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Leo Horoscope 2019

The Leo horoscope 2019 shows that love relationships are well highlighted. Even though you’ll be busy with practical tasks, it looks like a sociable time with more access or involvement in entertaining activities and the chance to be the centre of someone else’s attention! Some of you may be having more contact with children.

As far as the Jupiter cycle from Jan 23rd-June 5th 2019 is concerned, this is an excellent position for Jupiter in his own house – the ninth. There should be more opportunities for higher education, travel, communications through spoken or written word, another language or intellectual field of interest.

Also finding a good teacher and being the student or you as the disseminator of information, the advisor, or guide. A great vibration for putting out the word on a grander stage, but also for getting involved in publishing, politics, the law or communications media. The 2019 Leo horoscope predicts that your awareness and knowledge base will certainly grow during this expansive period.

From June 5th, Jupiter moves into your area of career and life direction, meaning more doors opening here. You could achieve recognition, receive praise or promotion and should feel more established in your field or with your direction as this is a time when you are in alignment with your inner purpose and there will be more chances to express that in the wider world. The 2019 Leo astrology forecasts that travel, foreign connections, higher education or liaising with those at a distance could be a part of the picture.

There’s 4 Solar and 2 Lunar Eclipses in 2019

The Solar eclipse on Jan 4th in Capricorn will send out a pulse of energy through the coming months, and, providing there are contacts from the eclipse degree to points in your natal chart, will help trigger new beginnings with employment, equipment, work set-up, and health matters.

Saturn continues its transit of Libra until Fall 2020 means working more diligently at communications, education, short and long distance travel. The Leo 2019 horoscope foretells that you will be polishing your communication skills and perhaps be integrating new understanding of language or a system of thought or getting your head around communications equipment. Developing these skills will be like chipping away at a sculpture, so be consistent and patient. Successes are likely to come more easily by initiating a project or a study or an employment which brings in the pennies you need to develop your personal aims or to take your own gifts more seriously and start to develop them.

You’ll probably be working harder, getting to grips with increased communications of all kinds, paperwork, correspondence, study etc. You’ll be learning that ‘perceptions’ aren’t necessarily based in fact and may not even be true. As you get to the bottom of how much is perception and how much is ‘truth’ in your experience, you will realize you need to make some changes to your own habitual ways of communicating or viewing the world.

Uranus will be in challenging aspect to Pluto July 8th- August 16th . This will be a recurring aspect in our skies until into 2015 – really getting into gear from June 2020.

This aspect is ‘sudden event’ territory and can mean an unexpected, potentially life-changing chance for things to change for the better. The 2019 Leo star sign predictions foretell that more likely if you keep your options open and go with the flow of bigger events outside your control, and short-term it may not be easy.

This is a significant time in history when much of what has traditionally been taken for granted – economically, culturally, socially will be subject to deep transformative change. So the advice is to prepare for this by creating a plan B starting from now, which may mean finding ways to be more self-sufficient, less dependent on outside lines of supply, or stocking up on certain things.

At times, even though things may be happening fast, try not to throw the baby out with the bath-water.
If you are centred when you make decisions you will be able to seize opportunities for positive change and get ahead of the rest. Or find yourself involved in something at the leading edge and that’s a place where there is never a crowd, only a chosen few.

Over January/February the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction may trigger a sudden change in conditions which opens new doors related to these areas.

So this could mean an inspiring ‘coming together’ of factors or people and puts you on a steep learning curve at the same time. The energy of transformation and new potentials will encourage positive change here.

The life-changing force of Pluto in Capricorn means regeneration from deep levels regarding employment, skills and health – yours or another’s. The 2019 forecast for Leo suggest that there will be a letting go of the old scenarios related to your daily work, the way you do your job or maybe it’s certain lifestyle choices which influence health. You may feel an urge to get more control in these areas. This energy of rebirth may also affect your employment situation or daily routines, there could be some tension around this and you may want to transform your existing situation so that it mirrors more closely the you within and what you’d like to achieve through your work. There may be a struggle for control in these areas and you should avoid riding roughshod over the feelings or opinions of those in your care or who provide a service for you or with co-workers.

The astrology Leo 2019 shows that you may also make better use of your inborn talents, developing them to a higher level over this lengthy period.

Jupiter squares Pluto from Feb 17th-March 3rd. At this time you could become super-enthusiastic about starting afresh or renewing, rehabilitating some ideal, but you may run up against the powers-that-be which resist your ideas, or want to do it their way. This doesn’t mean you cannot be successful if you are open to reviewing your thinking as there is a risk of being over zealous and blind to certain details. With self-honesty and perhaps a letting go of a previous situation, you’ll be better able to achieve what you wish.

Jupiter opposes Saturn March 25th-April 2nd. A time of conflicting energies when you can be successful but you should be cautious when expanding into new areas and take the long view when making decisions. The 2019 yearly predictions for the Leo warn that rlements of the past or old habits or relationships may be holding you back. Your responsibilities to others could feel more irksome just now and you could be casting around for something which brings variety and new learning.

Jupiter trines Pluto July 1st-14th and October 16th- November 3rd. This is a good influence which can help make wise use of your knowledge and experience, and you could learn a great deal which is enlightening and which could expand your life into new areas. But this isn’t just about yourself, this is about you as a part of a greater scenario, your little wheel in the bigger wheels and taking a more philosophical or global view would be advisable. This is a time when you can untangle problems and get things straightened out in some situation or which may have been causing you grief around the job, work set-up, or health matters.

The 2nd Solar Eclipse on June 1st in Gemini means that if there are strong aspects from the eclipse degree to your natal points, it will offer the chance to make new beginnings within friendships, social circle, networking, and a venture you’ve waited a long time to progress with.

Zodiac 2019 predictions for Leo zodiac sign suggest that the 3rd Solar Eclipse in your sign on July 1st will send out a pulse of energy through the coming months, and, providing there are contacts from the eclipse degree to points in your natal chart, will help trigger new beginnings with your inner life, private musings, imaginative projects etc. So take more time to contemplate the past, meditate and do what you can to nurture yourself. Great time for spiritual and healing practices.

The 4th Solar eclipse in Sagittarius on November 25th is in your sector of personal growth, and, providing there are contacts from the eclipse degree to points in your natal chart, this will be a cycle of fresh starts with getting on with pursuits which you really enjoy and which gives you the chance to express yourself more freely and spontaneously. Doing the kinds of activities which allow you to shine in your own special way. This may also include networking and collaborating with others who have a shared interest in common.

There are 2 Lunar Eclipses in 2019 with shorter-term effects but should be mentioned. The first is June 15th in 24 degrees Sagittarius and the second one is December 10th 18 degrees Gemini. If an important point in your natal chart is triggered then, over the following 4 weeks, you will have the chance to improve things related to the above areas.

For many years Neptune has been making it’s influence felt in the relationships area. Others may have proved unreliable or there has been an air of uncertainty or delusion regarding partners, or would-be ones, here you may have had to learn to be more unconditional in your feelings towards them. Colleagues, family members or clientèle which may or may not have demanded a more compassionate attitude from you. However it has panned out, this is an area where a more selfless, compassionate attitude has been demanded of you at times.

Neptune’s transit of this area is slowly drawing to a close and between April 5th and August 5th 2019 will slide out into its home sign Pisces for a short visit. And then finally from February 2020 will have left this area of your chart for good. This new position of Neptune means breakdown and renewal related to joint resources, property, and other people’s values or systems. We may have to give up space, money, time, energy because of someone’s needs. The Leo horoscope 2019 predictions also foretells that on the flip side, this position of Neptune can lead to deeper fulfilment in love relationships and finding your soul-mate. An extraordinary ‘bonding’ can occur between you and some being or dimension of knowledge which is mystical, supernormal, even divine.

On a mundane level the advice would be to be avoid the boundaries being blurred when it comes to joint monies, property, or moral obligations.

And outside of your personal solar wheel, this transit of Neptune may mean that there is confusion about the value of money or goods in a material sense.

In late 2019 Mars will stay for a lengthy period in Virgo from Nov 11th- July 2020. An extraordinarily long transit dynamically activating your money and property sector. Physical effort may be expended getting things as you want them in this area and you may be using energy acquiring physical objects, building, making practical improvements to the comfort zone. Buying and selling may be a feature of this period. Also you working harder to generate income. The 2019 Leo horoscope predictions suggest that this position of Mars may stimulate your urge to create an environment which improves home comforts and helps health and fitness. On another level this would be an optimum time for you to develop your inborn gifts and talents into marketable skills.

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