Astrology and Horoscopes

When it is darkest, men see the stars – Emerson
Interested in knowing more about who you are, the true you? Or perhaps you would like to more easily access your intuition, or even to understand why you respond to people or situations in a certain way, despite efforts to change?

Beyond the daily horoscope, astrology offers a world of possibilities, from simple self-awareness to understanding current life issues or learning about your soul’s journey. Many of us yearn for insight in times of crisis, and astrology is a way to translate what is going on.

I see astrology as a powerful tool in the journey of personal development, helping us to translate present energies and understand who we are on a level not easily accessed. Becoming conscious of who we are and our purpose is the most empowering thing we can do for ourselves.

Astrology, when handled responsibly, can offer you the benefit of self-understanding. This in turn can offer you a whole new perception of yourself, your direction in life and open up possibilities that perhaps you had not thought about previously.

Astrology is an ancient art found in many of the world’s spiritual traditions. Few individuals recognize the wise men as the astrologers in the Christmas story. This astrological record is one of the few in the Christian tradition that has not been censored. The Enneagram System and the Myers-Briggs, two common personality type assessment tools, are closely related to astrological principles and may have their roots in ancient astrological typology.


Horoscope section provide the most simplistic way of alerting people to the ongoing pitch changes and tuning adjustments needed. However, it is a symphony which needs continual adjustment, for not only are the planets moving in cycles in the heavens but the heavens are also moving, imperceptibly to the human eye, within the Cosmos. It is therefore important to only read horoscopes written by those with an in-depth understanding of how the whole Cosmos is interlinking with the current position of the Sun.

Every moment we are creating our future, and it is so important to remember that we do have that power of choice and creativity, no matter the obstacles we face in life.

Chinese Horoscopes

Free Astrological Reports

When astrologers provide complete consultations for their clients, they look at much more than the Sun sign. The date, time, and city of birth are used to calculate an astrology birth chart, which contains all of the planets in addition to the Sun and Moon. Astrologers examine the location of the planets and the signs they occupy; they observe the planets angular relationships to each other and their relationship to the earth. It’s complicated and takes years to learn.

Your astrological birth chart is a picture of the sky at the time of your birth as viewed from Earth. In it are the Sun, Moon, planets, and rising sign. If you have a copy of your birth chart and know your rising sign, Moon sign, and the signs of the planets, reading about those signs will give you information that you will be able to use right away. If you don’t have a copy of your birth chart, go to the Free Astrological Reports Section to find out how to get one.

Find out what the planets have to say about you! What are your personal strengths and weaknesses? Don’t miss out on this MUST-HAVE guide to your life.


Zodiac Signs

How many times have you read your horoscope and wondered, “How can somebody know me just by knowing my Sun sign?” The fact is, an astrologer does know something about you just by knowing your Sun sign. But, a Sun sign’s characteristics don’t tell the whole story about a person- only part of the story. That’s why when you read a horoscope based only on the Sun sign, sometimes the information will be correct and other times it won’t even come close.

Even though your Sun sign doesn’t tell everything about you, it does describe an important and central theme of your life. The Sun is our solar system’s star and your Sun sign is your own personal guiding star. Zodiac Signs Section illustrates the themes and characteristics unique to each Sun sign. The gifts, talents, and strengths as well as the difficulties associated with each sign are outlined. Zodiac Signs Section addresses all of the important areas of life including friendships, home life, career, and spirituality.

The first step in understanding and awakening your awareness to astrology is fully understanding your basic Sun Sign, Just as certain smells can trigger long forgotten memories, Visualizing and becoming aware of your sun sign will open your minds eye and answer many questions concerning your personality and behavior.

Zodiac Compatibility

The relationship section contains a Compatibility Guide, which matches up each sign with every other sign delineating both the areas of ease and difficulty with every combination. Each sign’s chapter ends with 10 special tips for creating a successful life.

Our Compatibility Section brings into FOCUS:

  • How the two of you communicate
  • How supportive you are of one another
  • What each of you wants from a relationship
  • What it takes to make your relationship really work

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