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Aquarius On Second House Cusp

Aquarius On Second House Cusp

Aquarius in 2nd House – Aquarius on the cusp of the Second House

You meet your basic survival and/or comfort needs through collaborative efforts and activities (through groups)…or you mask your own individual needs by bundling them in the needs of the group or the greater whole. You may also place a great deal of value in tech gadgets.

Your financial, material, and physical resources are likely to come through work in or associated with the latest technology or mass multimedia, or these days, probably through a combination of both.

You may find that you have a lot of ideas about how to use technology to generate financial and material capital for a humanitarian cause or organization.

On the flip side, you may do everything you can to be independent of “the system” in order to maintain your individuality and freedom. With this placement, the idea of “living off the grid” could appeal to you.

The karmic responsibility of 2nd House in Aquarius is to establish the proper values in life. Here we do have a quality entering into the picture through the natural rulership of Taurus of the second house, for often the Aquarian can be quite obstinate, stubborn, might resist change, yet promoting change for everybody else, but the Aquarian will not like to change himself, even though the change does represent growth. Aquarius is also considered a very intelligent sign, so the value of knowledge as it applies to life should be considered by Aquarius on the cusp of the second house.

There is also the value here that must be determined here by the Aquarian in being part of the organization or the establishment, promoting the changes from within, rather than discarding what is already there.

They are so frequently concerned with broader social issues, but the requirements of the second house are that they bring their focus inward on themselves and their own personal standards. Often Aquarius tends to negate the value of the material world and the physical plane of existence. They tend to live ascetic lives and look down upon materiality. The responsibility on the part of the Aquarian is to value the purpose of the material world as it relates to the spiritual world which is the source of all manifested life. Righteousness must correspond to the original meaning of the word, which is right-use-ness.

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