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Moon Aspects

Aspects to the Moon (mathematical relationships of the other planets to the Moon) and Ruler of the Moon yield additional information about identity, purpose and vitality.

A Moon that’s well-aspected tends toward an ease of self-awareness, awareness of feelings, senstivity toward the environment, empathic intuition, sense of emotional well being and comfort in the world, ease in talking about feelings and expressing emotion gracefully.

A Moon that’s stressed by aspect tends toward boundary problems, lack of confidence, doubt of own intuition, repression of feeling and therefore ability to speak about feeling at all or gracefully, and/or a history or tolerance of abuse.

However, challenges may be just what’s needed to gain a thorough understanding of how life works in an area, and to learn how to tackle and overcome obstacles, whereas if things are too easy, we may take them for granted and not learn much.

Moon/Saturn: may indicate abandonment, neglect, orphan

Moon/Uranus: gay
Basically, there are two types of gay: one dislikes woman and runs to men; the other is seduced over into the feminine. If a woman, you can feel the animosity (great Jungian word) of the first group toward you. The second group loves you because you share common interests such as decorating, gardening and shopping. Moon/Uranus is the first type. The second type is shown by a lot of watery feminine planets and energy in a man’s chart. In astrology we have absolutely no judgments about gayness.

Moon/Mars, an attack dog on a leash … watch out because sooner or later it will break free

Moon/Neptune: may be truly out of touch with the day to day in a disturbing manner or occasionally they make good psychics. This is an aspect of someone who has no boundaries. This is not a good thing.

Moon/Pluto: searing pain and great losses emotionally. This is keyword astrology. If the person hasn’t experienced this yet, it may not be time to speak of it. However, chances are they may bring it up themselves. Always be wise with your astrological power. You could always be wrong!

Moon/Jupiter: a Guardian Angel within, at least relative to the rest of us (great mom)

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