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Born on a Cusp?

Born on a Cusp

People who were born “on the cusp” were born as the sun was about to leave one sign and enter another. This can make it difficult for them to determine their sun sign.

For those who are born at the very end or beginning of a sun sign there may be confusion in determining which sign relates to them.

Quite often, people at the latter or early stages of a sign find some perplexity in trying to determine just which sign actually relates to them. They are said to be born on the “cusp” of the two signs.

For instance, someone who was born on the 22nd August will have been born on the cusp of Leo and Virgo. The Sun was leaving the sign Leo and moving into Virgo.

A cusp sign is usually someone born either the day of the change in sign or someone born during a signs transition. That transition is usually 5 days before or after the date of change. So if you were born between the 15 th and 25th of a month, you likely fall into a cusp. If you were born on the 14th or 26th of a month, do not be surprised if certain things apply to you as well.

The month and day you are born determines your sun sign, known also as your zodiac sign. Each one of us is much more than that. The month, day, time and place we are born can determine personality, inner traits and even how you perceive information. Being born on the cusp not only means that you fall under sign your date of birth actually falls under but you may also share traits with your neighboring sign. This isnt a bad thing, in fact one signs weaknessmay end up being your strength because of the other.

However, although specific dates are generally given in order to help categorise the sun signs, the sun does in fact move from one sign to the next at an exact moment in time; this time can be calculated by consulting an appropriate ephemeris referring to the year of birth.

When people say they were born on the cusp they’re generally referring to the sun’s change of sign. What many aren’t aware of is that any planet can be on the verge of moving from one sign into the next, so within their chart there can be other planets also changing signs.

Calculating the Sun’s Change of Sign

For those people who feel a little neglected because their birth date places them in the awkward position of being born on a cusp, they could if they wanted to, find out exactly which sign the sun was in when they were born. If, for instance, they know their time of birth, they could calculate (or have a professional astrologer calculate) the sun’s exact degree and in what sign.

As well as calculating the position of the sun, there are many differing factors which make up a birth chart, and those born on the cusp of a sign might find the planet Mercury or Venus is in the same sign as the sun. A predominance of planets in the one sign usually places greater emphasis on that sign.

Rising Sign

Knowing the ascending sign is also a great asset, for most people find themselves recognising many characteristics of their ascendant (or rising sign) as relating to themselves. It might be worthwhile to experiment by reading monthly and other forecasts for their ascending sign as well as their sun sign. Some people can be pleasantly surprised as to how well their ascendant forecasts relate to their present circumstances especially those with their ascendant within the first 10 degrees or so of a sign.

Characteristics of Those Born on the Cusp

With regard to characteristics, however, those born within a few degrees on either side of when the sun changes signs will no doubt find a mixture of both energies relating to the signs involved are recognisable in his/her personality.

Signs next to each other can prove to be a difficult blending at times, especially if the main characteristics of these signs seem to contradict each other. Even so if the energies can be used to work with each other, the result can be tremendously rewarding.

This series of articles will give you a general overview of the sign and possible love matches for you to consider. But remember that just because you are born within that range doesnt mean that any or all of it will apply to you. As I have stressed many times before, unless you have a professional astrologer giving you a reading based on your particular chart, everything is general and should be considered as such. There are millions of you in each sign.

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