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Zodiac Guests – Entertaining By The Signs

entertaining zodiac signsYou’re invited to a friend’s house for some good times and great food… right? Here’s what you can really expect, by the signs:

Aries – Bring your oversized couch potato T-shirt and settle down for three or four hours of non-stop sporting events on the boob tube. Hope you like Pringles!

Taurus – Taurus is sure to break out the finest china and silver… then ask you to bring the dim sum.

Gemini – Get ready for a rousing night of charades, twister and Trivial Pursuit… but (gulp!) where’s the #@*!% food?

Cancer – A lack of tasty goodies won’t be the problem here – this homebody has probably been cooking all week. But wait until you meet the relatives… all of them.

Leo – You were expecting a friendly, lowkey gathering? Little did you know that your Leo pals would be throwing a surprise party… for themselves!

Virgo – With careful, controlling Virgos, you might find yourself asking, “Does the fun ever start?”

Libra – You may have hit the jackpot here, because Libras make the best hosts! If you’re lucky enough to be invited over, why not ask to move in?

Scorpio – You were expecting a sex toy party complete with hands-on applications of whipped cream and cherries? Good.

Sagittarius – You bring the Malaysian meatball fritters, I’ll bring the pan-fried locusts. It’s always potluck night in the jungle room with your local Sagittarian.

Capricorn – Mmmmm… Caps always lay out quite a spread – but brace yourself for the cover charge and two drink minimum.

Aquarius – With nutty, kooky Aquarius you can always expect the unexpected. Like your host being a no-show, for instance.

Pisces – Pisces’ don’t throw parties – what if somebody came?

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