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Taurus Compatibility

Taurus (April 20th — May 21st)
A Taurus is quiet, affectionate, patient, stable and practical. They are the person that others count on in a crisis. They are tenacious and command a steady, relentless drive.
Their Motto is I HAVE.
Their most likeable trait is DEPENDABILITY.

In your love life look out for:

Taurus: This will be a deep and lasting relationship. You are both loyal loving a calm and secure homely and comfortable life.

Cancer: You are both the family sort, who like stability. Taurus looks for a complete, loyal and tender love as much as Cancer. Look at your Moon because Taurus can be jealous and your friendliness can be a cause of continual arguing.

Scorpio: You are opposite but complementary, great attraction, both passionate wanting a sensual experience of love. You definitely have to know the Ascendant and position of the moon, because jealousy can become a very big issue between you.

Capricorn: This will be a strong, lasting relation. Capricorn can be a perfect match as both want security. But will you get bored with each other?

Gemini: needs variety having a desire to explore and meet people, Taurus loves home life and likes stability. However, there is the potential for betrayal depending on other planet influences.

In your work life look out for:

Virgo: is a good business partner. In work you will appreciate the stability but both should refrain from scrutinizing things too much.

Aquarius: Both should be prepared for some clashes but should also look forward to a lasting partnership. Taurus will be fascinated by Aquarian creativity. Taurus and Aquarius may be able to find fortune together if you have the right Ascendant.

Leo: There is great understanding between you, both are very proud and support each other through to the completion of every project. Leo may find Taurus a little too refrained.

Capricorn: This will be a strong work relation. But will you cope with working with him/her without falling in love? Or can you work with your partner?

In your social life look out for:

  • Libra: Both of you have a sensitive soul and take relaxation listening to music. Libra will never betray your confidence.
  • Sagittarius: Taurus wants calmness Sagittarius would like to go out every evening to meet new friends. Will Sagittarius stop and listen to you?
  • Pisces: Both of you are very different, but happy when you are not discussing some major issue. Pisces will appreciate Taurus’ calm, sensibility and strength. Can you be lover as well?

How to Get a Taurus to Notice You


  • Cook a Taurus an amazing meal complete with candles and music.
  • Take them to a concert, play, museum or movie.
  • Make them laugh.
  • Give them sincere, not superficial, compliments.
  • Rub their neck or shoulders.


  • Break a date or not call when you said you would.
  • Be unpredictable or undependable.
  • Be wishy washy.
  • Try to change a Taurean’s mind. They are stubborn.
  • Buy them anything cheaply made. They have elegant taste.

HOT Celebrity Taureans include…

  • George Clooney
  • Janet Jackson
  • David Beckham
  • Michelle Pfeiffer
  • Bono
  • Rosario Dawson

Taurus compatibility with fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Taurus and the fire signs are interesting elements together; in fact, the fire signs presses Taurus to go out of his den, and help him to imagine things also and to see his dreams and a fantastic world … that take him away from too much realism a little, which often is the crucial point.

This does not mean that the relationship between Fire and Taurus is easy: in fact, Taurus very much hates the intuition of Fire, considers them almost a natural disaster, something that puts him suddenly in fibrillation; among other things, Taurus is a sign that loves work, but hates the waste at energy level and sees in Fire a total waste of movement and not much specific action.

Of course, Taurus can take advantage of the many ideas Fire has and manage to channel them in a fruitful way: this can always be a great combination for both provided they respect certain idiosyncrasies generated by the diversities of the element.

Without doubt Taurus is more in his comfort zone with Leo with which he shares a certain “fixity”; he has difficulties with Aries that he considers as a turbine without an exact direction; among other things Taurus is a slow and calm sign that does not manage to take into consideration the extraordinarily fast rhythms of his neighbors Aries. Often, Taurus is also able to tollerate the intemperance of his companion for a long time, but … one day he will tire of it and then he will be able to try out one of those performances that make escape whoever is close to him.

With Sagittarius he can share a love of philosophy, a certain love for food that is n common to both; let’s not forget that Sagittarius hosts two of the planets of Taurus, and because of this can find many points in common, considering, however, that Taurus loves minimum movement and journey …

The shadow of Taurus in relation to Fire can be tied to dynamism, to movement – change and the intuitions of Fire: Taurus feels the unstable and unreliable Fire in all that it is incapable of building lasting things over time. Therefore, it will be important for Taurus to realise that what he needs to integrate is the possibility of recovering his wish to dream and to imagine so as to also be distracted from too many ties to the “necessities” of life that lose sight of the “magic within”. Besides, with the fire signs Taurus,can become more dynamic, losing a little of his fixity and stability that is also monotony.

Taurus compatibility with earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

The other two Earth signs can certainly share the big themes of security and of stability with Taurus. Together they can forge a destiny of construction, of accumulation of property and of things, can work to obtain success and quite visible roles in society. They are aligned in their need for sobriety, solidity and the immutability of things and they are controlled and reliable.

It is an excellent combination for a couple that has construction and organisation of something as a goal that is material and lasting over time. To build a home that has all comforts and all the desired characteristics; to take refuge inside it almost itself being excluded from the world; to live in perfect and uncontaminated contact with nature; to have children and to make them grow healthy and solid; to leave to posterity the fruits of their work and generosity; these are issues about which the Earth signs care very much.

Problems can arise with too much monotony, being interested only in material things and a little of this might affect their soul and their relationship; they can be too disenchanted and realistic and not find any delight that could make that too stable world true and vital; they can also be too rigid and controlled and excessively interested in the pleasures of food and of their account in the bank.

Often they lack the desire to develop relationships with the world and with society: there is too much fear of invasion from the outside to be able to really open-up, but this can lead them to excessive defensiveness that can become dry and enclosing. The darkness can be really the fear of being attached to rooted certainties, a rigid and fixed mentality and being on one’s own. Real interaction with others is difficult, because the earth sign also lives in his monotony, it deceives itself of having found stability and security but it does not work on the authentic values that instead are fundamental for the sign of Taurus.

The darkness essentially regards possession and materialism as well as on the need of control that seems illusorily to protect them against the anxiety of change.

Taurus compatibility with air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Taurus is stable, but it is also a sign that is strongly affective and needs containment, and perhaps this is the part that it finds more difficult to deal with in relationships with air signs that instead have a scarce relationship with material and instinctive issues.

Taurus needs to live and to savour everything to do with the senses: it is a sign that must see things with its own eyes, to touch them with its hands and somewhat trusts the devilries of the mind that instead very much fascinate the air signs.

Taurus is certainly the most distant sign in terms of ideals and a “social and united” world: he is still tied to Earth and wants tangible things, that may be constructed and not about “hot air” and about projects that are in his head.

Without doubt Taurus is not in the least detached; it is a solid sign that moves on validated certainties sought with commitment and effort; in case of insecurity he stops, assesses and … waits for better times.

In respect of these terrible fatigues Air has a very scarce relationship with the certainties and that, instead, need movement, fun, full and continuative social relations to feel well and vital.

This is where the biggest difficulties can arise: Taurus is sedentary, perhaps also a little lazy; he is generally convivial, but not “social”; for him meeting is already work, a commitment, unless it is for a good meal or to see something interesting that could reward his delicate tastes; he does not love to discuss or to exchange opinions: he prefers to withhold them; in the long run this can completely frustrate the three signs of air that live for the possibility of meeting others, of knowing new things and of always being able to learn about what is happening in the world.

Air lives for the possibility and in the ability of sensing timeliness that comes from the outside; Taurus hates possibilities unless they bring a practical, verifiable benefit in the near future.

Taurus, in contact with the Air, risks feeling excessively distracted by his “centre” created from things that he knows and what he has tried several times; Air, on its part, risks being bored to death and of feeling imprisoned inside the limits that he will hardly be able to tolerate for a long time because they are demotivating.

Of course, Air can learn to become more practical and fulfilled close to Earth, but in order for this miracle to happen Taurus will have to be more curious, affable, capable of being in very different environments and to abandon some of his own personal certainties to be able to obtain a wider sense of well-being.

In these situations Taurus, suffers because it feels itself challenged on its “territory” and in respect of its characteristics, ideas and novelties, and this is the great difficulty for this couple.

The darkness of Taurus projected onto Air is that of accusing the other of “diversity” and the fact that “personal well-being” seems in contrast with what is “common and social”. Taurus can open-out to that world and grow, finding more solid values, which should be the reason for this encounter;, he can also still feel very much threatened before closing-in and becoming defensive after each irruption, considering Air to be intangible and absolutely unreliable, as well as cold and insensitive.

Taurus compatibility with water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Taurus has great affinities with the water signs: in fact, if things work Water manages to make it more permeable and more open to emotional issues; lastly, Water makes it more possibilist which is good.

Water, with its “non-shape”, can be slipped into the strong and dense Earth of the Taurus and feed it, shift it before making it become soft and porous, capable also of perceiving the other’s needs, rather than be self-centred in relation to his certainties.

Taurus must overcome his natural tendency of putting on blinkers and not seeing and not feeling what happens around him to retain his serenity: Water will make him sensitive, receptive and mainly able to enter into a true relationship and not just “material and physical” ones with others.

In this way Taurus will have a true and personal exchange and will also be able to change that “I need to do things” attitude a little, that very much occupies his mind and that often prevents him from going beyond his necessities.

Needless to say he has a great affinity with the sign of Scorpio that, not only makes it more refined in terms of passion and at an erotic level, but can also help him in that process of “letting go” which is so difficult for the first earth sign.

So many people are Taurus Scorpio couples: their common area is actually passion and sexuality: Taurus nevertheless can project his power on Scorpio and the latter often projects fear and fixity on Taurus. In these cases a dynamic is created which perfectly combines and in which the relationship becomes indissoluble even if often tied to reciprocal dependencies.

In fact, the reason for this projection consists in being able to take possession of what initially is delegated to the other: Taurus must recover that sense of personal power over things, for internal resources that are stronger and surer without clinging to things and to people;

Scorpio must learn to work on the fear of being stable which does not acknowledge and projects it on Taurus; these will be the ones that lead him to great challenges in which others seem to betray him and not to be true and authentic, when in fact he is too closed-in because he is too defensive.

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