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Your Zodiac Sign for Health and Weight Loss

Can your Zodiac sign help you lose weight, determine your best type of exercise and improve your overall health? Could the answers be as easy as looking to the planets?

It nevers hurt to turn to the wisdom of the Zodiac for a little inspiration and learn more about you.


Aries your fiery energy rarely allows weight gain. You are always looking out for #1 and your looks are important to you. If you find yourself with a few extra pounds, turn up the heat with spicy foods and protein. Enjoy foods with cayenne, garlic and ginger to turn on your furnace. Avoid cooling foods such as yogurt and cucumbers. If competitive sports at the office have your middle expanding, hit the gym and sweat it off. Stay active and work off mental stress with a good workout. You will do best with team sports where winning is everything.


Earth bound Taurus does love the comforts in life including those yummy comfort foods. If you enjoy them too much, switch to a few days of fruit, stemmed veggies and broth. If you want inspiration to lose a few pounds, all you have to do is go shopping. The material girl does need her new outfits. The more time you spend in in the great outdoors, the more you will honor your true astrological nature. Hiking, skiing and swimming are all good activities for you. If you don’t have a dog (you probably do), get one and take it for frequent walks.


Air signs are usually quite active and light but the Twins sometimes likes eating for two. Heavy foods like meat and stews are good for grounding you but don’t overdo. A few days on a raw diet can suit you well but don’t try to stick with one menu; it will never work for your Twins nature. A weekly all veggie salad will keep you air borne. Regular exercise can bore you to tears so seek variety. Don’t try to work out alone. You need a social gym to call your own. If weight loss is necessary, join a group and use online forums where you can communicate to your heart’s content.


Sweets and carbs are like air and water to you Cancer. You just love cooking and a home that smells of pumpkin pies is a happy home to you. Learn to cook with fresh fruits and veggies and use Stevia for sweetening all those yummy desserts. You can’t easily change your astrology nature so just learn how to have your low-cal cake and eat it too. You will do much better with a home workout than joining a gym or team sports. Get a treadmill and read your new cookbook or a craft book while you walk. Make sure your family is on-board because you are not one to avoid temptations.


Diet? Exercise? Where’s the fun in that Leo asks. What’s a few pounds but more to love? Forget dieting and just concentrate on a fresh food menu with lots of variety and spices like cayenne, mustard, garlic and ginger. You can also forget regular exercise routines, which totally don’t compute in your party girl mind. Instead sign up for salsa or hip-hop dance lessons. Consider ballroom dancing which can put you center stage before the crowd; your perfect location. You will work hard on and off the dance floor to please your adorning fans – just the inspiration you need.


Picky Virgos rarely succumb to excess and you love a routine that demands discipline and hard work. You’ll do best if you plan out your exercise routine and everything you eat yourself. One of the healthiest signs of the Zodiac, you love to read about diet and nutrition and this alone can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. A true lover of nature, you are most in your astrology element as a vegetarian. Virgo detest team sports and smelly gyms. Try Yoga DVDs in the privacy of your home. Feed your Earth element spirit by taking walks in the forest or local park.


The most balanced sign of the Zodiac, Libra’s diet is usually likewise. You do enjoy the finer foods in life and the richer the better is usually your mantra. If necessary, ground yourself with root veggies and grains. Never one to make a quick (or slow) decision, you are better off limiting your options. Less is often more for the indecisive Libra. Honor your partnership House by enlisting a friend or family member as an exercise buddy. You likely won’t stick with anything that you have to do alone. But with a partner you can enjoy just about any type of exercise or sport.


Hey Scorpios, dieting and exercise are not a matter of life and death but to you it may seem so. The one sign of the Zodiac that enjoys the starving aspect of a fast, you take everything to the extreme. It’s so you to eliminate foods completely rather than cut down. But you are prone to weight gain with your watery nature. Use parsley as a diuretic and sage and thyme to balance. Enjoy whole grain breads with olive oil. You also like to push yourself with extreme exercise; passive activities won’t motivate you. Get to the gym daily for the structured workout you need.


Your high energy is often in overdrive and you tend to live off too much sugar and coffee. Balance those fiery habits with cooling fresh raw fruits and yogurt. Avoid too many spicy foods and red meats. Valerian is a great herb for you if you have trouble sleeping. A natural athlete, you love the competition even when done solo. In fact, for best results plan a game of squash with a friend one day followed by a long distance run alone on a country road the next. You will thrive if you plan your vacations around the action too with a ski trip to vale or surfing in Hawaii.


Set a goal Capricorn and you will achieve it like no other sign of the Zodiac. You have a tendency to conquer and take no prisoners but food need not be a battle. Learn to let weight control be the one area where you practice moderation. Overly grounded, you do well with light soups, salads and juices. Ginger, black pepper and cayenne are good tonics. Capricorns are too serious to enjoy the playful nature in sports or exercise. You’ll do best with martial arts or weight training. You need to prove you are disciplined, competent and the master of your own game.


Aquarians are blessed with incredible willpower and are not ones to overdo. Your freedom loving spirit will never conform to a diet program so avoid them at all costs – just a waste of money. Listen to your own instincts which are usually right on the mark. Stay grounded with plenty of raw foods, stews and grains. Your nervous digestion will benefit by taking enzyme supplements. A big fan of technology, inspire yourself to exercise (not your favor thing to do) by buying yourself the latest workout device or some hard to program fitness monitor. Friendly group exercise is best.


Use your powerful psychic abilities to keep your body and mind healthy and peaceful. Avoid all forms of junk and fast foods. You will thrive on high energy organic foods in their most natural state. Avoid too many dairy foods, which will flood your watery nature. Use garlic regularly to relieve mucus. Forget the gym, sports and power lifting; passive is your passion. Yoga and Qi Gong are more up your alley and do share yourself by joining a group of these kindred souls. Of course, the fish loves the water so find a quiet pool for some late night swimming.

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