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Moon – Uranus Aspects

Moon – Uranus Aspects

Moon – Uranus Aspects

The Moon

When you look at the Moon over a period of time you immediately discover that the Moon changes her appearance every day. In a never ending cycle the Moon is either waxing or waning.

Every month you see the same pattern: the Moon waxes to become Full and in the following two weeks the Moon wanes to become New again.

The Moon has an influence on the movement of our oceans. We are familiar with the phenomenon of the tides because of the Moon.

Water is associated with emotions (tears). The Moon greatly influences your emotional state of being.
Therefore your emotions (like the water in the ocean) can easily fluctuate under the influence of the Moon.

The Moon has a correlation with the womb. The menstrual cycle is tuned to the orbit of the Moon around the Earth (approximately 28 days).

The Moon therefore also has a correlation with virtility. In gardening, when you plant a seed about two days after the New Moon your plant will blossom, because the seed is encouraged in concordance with nature, the natural cycle, to take root and grow during the waxing period of the Moon.

The two weeks from New Moon to Full Moon is a period of new beginnings, of growth. The two weeks from Full Moon to New Moon is best used to anchor what you have begun.

Via the Moon in your birth chart you seek emotional security and safety in your life.

The location (in sign and House) of the Moon in your birth chart can give information on the area(s) in life where this theme is most prominent.

Seeking emotional security outside yourself

Primarily you are inclined to identify the Moon in your birth chart with your mother because your mother (usually) is the one who feeds and protects you right after birth. Your mother is the person whom you go to in order to find shelter and comfort. As soon as you cry (show emotion) you expect your mother to soothe you and to give you what you need.

Later in life it can be other people, specific circumstances or material stuff (money and/or goods) that can provide you with emotional security.

Finding emotional security within

When you have fully integrated the qualities of your Moon into your life, then you are able to find emotional security within yourself, in the place where you are one with your Source or your Creator.


The green planet Uranus was the first planet to be discovered with a telescope by William Herschel in 1781. At its brightest it can just be seen with the naked eye though.

To underline its excentric qualities, Uranus is tilted on its side.

Uranus symbolizes freedom. Uranus’ energy gives you an inner urge to be who you are without restraint. Your individuality and need for uniqueness are accentuated by Uranus.

Uranus encourages you to do your own thing, even (or perhaps especially) when this means going against the norm.

Uranus loves to stir things up, to be electrifying and shocking.

Uranus urges you to think for yourself. This planet’s energy stimulates you to form a well founded opinion independent of what is currently accepted as the norm.

Uranus enables you to stand on your own two feet, to be independent, to follow your inner voice.

The location of Uranus in your birth chart gives an indication in which areas in life you want to be unique.

Uranus is associated with social awareness and this planet’s energy can (if you let it) wake you up in order to truly see what goes on in the world, such as the greed of big business corporations exploiting the Earth and their employers for example.

Shocking images on television (of starving children in Africa for instance) fall under the domain of Uranus.

Uranus shows where unequality and suffering exists but does not advocate deep personal involvement in the trials and tribulations of others.

Detachment is often necessary to really be able to help. Crying with the victim doesn’t do anyone any good.

Uranus’ much needed function in this world is to bring wrongdoings to our attention with an aura of detachment.

Uranus reflects objectivity.

Uranus’ energy can help you to bring clarity to a situation, to identify a problem.

Uranus can be helpful to you in your communication with others when you want to get and/or provide insight.

Uranus’ energy is cerebral. This planet feels best at home when a scientific approach is adopted.

The different approaches of the Moon and Uranus

The big difference between the Moon and Uranus is personal involvement versus impersonal involvement respectively.

The aim of the Moon is to become very much involved through feeling deeply (like a mother caring for her child).

Deep feelings are crucial to create a strong bond with others. This bond will hopefully provide you with the security in the relationship that you seek through your Moon.

Sometimes it is very necessary to get into touch with your feelings and have intense emotional releases that will help you to overcome blockages that hinder your growth.

The Moon can help to release pent up grief by letting the tears flow abundantly.

Uranus’ influence is to be helpful (socially significant) but to remain emotionally distant.

With the help of Uranus you will never be tempted to be pulled into a torrential sea of feelings.

Uranus enables you to detach yourself from overly emotional situations.

With the help of Uranus you can rise above your emotions. This ability will ensure that you can adequately help yourself and others through adopting a rational approach.

Choosing between the energies of the Moon and Uranus or blending them

Aren’t you lucky to have both the Moon and Uranus in your birth chart?

You can actually choose to be blown away by your emotions or to adopt a more detached view.
The choice is yours believe it or not.

Ideally of course you can try to blend the two approaches by letting the feelings in, but not letting your emotions get the upperhand.

Depending on whether you have either the Moon or Uranus more prominent in your birth chart (and on other factors in your chart), this blending process won’t always be easy.

For some people the conscious choice to blend the energies of the Moon and Uranus will take more effort than for others. But ultimately the choice IS yours to make.

You can adapt your thinking to your wishes, i.e. to let your feelings run the show or to shut your feelings down and confront the world as a person who is seemingly void of emotions.

You could also make the conscious choice to rise above your emotions but still be in touch with them in order to act as a caring person who is in control of the situation.

In times of great emotional stress you can call on the support of Uranus in your birth chart to protect you from all too devastating emotions.

In times of great joy it is wonderful to tune into your Moon and just feel the happiness and blissful emotions flooding your entire being.

Similarity between the Moon and Uranus

What the Moon and Uranus have in common is their unpredictability.

In regard to the Moon we are talking about emotional unpredictability (in which mood are you today).

In regard to Uranus the unpredictable qualities are recognized in the creation of spontaneous, spur of the moment, surprises.

Aspects between the Moon and Uranus

As I mentioned before, everybody has the Moon and Uranus in his/her birth chart. Therefore we are all familiar with the expression of the energies of these two heavenly bodies.

Not everyone however has an aspect between the Moon and Uranus in their birth chart.

When you do not have an aspect in your birth chart between the Moon and Uranus you can still temporarily experience the effect of a connection between these two heavenly bodies during a transit of Uranus to your Moon for instance.

In the text below however I shall focuss exclusively on having a natal aspect in your birth chart between the Moon and Uranus.

Feelings of rejection

When you have an aspect in your birth chart between the Moon and Uranus, especially when that aspect is a square or an opposition, it is possible that instability and a lack of emotional security were what you encountered in youth.

The relationship with your mother is very important to you. Although your mother most likely did her best to make your life as enjoyable as possible, there could be this nagging feeling of a shortage of love and attention, a feeling of rejection.

It is possible that your mother was so busy running her own life, pursuing her own interests, that she didn’t seem to have much time for you.

Because of your (justified) need to be special and unique a lack of attention could have been very painful for you.

It might be good to realize that with your Moon-Uranus aspect in your birth chart you probably would have felt stifled should you actually have had a clinging (over)protective mum interfering in every little detail of your life. This situation would probably only have hemmed you in and that would be intolerable to you since you are such a freedom loving person.

So you see, you have the perfect mother after all !

The strength of the Moon-Uranus aspect

Why did your soul choose to be born with a challenging Moon-Uranus aspect, with a seemingly emotionally distant mother? Here is a suggestion to ponder.

You wanted to learn what emotional stability is all about, what self reliance is, and the soul of your mother agreed to help you in this learning process. Isn’t that fabulous?

Your mother and you are a perfect match. You needed her method of upbringing in order to become whole.

It is precisely because of the fact that you were left to your own devices, to rely on yourself so much, that you could grow to become emotionally strong and stable.

The beautiful result of your Moon-Uranus aspect is that you have learned to fend for yourself.
You are well equiped to lead your life independently.

You know that you are unique, spontaneous, radiant and strong and ultimately you need nobody but yourself to acknowledge that fact!

Looking at the entire birth chart

As always in astrology coherence is the key word. It is essentially important to take into account the whole birth chart when you study your Moon-Uranus aspect. Not one aspect stands on its own!

Your Moon-Uranus aspect can be influenced by many other factors in your birth chart causing your Moon-Uranus energy to express itself in coherence to what the other factors indicate.

For instance when you also have, besides your Moon-Uranus aspect, a Moon-Pluto aspect (and possibly even a Uranus-Pluto conjunction for those of you born in the sixties) then the role of your mother in your life could be expressed in a different fashion (possibly more manipulative) then when you have a Moon-Uranus aspect without the influence of Pluto.

And thus there are many possibilities in a birth chart that can influence a single aspect.

Therefore please be careful drawing conclusions based solely on what is suggested in this article regarding the Moon-Uranus aspect.

Please study the entire birth chart!

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