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Zodiac Signs Profiles To Get Along With Your In-Laws

In-laws can seem positively heavenly if you’re willing to glance up at the Stars. As our spouse’s family members, we don’t have as much history with these folks, but we surely hope to make more in the future. (Right?) These astrological profiles can serve as a handy guide to family dynamics.

If you’ve got an Aries for an in-law, you’d better be ready to run! Not from them, but with them. This is someone possessed of a great deal of energy, and they would surely appreciate it if you were the same. You might also find them to be a bit brash and rash, and at times, they are. The Ram is likely to say whatever comes to mind without thinking about it first. Perhaps it’s because they’re fond of stirring the pot to see how you react. Extroverted, bold, and even a bit selfish, the Arian in-law will often ram their way toward what they want, and good luck to anyone standing in the way! Ah, but you love their child, don’t you?

The Taurus in-law is conservative, traditional, and in no mood for new-agey ideas. If the latter is your style, save it for someone else. The Bull is about many things, but two above all: physical pleasures and appearances. Your Taurean in-law will be quick to hug and kiss you, so you’d best warm up to this kind of behavior — this is the sensualist of the Zodiac, after all. They also like to be in charge, and bull-headed as they are, it makes no sense to treat them otherwise. And don’t find yourself arguing over little things, as this will only stoke their argumentative tendencies. Lastly, find a way to make money and find it fast, because these folks will want to be supported in their old age — by you, of course! Now get to work.

Don’t expect your Gemini in-law to engage in chatter that matters — at least not all the time. These people love to talk, so don’t even bother trying to get this person off the phone. The Gemini in-law won’t stand for you to be dull and boring, either. Much like the Twins they represent, this person can also be quite fickle and possessed of what seems like a split personality. One day they’ll be anxious; the next day, cool. They’re also sociable and enjoy being in a group, so family gatherings are something they’ll gravitate toward. Of course, a Gemini lacks follow-through a great deal of the time, so learn to go with the flow and be ready for most anything.

With a Cancer in-law, it’s pretty clear who will be the head of the family: them! Family is the most important thing to a Cancer, so be sure to treat this area of your life with a good measure of honor and respect. As well, the Crab will be interested in family history and ancestry, so do a little boning up on the family tree and have plenty of stories about the kids to share at mealtime. Oh, and about kids: have lots of them! The Cancer in-law just loves being a grandparent and will spend plenty of time doting on your tribe. Cancers, by nature, are also on the thrifty side, so don’t shower them with gifts and lavish expenditures. Their moods can also be fluid, so be prepared to give these folks a lot of room.

Okay, who’s the boss? Your Leo in-law, without a doubt. This individual is definitely the head of the family, and a flashy one at that. In this role as ruler of the roost, what the Lion wants is adoring minions at its feet. The Lion is also opinionated and not interested in a debate with you, thank you very much. Just know that even if they seem to be forever prying into your business, they are really warm and open underneath, and they’ll be very loyal once you’ve proven yourself a worthy addition to the family. These folks are plenty generous and will be happy to spend their money on you. The Lion is also sociable and a good storyteller, if a bit overblown at times. They love a good audience, so listen attentively to what they’ve got to say, and everyone will be happy.

Critical and picky, you could easily confuse your Virgo in-law for the headmaster (or headmistress) at a proper boarding school. Being the perfectionist of the Zodiac, your Virgo in-law will be quick to find fault with whatever is not right, so you’d better sharpen up. Even so, these quick-minded folk like to be helpful, so you won’t be alone in your quest for betterment. If you’re on the messy side, always tidy up before your in-law comes over — they might not enter the house if it’s a wreck. But bring your best business ideas to this relative, as a Virgo will know how to work the play. Virgo is the sign of service, and these people love to help!

The Libra in-law will melt you with compliments, but underneath, they may just be looking for ways to manipulate you. On the flip side of things, your Libra in-law will be sociable, gracious, and live in a world of beautiful things. These are peace-loving folks, so they’re not likely to get into any heated arguments with you — they’d much rather pretend that nothing happened. Your Libra in-law may appear a bit fickle, but it’s probably just a case of their inability to make up their own mind. They won’t warm up to anything that looks less than inviting, so if you’re living in a trailer park or crowded walk-up apartment building, you’d better move!

You’ll never know what’s on your Scorpio in-law’s mind. Scorpions are secretive and mysterious, making your relationship with them one heck of a challenge. Although your Scorpions can keep their feelings close to the chest, they’ll want to know everything about you, and they’ll even manage to do it in a discreet way. Despite what might feel like prying, this person really does want to get to know you. They’ll also want to be in control, yet another manifestation of their intense nature. As Scorpio is the sign of sex, your in-law will love to tell dirty jokes that, like it or not, you best laugh at. Displays of wealth are also deliciously appealing to your Scorpio in-law, so don’t hesitate to buy them gifts or take them out for fine meals. It’s your role as their dutiful servant! Are you having fun yet?

Get ready for anything with a Sagittarius in-law. This is the renegade of the Zodiac, an individual who’s way out there in both thoughts and actions. Your Sag in-law will want to explore the Himalayas, all while advocating freedom of speech and promoting a campaign to save the whales for good measure. They also appreciate a laugh and will be the one telling a dirty joke to a Tibetan monk! You may be a bit embarrassed at times by your Sag in-law’s behavior, but that’s part of the plan. As well, these folks loathe commitments and schedules, so they’ll simply show up on your doorstep and expect you to come along to the next freewheeling event. Your Sag in-law also loves to explore things deeply, is a confirmed seeker of knowledge, and focused on philosophy. These are big-hearted folks who are fun to be around.

With a Capricorn in-law, you had best be in business — preferably your own business. These folks like to see ambition and success in those around them, especially within the family. Your Cap in-law simply wants you to make money, and lots of it — the better to take care of them in their old age. But there isn’t likely to be much excitement in your in-law’s life, and that’s just how they want it. Don’t plan any radical moves or suggest far-out ideas to your Cap in-law, either, as they’re simply not interested, preferring a conservative course of action. Most important of all: Don’t ever find yourself out of a job, as the Cap will simply find this intolerable.

Don’t expect a traditional Thanksgiving dinner if it’s at your Aquarius in-law’s house. This person will probably ask you to leave your shoes at the door, sit cross-legged on a cushion, and eat couscous with peanut sauce while remembering the oppression of the American Indian. Straddling the line between genius and insanity, these folks are nowhere near traditional and conservative; they far prefer to shake things up. Along those same lines, they’ll be quick to engage in a protest, and will always find themselves adopting humanitarian causes. Your Aquarian in-law will be blessed with many friends who have a broad range of interests. That said, they can show a temper with those who don’t share their vision, so their circle will be pretty much on the same social and philosophical page. Aquarians are bored by those who represent the status quo, so curry favor by finding some far-out ideas and championing them.

Somewhat of a lost soul, your Pisces in-law is also creative, musical, and a free spirit. Along with that comes a very sympathetic nature, and someone who will give you the space to be who you want to be. There are no fixed or rigid schedules for these folks, so you won’t have to be rushing around in an attempt to be on time. Your Pisces in-law may even seem too passive — certainly not a common in-law quality, but these folks have got it. Also, they can be impractical and absent-minded at times, so it’s best that you not count on your Pisces in-law to pick up the kids at school or to bring dessert for a dinner party. These folks do like to be helpful, but it’s likely to be in the form of a thoughtful gesture or a sense of understanding in times of need. Still, they’ll appreciate the things you do for them, and will be quick to support any charitable causes you favor.

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