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Gemini represents the awakening of the thinking process of reason and logic. During the Gemini phase of life, roughly ages 7 to 14 years, we learn to compare one thing to another and to analyze how things work. We learn to refine our communication skills as we learn to read and write. We build the fundamentals of logic by learning arithmetic. The Three R’s are in Gemini’s territory.

GeminiThinking and the freedom to which it opens us by allowing an objective and detached view of things is what sets humans apart from other mammals. Granted, higher primates in captivity can be taught, through interactions with humans, to function somewhat at this level. After all, the ability to mimic is pure Gemini.

When we can think and make observations, then we can plan both for the present moment and for the future. Facts, ideas, imagination and fantasy are the reality for Gemini. It represents the fundamental creative mind, the word-smith. The ability to understand and manipulate symbol systems and to use language creatively is the Geminian gift. So is a great openness and willingness to experiment, to engage in the trial and error process and to experience everything.

Possessing the power to lend forms to the archetypes of ideas, Gemini can express itself through a process of dynamic becoming and self-actualization through interaction with time and space. This process gives rise to experiences that open the doors for unfolding consciousness.

Gemini Zodiac SignGemini is a very vital sign. It is the first air sign, and is associated with the Breath of Life, the subtle energy known as prana, chi, or orgone. Without breath there can be no life or thought. The relationship between breath and thought is fundamental. Through control of the breath (pranayama), we can control the mind and the quality of thought. This sign possesses a vibrant and airy liveliness. It is ever curious, and it is always alert to the possibility of new experience even within the context of the very mundane and familiar. The principle of verification is at the heart of Gemini’s desire to experience and experiment. Is it true, factual, does it work, how does it work, how does it happen?

It is a very youthful sign, having a reputation for being the Puer (or Puella) Eternus – the eternal boy (or girl). It is light, breezy, and witty. Its ways are delightful and charming. Geminian natives are an asset at any social gathering, possessing facility in conversation, quick wit, and an encyclopedic mind coupled with an ability to relate to everyone, at least on a surface level, and to become seriously involved with those who share kindred interests.

Gemini signThis is a dual sign, the first mutable sign. Duality leads to a battle within the self. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini on the personality level. Hence its association with being intelligent, intellectual, communicative and loving new information, new data, and enjoying disseminating it. There may be such a concern with information per se, that Truth (Sagittarius) is overlooked. The archetypal crisis that shifts Gemini from the personality level of Mercury to the higher level of its esoteric ruler, Venus, is a Faustian one. A person must learn to use discrimination, to sift truth from knowledge, and to understand the relationship between any pair of opposites. When Gemini falls in love, all the facts and logic will not avail. When Gemini functions under the influence of Venus, it appears Sagittarian. The full evolution of Gemini goes from the realization that ideas (Mercury) must not remain just castles in the air; they lead to thought-forms (Venus) which must be acted on in the everyday world.

Earth is Gemini’s highest ruling planet, and salvation lies in the real and the ordinary, in establishing a relationship between this world of matter and the world of the mind. Gemini expresses his purpose by becoming a conscious vehicle for creating harmonious linkages in the world. He can artfully align and blend various conflicting political and social forces, acting as an agent for harmony in group interactions.

The diplomat for mutual understanding, the inventor of beneficial technologies, and the writer articulating universal human themes in simple terms meaningful to the man and woman in the street are people manifesting Geminian archetypes. Henry Kissinger exemplifies the full-blown Gemini.

When Gemini has learned to anchor his quicksilver mind to earth with love, he finds his purpose and heals his divided nature. Until then he can wrestle with black moods and a sense of alienation. For, though at home in the rarefied sky-world of the intellect. He longs deeply for human warmth and the simple pleasures of the world.


About the author:

Eleanor Buckwalter has studied, practiced and taught astrology in Los Altos, CA for more than twenty-five years, including three years with the late Richard Idemon, a psychological astrologer. Her primary astrological focus of interest is parent-child relationships and family dynamics.

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