him really dazzled by the light.

In turn, Water has no familiarity with the heat inside and is looking for it really in Fire, often causing the lighting without nevertheless managing to include how much it is possible to push and stop it once activated.

The darkness between these signs is in the power dimension – it is about a relationship with Scorpio – where the fight is unequal for the impossibility of Leo to see in the dark – dimension instead in which the partner Scorpio moves well.

In fact at times the wounds are bleeding for so much time while our hero could not fight with equal weapons; with other signs the problem is inherent in the sensitiveness that the Leo has not got and that is compensated by rushes of generosity, passion and by evident gestures that the water nevertheless does not live like them and that often feels bound and invaded.

With Cancer and Pisces the fight can be peculiar considering the fearfulness and non-action of Water that is in contrast with the exuberant Leo energy that, instead, needs constant feeding; Fire, lastly, exchanges laziness the passivity of the Water partner that, in turn, exchanges inconclusiveness and pure energy unloading the excessive activism of the companion.

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