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Aquarius On Ninth House Cusp

Aquarius On Ninth House Cusp

Aquarius in 9th House – Aquarius on the cusp of the Ninth House

You likely go to your philosophical and/or spiritual beliefs to seek and find ways to establish and strengthen your social circles and your participation in group participation.

With Aquarius On Ninth House Cusp you probably seek out opportunities to teach or mentor others in group or community style, and this may result in innovative teaching methods which involve the latest multimedia technologies. You do your best to apply classic philosophies with a unique twist, and your instructional ideas are born out of your own life and learning experiences. This teaching method may include quite a few field trips where the group can travel to the location of discussion to experience the lessons first-hand.

You may also find being a travel or tour guide or a travel writer or blogger may be an appealing career for you.

Aquarius on the cusp of the Ninth House is another excellent location for Aquarius, although probably we can say that the entire southern portion of the chart seems to be a harmonious position for Aquarius. The southern portion of the chart is spiritually and intellectually involved with life, and this is a quality of Aquarius.

On the ninth house, we are dealing with the ability of Aquarius to get involved in the higher levels of thinking, the philosophies, the psychologies, going back into the histories of all these things. They approach all knowledge from the viewpoint of philosophy. There, religion would be a philosophical approach.

In fact, in religion for the Aquarius on the cusp of the ninth house could not be orthodox. They are quite revolutionary, very advanced, and would, of course, cause a great deal of problems among those who are strict religionists. The thinking would be too advanced for the one, and the Aquarius On Ninth House Cusp would question all of the established routine or dogma or ritual. Theirs would be a practical and advanced kind of philosophy as distinct from the pedagogic, intellectual philosophy that one might find from Sagittarius.

The karmic responsibility with Aquarius in 9th House would be for the Aquarian to get involved with all the higher mind thinking, but to make sure that this is communicated to others. Yet, to the detriment of all, he Aquarian could be so mentally and intellectually involved that he could be aloof from and not communicate.

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