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The Cancer Man

Undoubtedly the Cancer man needs to know the psychology of his own sign in depth to avoid at times feeling a victim of characteristics that seem to belong very little to the male stereotype that, even if in withdrawal phase, still rule our culture.

The sign gives natives a sensitiveness that initially can seem almost exaggerated and difficult to attain; wihtout doubt the man has impressed a search for strength and hardness in his atavistic psyche: in the present day it is not only about physical strength alone, but in the world of the work, the jungle reappears and those cannot fight generally succumb and are seen as “weak and incapable”.

The man once knew with exactitude what would have been asked of him, knowing what his role was: everything was clear and he if he overcame the initiation rituals, he had a place: he could feel himself male to all extents and purposes and exercise his power.

In the present day everything is confused: the roles, the strength, the ideal and the potential, and the man is subject to the power of great changes that have happened in society and in the woman who, if on one hand seems to appreciate the tender and sweet man, on the other hand has “the man should never ask” buried somewhere in the psyche, which from time to time comes out and this leaves him completely wrong-footed and confused.

The Cancer man lives inside a purely female “psychic substance” from which he has inherited the strength of his emotions and ability to “feel” what is happening around and inside him. He is particularly inclined to perceive internal and external changes, he has a certain propensity for the home, feelings, the kitchen, his family, his children and things that belong to the female reign: its taste, the value of things and emotions. However, often he does not know how to express this part of him completely in a society that keeps on giving ambivalent messages in which sensitiveness is often still on a par with weakness.

The Cancer man is nevertheless in a certain sense relieved at the crisis of males who must redefine their values and behaviour, because the required changes will allow him to more obviously express a nature that beforehand seemed very different from common ways.

The crisis is epochal and the man of the sign can supplement this with greater easiness in his female part without risking being labelled as “different or too soft” and thus, together with his role in society, he will also be able to be responsible for that part of his nature that concerns “taking care”, with the profound “feeling” that can return it to his Soul.

Almost like a paradox, in this period in which men need to deeply transform something of their own, natives of the sign can benefit because they already have in their DNA the ingredients that are used for integrating their charcateristics of imagination, inwardness, sensitiveness and of taking care in a harmonious way, merging them with strength, courage and will, considered universally more male.

The Cancer man can be like a pioneer and present himself fully as a bearer of post-patriarchal values, finding more and more inside himself those charateristics that previously were projected on his female partners and which he now knows belong to him.

The possibility is outlined for him to be able to overcome that rigid dichotomy that has created many fractures, incomprehension and struggles between the male and the female.

The Cancer man is very close to the world of the unconscious and can manage to reappropriate of his dark side, rather than defending himself against it as has happened in the past, in which there was a strong interest in creating a division between light and darkness to make possible the affirmation of the superiority of the male archetype on the female one.

Of course, the Cancer man will never manifest himself like an emblem of “virility”, since he is very far from the exasperation of certain esteemed male charcateristics. However, he will therefore be able to keep the inheritance that reaches him from “martial” values, nevertheless leaving certain exaggerations and superstructures before creating a true possibility of “communion”.

Among other things, the overcoming of certain stereotype roles allows greater flexibility and permeability: in the present day so many people are fathers who are responsible in a tender and soft way for their children, who are interested in the family without considering themselves in more material terms, but able to participate in anything he likes, going beyond simple responsibility, and there are many companions who want to completely experience an intense and gratifying relationship with their woman.

In the present day, the Cancer man can also express his Eros side with confidence, which makes him more complex but also more complete to the point of being able, for the first time in history, to conceive a reality united and less divided approach in respect of which pride is not based more on phobic defences towards the woman, but on a recognition of the diversity combined with a search for sharing without drama and without fear.

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