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Scorpio Compatibility


In your love life look out for:

Scorpio: it is likely you will have an intense deeply passionate relationship both mentally and physically. If you fall in love it will be forever. Will you have difficult disagreements?

Pisces: your big love can be a Pisces. A rich emotional relationship. You will have deep passions and lots of understanding.

Capricorn: you will be slow starting but a possible strong relationship. You will both find each other very fascinating.

In your work life look out for:

Sagittarius: Avoid a working relation that can be argumentative. There is an understanding between you but Sagittarius could be footloose.

In your social life look out for:

Aquarius: You can be good but argumentative friends. It can begin as friendship and then turn into love. Look at you Moon to discover it.

Scorpio compatibility with fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Without doubt the energies are deeply different; those of Water are underground and also a little turbid in Scorpio and those of Fire, incendiary and whirling, but limpid and direct, perhaps too hot and always in search of novelty and of conquest, must find a way of dialoguing.

However, Natives can be very much helped by their Fire friends because the latter are simpler and more immediate and can help the Scorpio to let the idiosyncrasies that accompany him go a little. Above all, they can help him to overcome a certain paranoia that always regards control: needless to say that Fire cannot control and does not like controlling at any level: unconsciously he escapes again and tends to go away or to get angry because he feels hunted down in his vitality and freedom.

With Aries, Scorpio shares two planets: Pluto and Mars, that certainly can be understood as being more energetic, even if in Aries a certain protagonism prevails over the instinctive part, while in Scorpio the querying part that holds back is already able to manage instinct and impulse.

Both nevertheless love risk, challenges and are passionate. They can find points in common that make Aries most cautious and evaluating, more conscious of his strength and the lighter and direct Scorpio, able to open up to others.

Of course, it is not possible to say co-habitation will be easy, but each one can open his world to the other, mixing certain characteristics that might turn out to be also interesting.

Leo and Sagittarius can also offer Scorpio their precious gifts that are an authentic generosity and especially trust and sense of confidence, two not so common words in the vocabulary of natives.

In turn the Fire signs, attending the Scorpios, can learn to control and better manage their energies, also becoming shrewder and acute, and able to hope.

Needless to say they must avoid being put in competition on a dynamics of power that would be lethal for all: in fact, all four of these signs do not love to lose and find it difficult when they must recognise their errors and U-turn: if they are challenged and do not give in, it can be a hopeless match for all, but especially for the relationship that, at that point would become a ring.

The darknessin fact is replaced by power and the fight that can attract them inside, as untrustworthy as mortal traps.

Scorpio compatibility with earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

The energies in play in the relationship between Scorpio and the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are quite similar. They both have an introvert nature and there is a possibility of dialogue and encounter. Earth needs certainty, but also Scorpio needs that too and if he does not recognise this he can use manipulative dynamics that are the way in which he guarantees what he feels is escaping.

Of course, the values are different and, while he can find much dialogue with Taurus, his neighbour, with whom he finds sensuality and profound taste for pleasure (even if more contorted and suffering for Scorpio), it is not possible to say this for Virgo and Capricorn with whom they must find common ground.

With Virgo there can be great difficulties on an emotional and instinctive level; the sign often remains perplexed by certain powerful dynamics of Scorpio, that in his eyes seems rough and not very “civil”, which Virgo hates; there is also the moral questions that are not very much in line. Virgo is more faithful to the rules, and he has confrontation difficulties with Scorpio transgressions. What instead can leave Scorpio upset is the lack of empathic dialogue: natives have a great exchange need at this level and can see emotional distance as “detachment”.

Of course, in fact Earth is not cold and Water will have to humidify it and make it softer, if his emotional world will open again.

With Capricorn it can share ambitions, a self-bearing need and there can be solidarity and complicity in this: the professional social ability between the two signs is at a high level; Capricorn nevertheless needs clarity, and even if they can seem strong to never ask for anything and not want explanations, they do not nevertheless like underhandedness and the instinct of the Scorpio, and therefore, without being able to manage certain underground dynamics, he prefers to keep his distance.

This is the great difference between Water and Earth: water needs involvement and strong passions but it is also very “personal”, it presents emotions and withdraws them and this independently happens to the other; Earth is more “impersonal” and lives very badly this situation, and therefore it tends to be defensive, making itself independent and uninterested in certain formalities.

What can they learn reciprocally? Earth can learn from Water to be more involved and to become more flexible, soft and empathic, in the way of feeling more capable to deal with his emotions; Scorpio can instead learn to be more removed, so much so that he is able to be released from his logic of power and of underground aggressiveness.

If they find an agreement they can be very strong and resistant together, also able to face great difficulties, being supportive in turn; Earth can offer much also from the standpoint of functionally and practically and Scorpio can instead give support instead from an emotional standpoint: together there can be “a soft rock”.

The darkness is in the detachment and in the power dynamics; the first one belongs to the Earth that can become really uninterested up to becoming cynical; the second is the Scorpio; with Taurus strong tension and jealously can arise that is based on the “fear of losing” that both of them have.

Scorpio compatibility with air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

The marriage between Scorpio and the Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) can be certainly interesting, but not easy. Air needs freedom and great detachment, therefore he loves a little excessive involvement emotionally, especially when everything is immersed in the intensity and drama that is perceived as a standard invasion of his privacy. From his part Scorpio can perceive certain characteristics of Air and learn to release certain inner, often contorted upsetting ways, which make him anguished and restless.

With Gemini, Scorpio shares Pluto and Mercury that is more vivacious and tied to the transforming ability of the mind and of identity in the Air sign, while they become more refined and suitable for in-depth love and to perceive the contradictions between the outside and interior world of Scorpio.

In any case some dynamics are similar, even if the Gemini has, in any case, a strong lightness and need to never see in native Scorpio what they see as “immaturity”.

They can be nevertheless both be able actors: the more players Gemini has the more tied it becomes to tragedy of the latter.

Overall, nevertheless, Gemini has difficulty in putting up with certain emotional refinements that he can neither forestall oor manage, while Scorpios have difficulty with emotional Gemini who is extraneousness and with their need of entering and going out of the things in a dynamic, swift and fast way.

With Libra and Aquarius the situations are similar; with Libra it shares the relationship need and then they can find points in common on condition that Scorpio keeps itself on the ever so costly ethical lines of the Air sign and Libra leaves a little of his proverbial squeamishness and formalities that so much enrage Scorpio; often natives see Libra in a panicking way, with highs and lows, they unbalance a sign that instead must search for an internal stability between an ideal and reality and between thought and emotion.

Aquarius is clearly squaring up to the Scorpio and here the difficulties increase: the sign in Uranus feels like a profound limit and lives the emotional part – especially when it is too intense – like a pincer that is used for the sole reason of not allowing him freedom.

The fight is practically unequal because Scorpio will carry out involvement dynamics trying to let it know that the sign is often “exempt from a sense of guilt” because it has his task not to allow himself to become bogged down in territories that would bind him and would hamper his true freedom; in fact, the Aquarius simply tends to run away at certain contortions and cuts clean from the situations that he does not manage to understand and that bind him.

Of course, Air is very strong at a mental level and too visceral, and Scorpio is frightened to death; a favourable encounter might lead Air to learn about the most profound part of human nature – something from which it often escapes from – retiring in the mind and rationalising also what might not need to be rationalised.

With the help of Scorpio he might penetrate instead into his internal meanders and discover unthinkable things; for Scorpio, Air can favour his difficult detachment processes and also the ability of getting rid of everything that obstructs his emotional and psychic being; the difference remains on a combattitive level between the too “personal” sides of Scorpio and the absolutely “impersonal” one of Air.

Scorpio compatibility with water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

With Water signs Scorpio certainly finds great syntony and affinity again at an emotional level, and , a very intense exchange can start between them that, at least at the beginning, will let them both know how “to be at home” with one another, able to fluctuate on lengths of similar waves – that only they perceive – and that allows then to thake care of their need for pathos.

However, this does not mean that things should be easy as they appear to be; in fact Water signs can get involved in profound dynamics of manipulation and of emotional blackmail because they are always present, and there is a fear that in trying to achieve things, at the beginning they can turn out to be reassuring, following this they create strange mixtures of hate – love and they never allow the true release of two individuals.

In fact, control and power, as well as emotional abuse, can become powerful weapons between these Water signs are afraid of losing contact as soon as the other detaches himself psychologically and emotionally, even only for a little while, with the risk of suddenly creating anxiety that recalls the need to test the quality of the relationship with strange and contorted passages.

Often in fact, between Water signs – especially between Scorpios and between Scorpios and Cancer – there are problems of this type that lead to the need for assurances, that for Cancer are based on the presence of others and on giving constant support, while for the Scorpio the assurance must be experienced above all at the level of “emotional reliability”.

Cancer is very powerful in terms of of receptivity; he perceives each small change and understands the instant the other withdraws; nevertheless, he is more infantile in the expression of his needs; Scorpio is more refined and has greater defences but does not show his need to the other even when he is the strongest.

Often Water signs fall into trap situations that are so envelopping and repressed and a lot of space releases resentment that becomes an obligation because it compensates for the emotional dependence that has developed between the two, and that actually hampers the growth of the relationship; in practical terms the relationship becomes “I hate him and do not need him” and this can give an illusory resolution of a destructive symbiotic dynamics. A subtle relationship victim – executioner can stay between these signs. Obviously they also disclaim the idea of a reciprocal dependence that is hardly admitted.

With Pisces the situation is different since Neptunians less easily to enter into too binding dynamics; they tend to escape and automatically leave certain “passions that are too bounding” since they do not manage to hold their attention and even if you invest on the emotions of a single person for a long tome because they consider them too stressful; Pisces are curious and need a lot of freedom and then often they migrate and are disconnected.

They can nevertheless enter like a knife through butter in the role of the victim because this is suited for their needs of “elevation” which are unsolved and not lived well.

Needless to say that, especially between Scorpios, the power dynamics can reign supreme for years in the couple, itself being transferred by great easiness into the bedroom and hand-to-hand fighting in a useless and destructive attempt to establish which of the two will have to let go.

When the Water sign manage to become independent then very profound relationships can be created between them, of psychological and emotional exchange supported nevertheless by reciprocal freedom and an ability of supporting others in internal and external personal battles. To obtain this, both must overcome the fear of losing that leads them to control things and not to see how many parts they have in creating symbiotic relationships that cannot be maintained, if not to damage the individuality of the two persons concerned.

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