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The Taurus Phase Of Seven Year Cycle

The Taurus Phase is symbolized by The Bull. The Bull symbolizes groundedness and the struggle with territory and challenges to selfhood.

The Taurus Phase is the phase in which you must struggle with a fundamental sense of your worth or “worthiness” as an individual, your value as a person, or your sense of your self as deserving of respect and regard. These areas are very fundamentally challenged and confronted, again in one or all four of the aspects of life, career or work, relationship, personal or growth aspect, and physical well-being or health.

taurusA real crisis occurs, especially during the mid-point of the phase, which, with the mid-point of Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are very significant turning points during the seven year cycle.

Taurus is a phase in which you are brought to earth, are humbled by the vision of corruption that the ego can represent. You are confronted with your self as worthless, or rather “of less worth” than you had previously experienced. This can operate at such levels as the loss of finances through bad business deals; as a confrontation with self as less deserving of appreciation, respect, and regard that you would have hoped; as confronted by health and physical well-being issues that threaten health; or as spurned or ‘scorned’ in some fashion by your close relationship or relationships, either really or within your own estimation.

This phase is a challenge of taking this vision to heart, of seeing where your “failures” have occurred without identifying with them as representative of your true self. In the Aries Phase, you may have came to a new understanding, as yet not fully developed, as to what “life” is about. In Taurus, you are “tested” or confronted with a real need to “let go” of inappropriate ways in which you have lived your life, and of inappropriate ways in which you have valued yourself or attempted to do so. This is where an understanding that your character is different from your spirit can become essential. For it is with this phase where you are strongly challenged to reorient your life to a greater purpose based on this vision and understanding. It is about finding and reorienting your life toward what you truly value.

You are asked in some sense to change your character so that your destiny may change. It is within this phase where the opportunity to change your life occurs, where you can “get” religion in the sense of turning your life around and reorienting it.

This phase has to do with a most basic sense of what you own, i.e. your body, your money, your physical security, your fundamental sense of self worth and worthiness. The losses felt are a necessary process in the reorientation to a more ‘evolved’ purpose, or as a mechanism for you to discover your true ‘valuables’ and resources and reorient your life toward them.

This sense of your lowered self esteem and self worth is a kind of dark night of the soul. It can occur at a physical level, feeling disacknowledged in relationship on a bodily level, sexually or with health issues. It can occur with a struggle with finances, a loss of money. It can occur at a personal level, feeling that you are fundamentally unworthy for transgressions of integrity or ethical norms. As you move through the turning points of the phase, you have an opportunity to reorient your life to a “greater purpose”, to surrender your loss, or guilt, or self hatred, or desire for life to be different than it is. This phase challenges you, it tests your mettle, your willingness to change and move on.

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