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The Astrological Significance Of Death

The Astrological Significance Of Death

The Astrological Significance Of Death

death astrologyIt seems that a major issue is whether your life is yours to squander. Do you have a right to end it?

Judeo-Christian principles say you cannot do this without jeopardizing your very soul.

Other religious views seem to support this, albeit in different ways.

The Metaphysical view seems to be that if you take your life you will have to come back and face again what the problem is that you are so desperately trying to get away from! So it comes down to a question of, “Isn’t this so difficult that I would prefer NOT to do it again?”

And many people have commented that it seems like so many more people are dying now. Are there really that many more people dying now, or is that just an impression we are having? It does seem so, though, doesn’t it?

My Mother used to tell me that this would be my view as I got older. And I am sure she has a point. However, young people are also commenting about their contemporaries dying off. My thoughts are that they simply are not equipped for the difficulties of this Modern Age – this time of transition – this time of moving into the 21st Century. This is a point and time in histories that is not fit for sissies!

plutoIn Astrology, Death is an 8th House issue, which is ruled by Pluto. It is a Scopio issue. As I have pondered this over the past few weeks, I have remembered as well that this same Pluto and 8th House and Scorpio has to do with Sex, Goods of the Dead, and Life itself. Birth is an 8th House Issue.

When one ruminates upon this, it is easy to see that these things are all connected. There can be no birth without Sex. There can be no Death without Life itself. But isn’t Death as much a part of Life as breathing itself? Is it not a continuum?

Death a loving and caring event?

Saved by the LightOne of the books which has become very popular and which I hear everyone talking about is, “Saved by the Light”, by Dannion Brinkley.

In this book as well as it’s sequel, Brinkley relates how in 1975 he was electrocuted and pronounced dead. He “awoke” 28 minutes later to find himself in the morgue. But those 28 minutes had been most revealing in that he entered a “cathedral of knowledge”, wherein thirteen angels shared with him 117 revelations, 95 of which have already happened. They later told him that he was sent back to Earth to help people make the transition from Life to Death more easily.

Our culture has treated Death as too much of a crisis, rather than understanding that Death is actually the birth of a new and different journey. We simply change form. Our souls and spirits remain with us always. We have simply come to the Little Red Schoolhouse called Earth to learn some things so that we can proceed on our exciting journey – wherever that might be!

Brinkley proposes that love and happiness be used to make the act of Death a loving and caring event, rather than the crisis that it is. He explains that on the “other side” is beauty and contentment, and that this is not to be feared. He urges us to get our spiritual lives in order, and that part of that finding order is realizing there is nothing to be afraid of on the other side.

Many people have come back from death or near-death experiences and all give glowing accounts of “the light” and the joy they experienced. Their lives, without exception, are drastically changed, as they finally learn to appreciate life more now that they have experienced death.

What has this got to do with Astrology you might ask?

Well, It seems to me that the reason that Death has become so much on the agenda is that LIFE has become an even greater subject. It is, after all, Spring. It is the time when Persephone emerges from her underworld home. Persephone, you will recall, is from Greek mythology. She was the daughter of Demeter and Zeus. She was ultimately wed to Pluto, God of the Underworld. In a “bargain” with Zeus, she was allowed to spend only six months in Hades with Pluto, and to spend the other six months above. Her six months above is said to be why we have Spring and Summer.

We see birth everywhere this time of year. We see animals with their young, foliage blossoming, and there even seems to be more babies born of late! Isn’t this a memory from our psyche telling us what we need to come to grips with? That this is but a cycle? One part of your life changes shape and dissolves and another part of your life opens. It is part of this wheel called Life. We have been taught to fear “the end”, but clearly all we are fearing is a new beginning!

Journey of SoulsIn “Journey of Souls”, by Michael Newton, Ph.D., twenty-nine of his patients relate their journeys on the other side while in deep hypnosis. They tell of their journey and how it feels to die; what one sees and feels right after death; spiritual guides; what happens to “disturbed” souls; why you are assigned to certain soul groups in the spirit world and what you do there; how you choose another body to return to earth; different levels of souls (beginning, intermediate and advanced); when and where you first learn to recognize soul mates on earth, and the purpose of life and manifestations of a “creator”. These are case studies of life between lives, and it points up that our choices and our journey doesn’t end with “Death” itself.

The Horoscope represents this Life Cycle. It is a Wheel, and of course it is circular. Through Astrology we can learn that we need not fear these Earthly matters. It is what we do with our souls that is important. We need to learn that what we acquire we take with us and keep forever. Knowledge never leaves us. Have you noticed that you do some things very easily and “learned” to do them very quickly, while other things you seem to be a dunce about? Don’t you think that probably you learned the skill in a previous life and there is but a thin veil between you and the previously learned act?

The Horoscope is our Map. It tells us how to get to where we want to go and how to get there this lifetime. If we will but heed the road signs along the way, we will arrive safely and on time. Of course, being human, and not well schooled in spiritual matters, it seems, we tend to take detours and we question the Universe’s Wisdom. It would be so much easier if we could ever arrive at that state we aspire to: “Let Go, and Let God!” But that is something hard for each of us to do.

As an astrologer, I have cast thousands of charts in my professional practice. And what are these charts? Why, they are BIRTH Charts, of course. We call them “natal” charts. They are cast for the exact date, time and place of the person’s birth and this Life Chart shows the highway for that individual.

In the last few years I have also started casting “Death Charts“. I prefer to call them “Bon Voyage” Charts. These charts are of great benefit and enlightenment for the survivors. Invariably there will be a “message” that comes to light. It is we who survive that feel the pain – not those who pass to the Light.

What is so incredible is that a Horoscope CONTINUES after one dies. Transits continue as do progressions and everything else. Once you realize that the Chart itself continues, it then becomes easier to understand that our souls also continue their paths. They don’t stop – they continue!

This can be seen clearly in the charts of celebrities. Their charts become VERY active when they get in the news again. Examples are those charts of Marilyn Monroe, JFK and of course recently – Jackie! Her chart was literally doing cartwheels as the auction proceeded!

When one casts a “Bon Voyage” Chart, using the exact time, date and place of Death, it is easy to see where the soul is heading and what they will be doing there. This is, after all, the “birth” chart of the new life – the new passage! When my Aunt died a few years ago, I did one of these charts for my Mother. It comforted her greatly to know that her dearly loved sister was in transit to a new place of joy! The chart was a HAPPY chart, just as my Aunt had been. It seems that her wonderful sense of humor and joyous and loving way would be proceeding with her into some new and exciting adventure. And, she would teach, as she always had. With this understanding, it became easier for my Mother to deal with her sister’s Death. She didn’t seem quite so far away.

And in fact, souls who die seldom are far away. They stay around us as long as we need them. And they are always available for loved ones years later. Their mission is to help us deal with their loss and this they try to do by giving us greater understanding and strength and independence. If we but listen – we will know. They try to impart to us that the “other side” is not bad – it is not to be feared. It is but a new leg of an exciting and interesting journey!

Clearly, the astrological signifiers are pointing to some interesting and important lessons for us. We are being told not to fear what is but another part of our existence. It is, as a dear friend often says, just like going to New York City. You may stop in California, or you may spend the night in St. Louis. But you’re going to go to New York City, so it might be best that you have your bags packed for the event!

Have a Happy Spring and honor this part of your journey and know that when you face that act of “dying”, that you are doing nothing more than making a transition from one form to another. What some refer to as the “end” will be a “new” and fascinating existence for you! It will be a new beginning! Remember that you chose your life’s goals for a reason; don’t think of them as burdens, but as opportunities to prepare you better in the next metamorphosis. The act of dying is a graduation from this Little Red Schoolhouse! It means you are now qualified for a higher evolutionary journey! You will be joining Persephone, for a SPRINGTIME in another place and time!

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