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How Astrologers View Love

What is love? Traditionally understanding Venus, Moon and the 5th and 7th houses of romance and marriage are the keys to understand love in the zodiac. But what can be as important are the logic and principles that are inherent in the science of the stars. Find out how astrologers view love.

Love, Soulful Relationships And The Stars

In astrology everything is a force. Love, in this case is the force of attraction. When there is attraction what follows is union. This can be similar to the action of the astrological aspect called “conjunction.” Two beings will start as getting ttracted to each other, but the force between them can be so strong that eventually there will be a union of ideas, of emotions, of bodies and ultimately of the soul.

Two beings in deep contact joined by the force of love can produce something new, in most cases a child is the result but what is often overlooked is the fact that a transformed being is always born or released out of the same process. The medieval mystics had a beautiful term for this – “alchemical marriage.”

The alchemists sought to transform base and impure metal into precious gold. Love can be that powerful, it can even transform a sinner into saint. A transformative relationship is an ideal and this can be an exception to the usual occurrence in our modern society, though this is not an impossibility. We commonly see broken homes plagued by generation gap, sibling rivalries and marital infidelities.

The next most important question now is — What causes “love” to fail? The answer to this question lies on the concept of relationship.


Evolution is at the very core of astrology and within this concept do astrologers study the function of love. Astrology itself is about relationship as it is based upon the relative positions of the planets in relation to the backdraft of the fixed the stars that dot the sky in a definite pattern.

The inability to understand the interplay between the planetary forces within a person’s character and life is what causes the intricacy of life and most of the time what causes relationships to fail. In doomed relationships “love” does not function properly. As the word imply, in relationship, there must be an interaction between two poles.

A woman and her partner must be able to relate to each other in a deep manner in order for the force of love to come out. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen all the time despite the feeling of being in love.

Feeling in love and the resultant romantic idealization is just the start. Love as force can either grow or die if it is not nurtured. Love grows fast and pure when it is devoid of or separated from other urges. Love has often been tainted and most of the time imprisoned by the compulsion to fulfill other needs, desires and urges. Excessive sexual desire, or emotional needs, psychological complexes or fixed mental modes of thinking can stop the flow of real love.

And when the force of love does not flow, the destructive forces come into play. Lovers may still be together but if the mind, the emotions, the body and the soul are no longer in complete harmony, conflicts and fights will be the result. Lovers may turn unfaithful, marriage partners may produce an unwanted child who may grow up to be harboring deep resentments to the parents and worse individuals may cease to grow as a person and stagnate.


Our major task in relationship is to understand the causes that limit the flow of love and to break free from it. Love fail when we become imprisoned in the disharmony of our conflicting selves or persona. Love fail when we try to make our partner to fit into our own expectations and mind-set.

Love fail when we try to put a cage into the relationship. Love fail when we try to define it by the letter of the law and when we try to measure it in terms of rewards. More importantly the power of love cease to flow when there is hatred due to lack of understanding of ourselves and of other people due to ignorance of human nature.

Astrology is based on the premise that each planet governs a particular human constitution: Sun is related to the personality or individuality; Moon is to the emotions; Mercury is connected with the mind and the way we communicate; Venus is about the love nature and how we express it; Mars is about our drive, will and physical energy.

Other heavenly bodies aside from these inner planets are likewise given a rulership over other human affairs or constitution. The asteroids and even black holes are also being used. The angular distance between these heavenly bodies produce a web of influence that will highlight certain character traits that can be unique to each person.

What all of these imply is that man is complex by nature. Understanding the complexity of another human being can be hastened by following astrological logic.

What is generally obvious with a person is the sun sign only. We all associate outgoing nature and the active principle to the fire signs. In particular, valor with Sun in Aries, nobility with Sun in Leo and the free spirit to Sun in Sagittarius. But there are other planets that function in a subtle manner that it can only be seen under certain circumstances such as when the two partners are alone in one house.

Moon, in particular is connected with the subconscious urges of a person, which can be totally different from the dominant traits of the sun sign. The masculine energy of the fire signs can be dampened by a strong lunar influence such as a Moon in Pisces, which can make a person too sensitive or even shy, Moon in Cancer, which can be too emotional, and Moon in Scorpio, which can be too secretive.

If we can all accept that every individual has other planets in different signs, we won’t be surprised at the changes in personality once the social niceties and mores are out from view. We can even consciously seek to know a person better instead of fuming over unexpected behavior. We have seen marriages crumble because of dormant personalities that came out only after the marriage.

The simple zodiac sign compatibility can help but it will not suffice. Though the sign compatibility is a building block to planetary relationships and can be used as a general guide to human relationships.

Our views about a person and life in general need to be aligned to the facts of nature revealed in the stars. Psychologists in the tradition of Freud and Jung have uncovered the truth of the hidden side of our personality. Accordingly, we have different persona or masks that we wear in our dealings with the different people involved in our life. These personas are the same planetary and sign emphasis in the horoscope chart.

We relate in different and sometimes conflicting manner with those who are at work and with those who are at home. Instead of being negatively affected, it is everyone’s task to help the partner integrate the conflicting personas. We can only do so when we open up our mind and align ourselves with the principle that life is in constant movement.

There is always change and couples need to change together. Another reason for the break up is the incompatibilities of character that results from the changes in each other’s lives as they move on through time. A partner may overcome one personality barrier but the other may develop another one that can be contradictory.

We are often trapped in the personalities at work. But as some mystical traditions insist, “we are not our body, we are not our emotions, we are not our mind” these are the faculties that we use for the evolution as a soul.

Astrology believes the same thing that we are here to bring out the best of us and to come into terms and to balance the negative side of our personality to unmask and to understand our persona. Love manifesting through our partner ensure that we all will reach our goal – which is perfection of the soul.

by Rest. H. Santiago
Reprinted from Woman Today

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