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psychological projection

Projection and Interpretation

It is almost certain that when we try to explain anything about another person, we tend to project our own intentions, motives or emotions. May be that is the reason psychologists avoid saying anything meaningful during a “session”. It seems that they have been taught, that even a man of their special skill will easily make this mistake.

Studying deeply our own horoscope and accepting whatever the truth about us can be, is the best way to avoid projection of our own thoughts on an other persons horoscope.

Learning to observe and understand will be proven fulfilling and will result in gaining a new ability, to interpret correctly. New horizons can be perceived by any person that develops true vision and it is usually astonishing when one realizes how blind he/she was.

The best way to start studying ourselves is by examining our “good aspects” something that is easy to accept. When finished with them, we should study our minor “bad” aspects i.e.: not so close squares or oppositions, and try to find ways to avoid doing the mistakes arising from them. When we accept our minor faults and even correct them a little, it becomes easier to accept our major misleading and “sins” and even if we find it difficult to correct those “bad habits” we start to develop the ability to soften their effects on our well being.

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