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Taurus psychological profile

Taurus is involved in a dynamic which has to do with the embodiment of life-force in physical form. For this reason, Taurus has a special involvement with the material realm – especially its lovely or luxurious regions. As if she was raised in a garden of earthly delights, Taurus is sensitive to the way in which human sense-perception interacts with the world. Shapes, colors, textures, fragrances, and tastes populate Taurus’ universe, and beauty is her life-breath. Without it, Taurus is trapped in a grey and joyless existence.

An Earth sign, Taurus approaches the world with patience and practicality – once she gets out of bed! Known for her love of delicious relaxation, Taurus prefers not to be rushed or hurried through life, but to approach it with the leisure of an artist or aesthete. Once motivated, however, Taurus can work magic. Her “green thumb” may be employed not only to grow gardens, but to make money as well. There will be a specially charged relationship with wealth or the lack of it, for Taurus, since she prefers to stabilize herself comfortably in the material world.

Deeper issues for Taurus may involve the inner necessity to determine and respect her own values. Others may criticize Taurus for being materialistic, stubborn, or self-indulgent. Spiritual teachings on the themes of desire and attachment are helpful for Taurus, as she struggles to understand her powerful relationship to that which is beautiful or sensual. Adverse relationships with food, sexuality, credit cards, or laziness can signal that Taurus has gone overboard in her quest to master the material world. She’ll be happiest if she can find the artist, gardener, or parent within herself, combining discipline and insight with her special understanding of how life-force incarnates in the world of forms.

Sometimes-paradoxical questions which will be important to Taurus’ long-term development are:

  • “How can I enjoy and work with beauty without being dominated by attachment to it?”
  • “How can I transcend the physical, in order to deepen my knowledge of the world?”
  • “How can I build a healthy relationship with my own power, yet remain flexible and open-minded?”

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