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Taurus Cartoon Character

Cathy CartoonCathy resembles the Taurus person in that they can both be self-affirming and self- defeating at the same time. Day-in and day-out a Taurus person does the same thing time after time.

Repetition and patience are two of the keys to the Taurus personality, and just as Cathy tries to improve those around her with her knowledge of what they should be saying or doing in their own lives, Taurus will do the same.

Don’t upset them, though! Like Cathy, those born under the Sign of Taurus have a tendency to be very stubborn. They will dig in for the long haul if they think they are right. While Taurus and Cathy both are constantly looking at themselves to see where or what they can improve, they will work hard at everything, even to the point of imminent self-destruction.

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