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Libra Compatibility


In your love life look out for:

Libra: you are an easy going couple, both very gentle and sentimental. You will have a marvellous time together in terms of love.

Capricorn: Libra’s kindness and diplomacy will soften serious Capricorn. Can a Capricorn be too protective for you?

Pisces: you make great companions, both sensitive. Mentally and physically you will be extremely attracted. Could you work together?

In your work life look out for:

Scorpio: Libra can cheer up Scorpio when a project is going bad. There is a strong magnetism and devotion between you. Looking at the position of the Moon in the Horoscope you will find out if the magnetism can be a reciprocal attraction.

In your social life look out for:

Sagittarius: you are excellent friends, sharing a lot of interests and never bored of each other’s company.

Aquarius: you will have a pleasant relationship, both being fair minded. You can be lovers and good friends at the same time. Which one will prevail?

Compatibility with fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

The Libra life is very complementary with Aries and a moderate energy compatibility with another two Fire signs.

In fact, the Air, an element to which the sign belongs, has an energy Yang exactly the same as Fire and they can find compatibility in the direction and in the constant push towards extroversion.

In spite of this, Libra is very much refined and he can see in his alter ego a primitiveness that often leaves him without words; in fact, if on the one hand Fire can offer the sign a certain ability of highlighting the values of spontaneity and of immediacy, on the other, we cannot but think of all the refined and aesthetic taste of Libra and the certain awkwardness of Aries.

It is nevertheless true what in the myth Mars and Venus were lovers and what only she managed to appease the warrior when fighting got though; this is to indicate that the Libra has something which the Aries and Fire in general aspire to … and that can be very useful, exactly as the Libra can avail of the decision-making ability of Fire as well as of its heat and involvement.

Problems can arise with too many emphasis and stubbornness with which Fire signs support their opinions without worrying too much about others; this can give much trouble to the Libra that assists without having often another possibility if not that of closing in the mutism or leaving the field, avoiding discussion.

In fact two elements can give themselves many things in turn: Fire can avail of the rationality that it can include and use to look at the behaviour of Libra and, while he can be more capable of expressing his will and of choosing, something which is for difficult her.

Something the Libra will find awkward is certain intemperance and certain catching of position of Fire; his superlative good taste will be often disturbed, as well as his diplomacy that will clash with the meanness with which Fire manages situations;, also Fire will be still irritated often by the hesitancy and by the excess of evaluation and of rationalisation of the natives that is annoying for those who believe in the myth of spontaneity without staying or blocking or, still worse, “distorting” in order not to let what he thinks shine through.

Compatibility with earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Between three earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), Taurus deserves a speech apart since it shares with Libra the planet Venus. Both signs are hedonists, they have the taste of pleasure even if, obviously, there are diversities … for Taurus pleasure must pass through the senses: he loves to eat well, to surround himself with beautiful and solid things that give him certainty and a life in serenity and quietness; in Libra Venus is more refined of all that it is not in another sign: here it is extremely sophisticated, it needs a great intellectuality: here pleasure is not in the senses, but in the aesthetic ideal, in the taste of perfection and in the harmony of all things, from ideas to shapes.

Of course, the Earth is very much tied to the value that gives certainty and stability, while Libra is tied to other values like those of justice, people and sentiments and it has great confidence in the ability of living well with people and of establishing relations that could help to live in a more harmonious way.

Libra and Virgo can find much good in themselves, but be exasperated on certain charts such as perfection and criticality (both in fact can be fussy, critical and touchy) and, together they can multiply for these two peculiarities.

Of course, Libra is less concrete and less tied to today and to the ordinary and, in this, it can consider Virgo too anchored and not very ductile.

With Capricorn there are few things to be shared; Libra is the queen of relationships and Capricorn is more inclined to work for a good career rather than to dedicate his time to be thoughtful and to harmonise. Libra might find everything scandalous in him, almost a kind of non-recognition; in turn Capricorn lives with too much emphasis on the relationship like a kind of limit.

They can find nevertheless an agreement on a particularity that they have in common: certain rigours and detachment; a certain vision of the pure and linear life and, both have a great need to learn to control something: Libra, in relationships and Capricorn, professional relations.

In any case Libra will be able to easily approach reality learning the Earth signs that certainly are more impressed to verify the feasibility of things; Libra can understand that at times too much idealism clashes ferociously with the concrete possibilities that man has; at last, the Libra can learn that the “limit” is not always negative, but something with which is necessary to do the accounts, if not only to exceed it.

Libra sees thousands of opportunities in the ideal; Earth is content only with the “feasible” ones.

Earth, on its part, can become a little more detached and learn that at times to be able to rise above the pure necessity does good to the spirit because it frees it from invisible chains that nevertheless weigh like lead.

Undoubtedly Earth is not so refined like Libra but it might teach this sign to make concrete the majority of its ideas, if it is brought nearer to something more ideal and real.

Libra in reference to Earth will have to keep too much formality and asepticness away which Earth does not love and, on the contrary, makes him feel excessively separated and distanced; for his part, Earth will be able to exchange more on a dialectic and affective level, which, for Libra is absolutely imperative.

Compatibility with air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

The relations between Libra and the other two Air signs (Gemini, Aquarius) can be fantastic at spoken and communication level but there is also the risk of overload because it is aimed at overrating dialectic and intellect to damage other more important functions of the human psyche.

Undoubtedly the positive things can be so many: relationships are impressed on exchange, on intellectual and artistic compatibilities and on ideals; so many explanations are not necessary as they both have in mind how relationships should be in their ideal vision; there can still be many difficulties on emotional exchange level that the Air feels difficult and impassable to face: they will miss the passion and the great rushes because they are constantly slowed down in the need for valuing what is suggested if attitudes are correct, if they are ethical and respectful, to totally damage of the spontaneous . . and “heat” element.

Particularly with Gemini, Libra can feel himself attracted by the great whirling and by the liking, with passing in the time, he will often feel betrayed at relational level where, in fact, Libra there expects fidelity and commitment, difficult things to be obtained for Gemini.

They will be able to share nevertheless certain qualities of two sprites of the Zodiac: lightness, rationality, criticism where are both in Mercury and Venus; the first ones nevertheless love to amuse themselves when their interests which are changing continually…something less congenial for the Venusian who are saltatory and more profound.

Aquarius the Libra can share a profound social spirit. together with the taste for diplomacy and mediation: both are able to include persons who are different between them and can impress accounts based on points of sharing, on affinity and on the bargaining; they understand each other less on the level of stability where Libra needs fidelity and certainty while the Aquarius is more inclined to be thought and to be recognised in a “open couple”.

The Air – Air combination can give excellent relations that they aim inexorably to change in relationships based on friendship and brotherliness since, when the stupid passion stops, nevertheless the sharing and the wish to do things together remains. Generally couples then become more open in absolute but because they have lost the true sense of the “couple”.

In fact too much detachment can be harmful and lead to a true and own disinterest for other that, at that point, can do what he wants without being considering committed.

The darkness between the air signs can occupy a position of scarce passion and scarce materiality and emotionality, all things that Air cannot manage and, at that point there succeeds the illusion of being able to live a life together when they were occupying exclusively spoken and intellective exchanges that, if nevertheless crowned by a great respect for reciprocal freedom, are nevertheless more pertaining to a friendly relationship than to a true couple who are intimate.

Compatibilities with water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

The relationship between these signs is a beautiful match. In fact, if on the one hand both have huge things to learn – and therefore they are still attracted like the day and the night – they are also distant like the day and the night and they must learn then one from the other to meet before finding a good agreement.

Libra and Cancer share the same planet Venus and then they have their interior great emphasis on sentiment, which nevertheless can be sentimentalism and emotionality in the water sign while it becomes sentiment free and removed with the addition of objectiveness and ability of evaluation in the Air sign.

That means that between the first sign of water and the Libra there is a great step to be taken that foresees the abandonment of certain lunar emotional and symbiotic dynamics that the Libra somewhat shares and that it cannot even manage.

For the Libra in fact “fusion” does not exist so as Cancer foresees it and, if they join they must make clear and negotiate this difference well.

As regarding Scorpio, difficulties will be impressed instead on the mental contortion and on the emotional power that the Scorpio manages in a simple and natural way when its reads inside the psyche of other persons. It impresses on the Libra the sense of being made bare without possibility of defence.

Between other things, Libra has an ethical vision of life and of others and it is possible to find wrong footed dynamics in which the Scorpio wallows to totally damage the freedom and the other’s power.

It is certain that when Libra starts a relationship with a Scorpio a transformation journey must be expected, but also hard work has to be done on the level of empathy, otherwise it will not last because Libra will not be able, even remotely, to enter into the type of intimacy that Scorpio wants and wants to create. The relationship is also of great complicity as they are gripped to our sign of Air that feels itself too spread, losing his objectiveness and equidistance.

The Scorpion among other things can make the Libra discover, beyond the shape and the strong ethical sense and justice, that he has his skeletons in the wardrobe and then, helps natives to think behind the “ideal light” before also discovering the shady sides …

Lastly, Scorpio can teach Libra that it is pure madness to always count on the mind and on reason because the most fantastic things move on the inside of the emotional and instinctive world, reigns that the Libra sees with great difficulty and that considers as the most monstrous and “contaminated” part of the human being.

The Libra Pisces relationship would seem simpler on paper and this is because the two can share idealism, artistic sense, detachment and also a strong social sense they both have, even if with different aims; Pisces can still enter fully into the marasmus of suffering before being part of you and before finding a reason in it.

This is carried decisively outside the fussy Libra that can fight his battles for human rights in a dialectic and an artistic sense, but never on the level of the true and real bait. It is not seen in fact as the Palladian of devastated situations because it has difficulty in going down in the reality of the world of suffering. We will be able to find that Pisces is anxious to “save” the world. . penetrating into the meanders of diversity at all levels, while for Libra, to do something for the “social” sense, indicates rather to be dedicated intellectually to some causes in which he could put his ethics and his sense of justice.

In any case, together they can cultivate beauty, the sense of the artistic communication and certainly the ideals that both possess; they can be supported reciprocally becoming together abler to develop qualities that otherwise they do not possess: Libra can learn to penetrate also emotionally inside things in the human mind before finding a sense of greater spirituality … as Pisces can become more refined and more rational and objective.

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