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Sagittarius Compatibility


In your love life look out for:

Aquarius: you are a good couple, many affinities. You both love freedom. The love making will be full of fantasy.

In your work life look out for:

Sagittarius: unconventional work partner or colleague. You are both optimists about the future sharing the same ideals. Better to look at Saturn to know how much trust you can give to each other. Depending on the position of Saturn you could be good working colleagues.

Pisces: very good partners. Both love new challenges and artistic jobs. It can be success or ruin, but which one?

In your social life look out for:

Capricorn: you should go well together, good common sense. Sagittarius will cheer up Capricorn with her/his optimism.

Sagittarius compatibility with fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

With his brothers he once again finds the same energy dynamics; certainly there is a great affinity especially in the understanding of certain mechanisms that the three have in common and that other elements have instead difficulty in understanding. For them, passion, ardour, imagination, and action are all indispensable things in life and therefore also in the relationship of life: they feel that they are lucky when they feel that “magic” that goes with love, and at that point, they are able to do anything, because it is as if they receive energy directly from the Sun.

However, Fire lacks stability, and therefore, it is still difficult to stop a vision and even more to maintain the intensity of the passion that is there only when their energy is at its maximum level.

That is why Fire signs need to learn to fill their life with an authentic vocation that feeds the internal fire and that appeases their emptiness, otherwise they will keep on living an illusion which creates disappointment, and that of course will be passed on to others, which seems to impede their fulfilment.

Fire feels moments of difficulty in a profound and intense way. This raises their energy level, but it blocks the most imaginative side of their mind: it is felt like a death, like something that expropriates them and which they can hardly handle, or have the ability to reach and stay on Olympus.

The darkness in the Fire signs winds really between the folds of impatience, of difficulty in construction and the exclusiveness that both dream about and that, however, they cannot maintain. For them others somehow or other represent hooking relationship that lets them reflect their identity, and this exposes them to disappointments and to real exclusions, and their interest wanes and becomes unbearable. There both have a need to work on things in which they believe in a way that does not create high expectations in others that circulate in their mind.

Sagittarius compatibility with earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Without doubt this relationship could still lead to making many things become real. It is never easy for Fire to accompany and to follow the rhythms of the Earth and the latter feels invaded and put under stress by the continuous solicitations and initiatives that are taken.

Earth perceives Fire as immature, like an eternal Peter Pan who has not grown-up and who therefore does not feel the responsibility for the limits and necessities; Earth among other things often feels inadequate in all the exaltation and changes.

Sagittarius often becomes depressed if he must live in a cautious manner and tries in vain to break down the resistance that he does not want to understand in absolute terms. The word “adventure” is a difficult one for Earth that immediately feels panic and begins to slow down the those who, instead, want to speed things up.

Earth must limit itself in containing Fire, but Sagittarius is very afraid of this reduction and lives it like an imprisonment, something that if on the one hand makes it effective and gratified, on the other hand crushes the spirit.

Earth moreover does not support the climate of trust and enthusiasm that Sagittarius always carries with it and tries to put doubts that drive it to a greater assessment and any necessary adjustments.

Sagittarius proposes and spreads trust and hope and feels like it is dying if it cannot only use basic ingredients.

To overcome these differences together and to agree other ways to integrate the incomplete parts will be the big battle. If they are able to they will benefit a profound growth that will make them more complete.

Sagittarius compatibility with air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

The Air is the element that feeds Fire, and on the contrary, we can say that it is the element which Fire needs. If it lacks air and is without oxygen, a fire goes out. There is therefore a lot of integration and a reciprocal necessity. Air without the heat of the sun and Fire freezes and life is extinguished.

However, it is true that Air can also make Fire go mad, bringing him beyond his limits, making him dart everywhere, without any further possibility of controlling himself.

Too much air nevertheless can also extinguish him completely, leaving him totally discouraged.

The rationality and the curiosity of Air can therefore stimulate the need of Fire for movement: on the contrary, Sagittarius can learn to become refined through this element, “to be spiritualised”; it can get out of the imprisonment of I and penetrate into the world of contact and of true communication with others.

In turn, Air can “get hotunder the collar” and become less cutting and arid; it can find and discover the instinctive and dimension of warmth in life. Air needs to be contaminated by emotions and sentiments, and through fire, can become more human.

Both must nevertheless keep far from the excesses that are always harmful and that would drive them to breaking point.

Air is social and has missions, while Sagittarius is still very much pushed by its own needs; among other things, Sagittarius needs to expand and does not love to discriminate or to split things up … it wants to take everything, thinks big and does not see discrimination in this, and does not accept the many separations of the mind.

Three air signs need exchange, in relationships, in missions to be carried out in common; Sagittarius has his goal and his journey to undertake, therefore it sees others as being able to help them complete the journey, and not a world with which it has to have a relationship.

These are therefore the reasons patience is needed, to avoid irrationality and rages that for Fire are necessary to discharge the tension that is in abundance, and that for Air is seen as an absolute lack of control and therefroe in the “mind”.

On its part, Air feels bound by the continuous action of Sagittarius which, if it is initially stimulating, then bores it since it does not belong or see the necessity for it. Air is afraid of the instinctive part of Sagittarius, considers it not very noble and not very elevated, while Sagittarius hardly supports the detachment and the dryness of the air, and they will have to work on this for a long time in order for the whole to be supportive.

Communication will be the most important thing; great benefits can be obtained through communication.

Sagittarius compatibility with water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Water and Fire together can be wonderful or impossible. Certain dynamics of water, like emotional impetuses, can speed up the completely unconscious reactivity of Fire and sweep away stability.

Water bases it moves on what it “feels” and then on the wave of atmospheres that only it can feel; Water is sensitive, it is still basic and above all it hardly has any demarcation lines, and ends up by creating much confusion between its emotions and thoughts and those of others: which it finds easy to attribute to others what is travelling underneath it.

Water is easy to wound; Fire is also afraid of being wounded, above all those from being excluded but often Water feels things that it does not feel and this drives it crazy because it is afraid of looking stupid and not very sensitive.

An energy difficulty is also created between these elements: Water is slow, still anchored to the past, it rummages on things, feels them and – feels its world is interior, fragile and fickle, while Sagittarius is always in movement in its thoughts and imagination, following an idea and a vision in order to create and give life to something again: it is always driven towards the creation of the future and it does not love the past because it is not there anymore and tries to leave it behind.

Fire has scarce empathy that leads it to also have a scarce touch, but water instead chooses its words carefully and is careful because in each thing there might be a hidden intention that has to and wants to happen.

The relationship will not be easy. Among other things Water can get overheated and unrestrained before overflowing its banks, generating hysterical anger which is not good for the relationship; On its part Fire is notat all capable of managing what Water activates inside of it and can react completely unconsciously by channelling the emotions and the sentiments of others.

Of course, only if Water remains tepid and calm everything will be fertile and the fire will be able to fertilise; if thee is too much Water it overflows its banks and ends up flooding everything, thereby extinguishing the fire; if instead it will be the fire that prevails, the water will go to boiling point and will not be able to be contained anymore, and at that point, will irritate and fire at everything around it.

In both cases life together would be difficult and the resentment of water would destroy fire, and if it is true that it is quick, reactive and without tact, it is nevertheless always simple, clear and direct and hardly manages to tolerate the worn strategic situations in which the water wants to imprison it.

They both need to work hard on what is behind the reactions, since both their mechanisms are often too unconscious and they can turn life into so many solicitations, making all the “hidden” material that will then be developed emerge.

Without doubt they can put together sensitiveness and creative talent and develop something really interesting.

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