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Virgo Compatibility


In your love life look out for:

Libra: You are both looking for a peaceful life, and have interests in common. You will end up to be a couple full of gentleness and tenderness. Can you be good partners at work?

Virgo: You both have the same tidy mind and will have a good solid relationship but beware of criticizing and nagging each other.

Pisces: You are a wonderful couple with a deep understanding. Leo will be satisfied receiving attention from Pisces and will admire her/him.

In your work life look out for:

Scorpio: You would go well together as partners at work, but emotionally are pretty incompatible. There is at least a respect of each other abilities.

Aquarius: calm partnership with absorbing conversations. You will enjoy your time together as colleagues and friends.

In your social life look out for:

Capricorn: will be a good loyal friend, rich in mutual affection. Can it become love?

Pisces: Virgo is realistic and Pisces is a dreamer. They can act as a balance to one another. Both have high ideals of love. Can it be love between them? Look at the Moon.

Sagittarius: With little in common you are likely to have a difficult relationship but both of you like to communicate which might help things over time.

Virgo compatibility with fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Undoubtedly Virgo has rhythms that are quite fast, and not slow like those of Taurus, yet for the three signs of Fire (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), they are always low and especially the sign’s need for organisation and planning is seen by Fire as a limitation that is trying on the relationship and the nervous system of both partners.

For Fire the word “limit” does not exist; Fire cannot feel itself bounded, cannot take into consideration that there are territories that could not be explored and, above, he cannot think that life can continue without great aspirations and without being able to imagine that, one day, all that he has in his mind will come true; in a few words fire wants to have neither exceptions, or rules, he does not even want to be bound; he thinks big and sees big; this is therefore the reason why the relationship between Virgo and that element can be in a certain sense as hard and difficult and, in some cases, also very conflicting, so much so that it leads to exhaustion.

Fire pushes his imagination beyond reality and lives off this; to take the improvisation out to Fire is as to cut an arm off him; Virgo has anxiety and hysteria if he even thinks about doing something without due preparation and without taking his usefulness into account; Fire loves to catch, while Virgo loves planning something superficial, considering infantile inventiveness and improvisation that generates only imperfection; it will not be easy to find common spaces to relate to one another and to learn to be included and to tolerate diversity.

Instead, withoutFire and the sign of Virgo can give temselves many things reciprocally, but Fire will have to learn to have patience and to develop the art of seeing if it can lead the possibility of doing things; in practice it will have to learn the art of assessment and waiting; Virgo on its part must learn instead to leave a little of its rigours and sanctimony, in a few words it must work on the strongest internal fear that things “could go outside its control”.

The more Virgo checks the more Fire feels imprisoned and the more it must use improvisation to get rid of it; the more Fire improvises the more Virgo feels itself mislaid and anxious. If they will manage to overcome these reciprocal limits, the relationship will be able to be very constructive because Virgo will help Fire to also be inside reality, without therefore living it in a dramatic way, and the Fire will help Virgo to get rid of a too narrow approach, discovering that his limits, at least from time to time, can be transcended.

Compatibility with earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

To this sign relationships between earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) will mean certainty, practicality, organisation and always doing and only what is considered possible without ever venturing on territories that might involve risks (which what they most hate in the world). Life without any risk nevertheless loses a great deal of its fascination, and if on the one hand it can let our friends know certainty, there is no doubt that it leads their life to quite soon becoming boring and habitual.

Certainly the Earth signs between them are very much interested in professional and work related aspects … Taurus a little less than the other two but, in any case, doing things, to make their work and financial situations more solid and give concrete goals, these are common charts.

It is clear that Capricorn will also have external recognition for his ambitions and works hard to obtain something that as well as giving structure, also gives social prestige; Virgo can contribute in an intense and extremely practical way, alos taking on tasks and burdens to give to his partner time to complete projects, without experiencing it as a limit or as frustration.

Undoubtedly, the relationship between Earth signs will be based on a good sense of organisation and distribution of the functions and power; there will be a high level of respect for others even if at times there will also be an excessive sense of duty that blocks a potential somewhat.

They can miss rushes and great passion especially if intended in the emotional and erotic sense; Earth is sensual but it makes things practical, and under an apparently aseptic cover, is warm and soft, but this part should be looked for because it is not always visible; it is very well structured nevertheless to face difficulties that would make other signs desist.

Of course, it is important to decide to give a little space also to not so frivolous but pleasant things, not always, but from time to time, in the way of living, and also the playful side and a little bit of healthy romanticism.

Darkness can take possession of two Earth partners, taking possession of all that is in the imagination, self-indulgence, trust and relaxation: it is on this that it is necessary to work to get rid of certain schemes that are typical of Earth and that, if they are projected onto the partner, become destructive even if they are apparently and illusorily used to cause a profound sense of inadequacy that creates fear of the future.

Compatibility with air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Certainly this combinationbetween Virgo and the signs of Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), who have very different goals, is not a simple one. However,, , with a little bit of effort, they can also find satisfactory meeting points.

Virgo absolutely shares certain characteristics with one of the Air signs : Virgo and Gemini have Mercury in common and can share uninterested abilities. Certainly Virgo has neither dialectic brilliance, or the verve of Gemini, but it can use that of one of the partners, giving in exchange practicality, industrious abilities and broadening ability; in any case, Air can give Virgo the lightness that he lacks and that would make his life mostly thoughtless.

In compensation, Virgo can offer Air that ability for commitment and that discipline that is always lacks people who are discontinuous because they are attracted to anything that moves.

Virgo aims to make the ideas that spring up in the mind of his partner practical, being those that would otherwise be dispersed, and giving them some possibility of taking shape by organising them.

Of course, Air can risk being swept away by too many details and the need for “perfection of forms”; something similar is also shared with Aquarius and Virgo, but not exactly on the same level.

In fact, for Air perfection is reserved for the ideas of the mind and to a project before defining it; this is very different from the Virgo, who instead, wants the completed work to be perfect and not distorted by an errors or inaccuracies.

In this they show their great diversity: Air takes for granted that the things that will become “real” will lose the beauty of the original idea and is therefore generally disinterested in carrying them out, while for Virgo the important thing is to realise something that could “be used and be useful” and it is perfectly conscious that if the compromise is not accepted between the idea and the shape there will not be even the possibility of seeing the things in a practical manner.

Together they can unite two things; Air will be able to see things working and not to remain sterile and without life in the mind, and from his part Virgo will be able to use the freedom of Air to put things into practice.

Of course, AIR is very communicative and Virgo instead is often quite closed-in and introvert, it does not expose itself and does not have a great wish for exchange with others, if not for professional reasons.

Air will nevertheless be able to use the technical abilities of Virgo and his easiness in seeing what does not work … while Virgo is able to acquire its partner’s ability to be more detached, in this way a little experimentation can be carried out without always asking if what he does is right or wrong. Air can be used by Virgo to remove its too many conditions.

The darkness can be peculiar as it is too rational in detachment which is common to both, and tha, over time can lead them not to be truly interested in the other anymore because each one is responsible for its own things without having any further need of sharing.

There are still passable paths because Air will not put up with the organisation and the maniacal precision of Virgo for a long time, but for the sake of the other, might manage to reduce his pressure a little, if he learns to do things in a less fanatical way and to take pleasure and not only duty into consideration (therefore the union between Virgo and Libra is an excellent one.

Each time the two remain far from perfectionism and formality in excess) On its part, Virgo will not tolerate Air’s continuous change of objectives and lastly this will be somehow or other resolved when they stabilise at least a little bit.

Compatibility with water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Undoubtedly a beautiful, complementary couple that can give stupefying or tragic results, according to the ability of the two individuals to include the diversities that will be present between them.

Water can give a lot to Virgo: it can make it more sensitive and the mainly able to be soft and creative; malleability can be seen by theeasiness in the behaviours of others and can be of a great lesson for the sign that tends to be too pragmatic, getting too involved in the details that imprison it; in turn, Virgo can teach Water signs to erect those borders that they never possess and that would make life less difficult, since they are not felt.

Virgo can also become also more fanciful and light before some “charm” lets itself get in the way of observing the beauty of the universe, leaving the reality and necessity a little to one side, while Water can begin to take into consideration that rules and duties exist and that life is also for other things that are necessary because they make it more organised and less chaotic.

These are little examples of the type of collaboration that can be established between two elements that have a similar energy that can co-operate.

The relationship can become so much richer and full of novelty for both: to learn to move deftly in the world of practical things will make discovering another dimension in the world of Water, allowing Virgo to be able to relax from time to time without feeling breathlessness for what it is not doing.

Of course, this does not mean that everything will be easy and in hand: here there will be difficulties for Virgo in aiming to look for rational explanations and material support, while Water exclusively needs comprehension and affection; Virgo can feel itself from time to time exhausted by inexperience, by the lack of organisation and by the laziness of Water, all things that send it into a stressful state; these are the big diversities: for Virgo big systems do not exist, each thing must be dissected; for Water there are only big things, before infinite systems and there are no limits to the possibilities of his dreaming.

It is doubtful that both will be able to accept certain sides of others that will not be able to be transformed; if they manage to be avoid continuous criticism (Virgo) and from manipulating resentment (Water), they will be able to find a lot of fulfilment in uniting their two worlds, in a possible and gratifying relationship.

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