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3 Things That Every Cancer Woman Wants

While the Cancer woman is all about being alone and hibernating, she needs someone that is strong and protective to be by her side.

A husband would suit her well if he took care of Cancer woman the way she would want it to be done. He would have to provide for her financially and offer her some kind of emotional as well as mental stimulation.

1) The first things that the fellow Cancer wants in her life would be to have the perfect husband.

Cancer women need a man to make them feel stronger about themselves. You see, these women are strong on their own but by adding a man to support them, it adds for the feeling of uniqueness and such. Cancer is the sign of the crab and these women desperately need to be saved. They are almost broken on the inside without that fellow husband by their side at all times. It gives them more meaning to life at the end of the day.

2) The second thing that the fellow female Cancer wants in her life would be to have a family and home.

These people are born to be mothers and to raise a family. They are great with those types of details and can easily get along with maintaining a household clean and perfect. For the fellow Cancer women, they essentially need that homey feeling at the end of the day.

In addition, they often times get their homes decorated and could win some prizes for their immense creativity. That being said, the Cancer women also enjoy getting all dolled up in their unique fashion sense, which may consist of feathers, red colors, and plaid shirts that are over-sized.

They want to feel comfortable in their own skin and as soon as they realize that they are meant to have a family to take care of, this will make them be strong and fulfilled too!

3) The third thing that the female Cancer wants in her life would be a role for her to sink her teeth into.

Whether that could be work or family, this lady has a desire to create something beautiful and serene. In addition, Cancer women are known to be highly emotional and sensitive. Thus, this water sign represents a smooth yet tremendously sensitive soul.

This woman also wants to have her own space so that she can freely express herself without every feeling pressure from someone.

The Cancer woman ultimately needs that support for herself through her life experiences. She has to be able to stand on her own two feet to realize how strong she is on her own before becoming part of a partnership at the end of the day. As soon as she does do this, her world will be opened and she will experience a whole plethora of ideas!

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