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Your Zodiac Sign's Key to Health

Your Zodiac Sign’s Key to Health

According to medical astrology, diseases are the results of blockage of energy, which hinders a person from becoming his or her best. These blockages have patterns and these are connected with the personality, which in turn is related to the zodiac sign(s) one belongs to. In this system, diseases are viewed as symptoms that there is a psychological or emotional issue that needs to be addressed.


ariesAries is the sign of action and raw energy. They always want to be the first and are thus always in a hurry. They love freedom and independence and when their plans are blocked, the head, which is the part of the body ruled by Aries, is often affected. When Aries are frustrated or angered by a situation, the energy of the body is concentrated on the head. This imbalance in energy creates headaches and can make it prone to minor injuries. For health Aries needs to relax their mind and body and to learn to accept the limitation of space and time. Regular exercise will do them good so the energy buildup will not occur.

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taurusTaurus is the sign associated with the expression of love, creativity and the process of valuing. Taurus whose creative expressions are hampered or who feels the lack of the love usually develop weak throat. In order to be healthy aside from being regularly engaged in creative pursuits they should always keep their sense of self-worth intact, whether or not they are surrounded by valuable possessions. Emotional concerns affects them so much, thus, nothing beats “love” in preventing major diseases in them. By following the same logic, nothing is more detrimental to their health than a dysfunctional relationship.

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geminiGemini is an air sign and in human anatomy it is assigned rulership over the lungs. Just as the air, their nature is to circulate and freedom of movement is important to them. Respiratory ailments are common to Gemini whose talents are not given a chance to grow. On the other hand, if given too much freedom, erratic movement can lead to abuse of the body. They need to balance freedom with responsible action.

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cancerCancer, as its hard covering suggest is the sign of the home and psychologically, the need for security. They have a tendency to be worriers. It is for this reason that their stomach is very sensitive to ailments. Food being another symbol of security is important to them. But they shouldn’t eat much if they are emotionally troubled as this can make food sour, which may later add toxins to their system. To minimize health problems they must determine the emotional cause of their insecurities and to learn to trust life as it unfolds itself.

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leoLeo is the sign of the sun, the king and the life source. Leos are ever so generous and loving, But often because of pride and the sense of ownership, they develop the tendency to accumulate and brand things as “mine.” This combination makes them easily disappointed to other people. Mistakes may be misinterpreted as personal attack. This later on becomes the seed that leads to hardening that may or may not affect the heart, depending on their lifestyle. Lower back pains can also be common to Leos who has hurt pride. Holistic rules for healthy living necessitate them to live a creative life in a humble way.

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virgoVirgo is the sign of perfection and is also the sign of hygiene. However, over-critical and judgmental attitude can make them hypochondriac. Their need to be mentally in control of every situation makes them worriers. Thinking so much makes them easily stressed. The assimilation of ideas tends to be delayed. Symbolically, the same process occurs with food. They tend to develop problems with the intestine, liver and the stomach area. They need among others the ability, to relax their mind and their body.

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libraThe scale, which is the symbol of Libra, is meant for balance. However, in their desire to be balanced most Librans end up in lopsided positions, half-baked or worst become what they fear the most–imbalanced. In the body this function is connected with the kidneys that filters the elements that will be assimilated by the body. Attitudinal change due to love matters can be the root cause of some health problems. Another reason is in their desire to please other people, living up to the “peace-loving” aspect of the sign, they tend to suppress negative emotions which remains buried. What Librans need is to incorporate in their routine, a regular period of sweaty exercise to release tension and well as a regular period of emotional cleansing.

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scorpioScorpio is a sign of power and their the ability to concentrate is among their best traits. Healing, being one positive use of power and concentration is connected with Scorpio. Overpossessiveness in them tends to accumulate energy within their system. When this happens the elimination system of the body malfunctions as it reaches a certain limit. To maintain balance they should always let go of attachments to things and emotional luggage that comes from the past. The proper use of the productive organ is another thing they should always consider.

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sagittariusSagittarius is generally a very energetic sign. Their fiery nature makes them very active in sports and travel. Unhealthy health practices can come from the influence of Jupiter, the planet of excess. The legs, thigh and the sciatic nerve that runs from the buttocks to the feet are the sensitive parts of their body, which due to many activities they are engaged in becomes prone to minor accidents. They need to practice moderation. Sagittarius is also connected with the exhalation of carbon dioxide. They have problem exhaling fully which cause the retention of carbon dioxide. This cause them to experience fatigue often. Better breathing habit will correct it.

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capricornCapricorn is the sign of age and responsibility. They tend to mature early, or to some the question of maturity is a major concern. This gives them a nature that is more comfortable with suppressing the emotions. They can be hard and cold. This habit can later in their life, cause gallbladder problems. Their bones specially the knees are very sensitive. Problem in this area means that they feel that they are so burdened. Enjoying life, acquiring a very optimistic attitude and an emotional outlet are their secret to health.

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aquariusThe ankles, the calves come under the rule of Aquarius. These gives support to their active and free lifestyle. The circulatory system is also connected with this sign and psychologically this area of the body is the most sensitive. If their freedom is crimped, sooner or later in their life, circulatory problem can develop. For a healthier life, they must see to it their freedom is maintained. Being a fixed sign, the tendency to accumulate or hardening is also possible. Care must also be given to their heart and emotionally they must not hold on to anger.

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piscesPisces is the sign of emotions and like the fish they can sometimes be drowned in it. Intense sadness or loneliness makes them susceptible to be addicted to drinks or any addictive substance such as cigarette or drugs. They need to develop close ties with people important to them to have emotional support when emotional storms come in. They must also ground themselves to reality and must discern what is real in their experiences. The foot, which is the symbol of grounding, can be affected if they have been drifting too far.

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