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Which Zodiac Signs Are The Most Sentimental?

We all carry the past inside us, but some of us parade our memories more obviously, decorating our homes with old family photos and mementos. Of all the astrological signs, which are the most sentimental?

cancerAbsolute top of the list is Cancer, who never quite separates from their childhood family or their memories. Like Pisces, they see everything backwards through rose-colored glasses, remembering the good times with nostalgia.

scorpioScorpio can also be surprisingly teary-eyed about the past. They may look steely but they melt rapidly when reminded of fun days of long ago. That said, the Scorpion also remembers slights and hurts, and will bring them up relentlessly even decades later.

taurusPossessive Taurus will hang on to family mementos just as much as they hang on to everything else. The Bull has been known to embellish old stories to make themselves feel better.

ariesAries, with Cancer ruling their house of family memories, are also soft hearted when it comes to the past. In down moments, they’ll pore over the old albums. Even Gemini, not normally thought of as overly emotional, will do exactly the same.

sagittariusSagittarius doesn’t mull much over the past — except to keep in touch. Their way of hanging on to family memories is to write letters, make phone calls and keep everything alive in the present.

aquariusAquarius, with Taurus ruling their past, are not about to let any detail disappear from their mind. They may be coolly detached but they can also be intense when it comes to family matters.

libraLibra and Leo divide their family memories into “acceptable” and “best forgotten”, so they can be very selective about what they keep — or don’t keep — on the mantle.

virgoVirgo in quiet moments will be wistful and rather regretful about what has gone before. But on the whole, they don’t parade their feelings and prefer to keep their mementos well under wraps.

capricornCapricorn tends not to enjoy their childhood much, feeling it was all rather a slog. They mellow through middle life, but tend to look forward instead of backward.

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