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Cancer On Seventh House Cusp

Cancer On Seventh House Cusp

Cancer in 7th house – Cancer on the cusp of the seventh house

You, more than any other placement, seek out partners who remind you of your mother or of strong maternal-feminine influences in your early life…or you seek out partnerships with similar dynamics to the relationship(s) you had with your mother or the early female role models in your life.

Especially in your personal/romantic life partnerships, you are on the search for partners who provide you with familiar emotional energy, whether that “nurturing” was healthy or not. You may find that you seek partners who are older than you if you are male (to re-create your own mother’s role for you) or younger than you if you are female (to re-enact the maternal role).

With Cancer in the 7th house we are involved again with partnership, the concept of partnership, the “WE” concept. And, of course, the greatest partnership we can form is that of partnership with life itself. By direct reaction to the first house, it is the personality, the development of the type of personality as it relates to all of life – being part of the mainstream of life itself. In this particular location of Cancer, the possessiveness must be avoided since this can be the sewing of the seeds of destruction for any relationship, whether it is a marriage, friendship, or a business partnership.

Through this emotional reaction of Cancer on the cusp of the sixth house, the caution to be advised here could be a key factor in preventing a person being neurotic or psychotic from an emotional viewpoint. This is the beginning of the southern portion of the chart involved with the “WE” concept and the individual’s involvement in the spiritual and intellectual aspects of life. The greater the soul development on the part of the Cancer person, the greater will be the understanding and the comprehension of Truth. The Cancer person must be responsible, must grow to perfection of his own accord and on his own path, for the law does not permit progress and evolvement vicariously.

The seventh house is the natural home of Libra, and there is an emphasis on the need for harmony, especially emotional harmony on the part of the Cancer person. It might also bring in that inferiority complex mentioned before in the introduction to Cancer, for this is a weakness on the part of Libra on the cusp of the seventh house. There would be a tendency to have separatism, really based on an inferiority complex or a lack of self-confidence.

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