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The Aries Phase Of Seven Year Cycle

Aries is the first phase of a new seven-year cycle and its archetype is The Ram. The Ram symbolizes impetuous or unconsidered action.

Aries represents a new beginning. The phase begins a new seven year cycle and brings about a fundamental re-purposing of your life. Toward the beginning of the phase you may be involved in some pivotal event, an event marking a kind of demarcation point.

ariesYou may experience a kind of revolution in your psyche, a growth in awareness that puts you in a position in which you know you must change your life in some fundamental way. This could be associated with an experience that is transforming in some way, either difficult or enlightening or both.

The Aries Phase is birth, the beginning of a 7 year journey. At the same time that you may be experiencing a revolution in your awareness of the necessity to radically alter your life, you may feel somewhat lost, looking for direction, looking for the new commitment in your life. You are seeking, yet are frustrated. You feel that you must change your life, yet your attempts in some areas may appear to be frustrated. You are waiting to begin in some sense. What is present now in your life is not “it”, yet you do not know what “it” is.

There is a restlessness and frustration with present circumstances. You are thrashing about, unawares of your new course, looking to move forward and feeling frustrated that “life” does not seem to be working to satisfy your needs. You can’t find your new purpose, your new identity, your new sense of self. You seem lost somehow, yet you may be impetuously doing what you feel you need to do to satisfy your needs. Your inhibitions and sense of what is appropriate and inappropriate may not be connecting.

Your sense of fundamental unsatisfactoriness with your life may push you to moral dilemmas, to addictive pastimes, to reduced inhibitions. You are reorienting your life purpose but your direction cannot be found. During the phase a new direction begins to emerge, a new purpose, a new beginning. You have to keep pushing, keep putting out, to make it happen, to have it emerge.

You feel like you are moving through real resistance from the “world” or “life” to have this change occur, this new emergence or new beginning in your life. You may feel as if you are walking through mud. You cannot see the point at which the beginning will begin. In the yearly cycle, this phase is associated with spring, and like the struggle of new life in Spring, this phase is like the flowers having to push up through the ground.

The manifestation of this phase and any phase can be within any or all of the four aspects of life; career or work, relationship, physical well-being, and the personal or growth level. As you move through the phase, the re-purposing of your life begins to emerge, in any or all of the aspects of life; career or work, physical well-being and health, relationship, and the personal or growth aspect.

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