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Pisces: You are a daydreaming couple. Full of tenderness for each other. You will be able to deeply understand each other needs as a friend or a lover.

Pisces Compatibility with fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Pisces is the last sign of the Water element and, therefore, also the most sophisticated, which underlines a remarkable diversity with the Fire element, whose powerful, but active and aggressive energies clash with the extremely receptive and sensitive ones of Pisces natives.

There can be some apparent similarities; actually, Fire also tends to be taken in the creative whirl that enables it to exercise its powerful “magic thinking”, yet it is in the action that the real difference lies: actually, Pisces do not like to act, but they prefer “to feel and to imagine”, while their neighbours need to act, move, experience and consume everything in fleeting but very intense moments.

Nevertheless, Pisces natives can avail themselves of their hot-blooded friends, because the latter are simpler and more spontaneous and can help Pisces to live a little more on action and less on contemplation.

Above all, they can help them to overcome certain tendencies to escape… which concern their difficult relationship with reality: needless to say, Fire is not sensitive but… passionate; it does not like to sit back and relax but wants to dominate things, yet it can learn from Pisces to be more conscious of his inner world.

There are undoubted difficulties with Aries and Leo: the egocentricity of both cannot be accepted by Piscean psychology, and therefore, there are certainly complex interactions: Pisces and Sagittarius get on better with each other because they share Jupiter and Neptune, and therefore have in common certain forms of expression and certain drives towards the sublime and the spiritual.

In any case, the Fire signs can teach Pisces to get more in touch with their own identity and self-assertion, while, from their side, Pisces can deflate the desire to always be the centre of attention that is typical of Fire. On the other hand, Fire signs can learn from Pisces to take the others more into consideration, also open up to the world and put aside a bit of their proverbial individualism.

They both must avoid coming into conflict over their deep differences which – once they are accepted – can enrich the inner world of both: Fire can use the sensitivity of Water for its creation and Water can learn from Fire to express itself with greater determination and strength.

Pisces Compatibility with earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

The energies are more compatible, and rather, Earth is nourished by Water and Water can learn to give itself greater structure through Earth: they both have an introvert nature, so dialogue and exchange are easier.

They are different in one thing: Earth needs practical, emotional and material certainties, which must be tangible, while Pisces can be more evanescent and detached and lives much more for the moment, seizing the possibilities of the moment.

Of course, there can be interesting interactions especially with Taurus and Capricorn: both signs are in a sextile to Pisces and, in spite of the apparent differences on a structural level, there can be substantial room for fruitful exchange for both.

With Virgo there can be difficulties on an emotional level since the Earth sign loves organisation and defining things precisely, while Pisces hates all that and prefers to rely on their receptiveness which seems to guide them on the spur of the moment without any preventive planning.

Virgo natives are often perplexed by certain Pisces dynamics, because they see them as pointless and chaotic, which is something this sign hates; rationality too makes a difference: Virgo is pragmatic and not imaginative at all, is realist and hates leaving things up to “fate”, and therefore he reasons and plans, sorting problems out as they arise; all that upsets Pisces, who relies on their extemporaneous resources instead, and besides, they hate the lack of empathy which can make them feel lonely and alienated: they live on suggestions which they absolutely cannot do without, and sometimes the distance with Virgos is so remarkable that makes them anxious because they see it as extreme “detachment”.

Of course, Earth is actually not cold at all and Water will be able to humidify it and to make it softer, so that its emotional world will open up.

Fellowship with Capricorn can be effective, in the sense that the Earth sign can channel fantasies to the point of making them come true… “at least in part” so that it can satisfy the ambitions and the need for self-fulfilment that also Pisces feels, maybe from a more generous and selfless perspective with respect to that of Earth.

Water needs limits, in any case, and Earth can teach it to define them and make them more independent of other people’s presence. On the other hand, Earth can learn from Water to get more involved, to be more flexible and sensitive and better meet people’s needs, becoming more familiar with its emotional world and with the ethereal side of life.

If they reach an agreement, they can be very strong and tough together and able to face great difficulties supporting each other: fellowship with Taurus is good too since the first Earth sign has a strongly emotional nature anyway, which can comfort and reassure the sensitivity of Pisces natives; Earth can offer a lot also from a practical point of view and fill the gaps of Water.

The dark side lies in the apparent detachment of Earth which, if it feels that it is being clung to, can become indifferent to the point of frustrating the ambitions of Water, which strongly needs emotional contact. There can be strong contrasts as for order too: as a matter of fact, Water has no apparent order, even though, inside, it is deeply in contact with the absolute; on the other hand, Earth needs to make sure that each thing has its place.

Pisces Compatibility with air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Jung asserted that “Feeling and Thinking” are the two opposite and incompatible functions of the psyche; that is why the union between the two elements can be interesting, but not for this reason is it easy. Air needs freedom and this can be shared by Pisces people that are much freer than it is expected; they are always able to break barriers and structures, and be free from blocks and conditioning that belong to other signs and elements.

They are also able to be very detached, although they can always rely on their “feelings”, while this may not be true for Air that mostly uses thought and reason, and, therefore, does not really like and understand excessive emotional involvement, especially when everything is soaked in intensity, which is perceived as a real invasion of their clear-headedness.

From their part, Pisces natives can avail themselves of certain characteristics of Air and learn not “to escape reality” since they lack a real ability to think things through, and therefore they take refuge in feelings and, sometimes, in irrationality.

With Gemini there are difficulties between openness and narrowness and between sociability and interiorization; they share a certain changeable identity… which is common to both, even though for different reasons.

In any case, there are strong diversities, since Gemini natives have a strong need for lightness that Pisces natives have not. The latter always need to take part in what they have around them, and therefore they get involved in all situations just to be there.

However, they can both escape reality and sometimes also responsibility, and as for that, they will have to be very careful not to give life to a couple of Peter Pan.

But Geminis generally cannot really put up with getting lost in the twists and turns of the unconscious, since they cannot handle these suggestions that Air fears so much, while Pisces can feel themselves discouraged by the emotional detachment of Geminis as well as by their pace, which is always excessive and a bit restless.

With Libra and Aquarius the situations are similar; with Libra they share an artistic vein, the need to idealise and refine the things they come into contact with, and then they can find common threads as long as Pisces do not let themselves be overcome by the fact that Air rejects emotional dynamics and their “feeling” because they are seen as not objective enough. Libra natives must then forget their proverbial squeamishness and formality, which are so extraneous to Pisces, who takes everything into account, both unequalled beauty and ugliness; Pisces natives often throw Libra into a panic because, with their emotional ups and downs, they unbalance a sign that, on the contrary, must search for an internal stability between the ideal and the real and between thinking and emotion.

With Aquarius some similarities are visible, because they share the planet Neptune even though they are not very sensitive to the charm of Uranus and Saturn.

They have both a great need for freedom, are mould-breakers, broad-minded and run away from every situation that becomes too tough or tends to tie them down and restrict the chances to move freely that they both pursue.

They understand each other also because they are both constantly changing and evolving; however, Pisces natives are much more introvert, they do not like crowds or communication; they prefer to withdraw into their shell, while Aquarians have a strong need to socialize in order to exchange their ideas and impressions.

Another thing Pisces cannot bear is the ability of Aquarius to make clean breaks, which is almost impossible for them who drag things on endlessly and excessively, not to be forced to make breaks they cannot put up with.

Of course, Air is very mental and is frightened of the irrationality of Water; a favourable contact might lead Air to get to know better the deep aspects of human nature and to open up to transcendent issues … – which it often avoids, withdrawing into the mind and rationalising also what could not be rationalised; with the help of their “neighbours” they could get in touch with the forces of the unconscious and better understand certain processes that would otherwise remain extraneous.

Pisces Compatibility with water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

With Water signs, Pisces people obviously feel themselves “at home” and they experience great harmony and understanding on an emotional level, so that a very intense exchange can start between them, which can offer that reassurance they all aim for. But things may not necessarily be as easy as they seem; Water signs can get tangled up in strange corrosive dynamics that can result in emotional blackmail and in manipulation, just to create that condition of closeness that can easily verge on “emotional dependence”.

Water – especially Cancer and Scorpio – can’t put up with separation which, on the contrary, precedes any process of individuality.

Indeed, Water can weave strange webs that allow it to use emotional abuses when it is afraid of losing contact as soon as the other grows psychologically and emotionally detached; therefore, to avoid separation, it ends up falling into strange traps that confine it in situations that are almost sadomasochistic.

There are often such problems between Water signs, which lead to exasperation and dependences that do not allow a real personal growth and the development of a relationship.

Water signs often get so tangled up in these nets that they stifle feelings and give way to resentment instead, which, needless to say, feeds on the difficulty of saying “no” and asserting your personal will.

Between Pisces natives the situation is different, since Neptunian people less easily fall into situations that are too constricting, just because continuous change makes them not so suitable for repetitive things; they tend to escape and automatically keep away from certain “passions if they are too limiting”, which are more in tune with the nature of Cancer and Scorpio; Pisces people are curious experimentalists, but they also need wide spaces, so they often emigrate and get away from whatever wants to tie them down.

But they can easily play the role of the victim or of the redeemer because it is in tune with their needs for “elevation” that are left unsatisfied and are quite hard to put up with.

Therefore, Pisces must get involved in something social to avoid the classic “I will save you”, which is inopportune but also neither good for them nor for those they want to help.

Water must become separate and independent, and then it will be able to build really deep relationships in which exchange, understanding and possible support can be experienced as a real “gift of yourself” and not as a need to create dependence in order to have someone by your side to drive away the feeling of loneliness that is always latent.

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