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Everyone wants more prosperity, wealth and abundance in their lives.

What if you knew how to approach and understand the unconscious contract you hold in regard to money and prosperity? Your astrological chart has two specific areas that describe your motivations and unconscious relationships with the money and resources of self and others.

What is Prosperity?

The root meaning of the word prosperity is – Hope. Words that are associated with hope are: expectancy, longing and optimism. Prosperity is about looking for “prospects” – (people or things that are going to pay you). Prospects differ with each job or profession.

For a business owner a prospect is the person that walks through their front door. For a healer, it is the next man or woman who needs help. For an aspiring Artist, a prospect is their next dance step or new sentence in the paragraph of their book. Essentially your are “hoping” things come to you. You are expecting to receive.

Payment comes in different ways to different people. How you are paid is determined by what you expect to receive and what you hope or long for. It is different for everyone.

Hope, expectancy, longing and optimism, these are all words that have to do with feelings. Feelings play a big part of our process with prosperity. What do you hope to receive this Holiday Season as well as for the New Millennium?

How can Astrology Help?

The first indicator in our Astrological Chart of how we feel about prosperity is the planetary body – the MOON. Did you know that the root origin for the word Money is MOON? The Moon has always been associated with the subconscious feminine, our feelings and our emotional bodies. The Moon actually receives the light of the SUN.

The Moon shows our unconscious need for security, nourishment and survival. These needs were supplied and began with Mom. Therefore, the placement of the Moon in our chart also shows the unique relationship we have with our Mothers.

Our first lessons on how we give and receive come from our mothers. The relationship we have with Mom indicates how we unconsciously accept and receive money into our lives.

Money requires a tremendous amount of responsibility. Responsibility is “the ability to respond.” Our responses come from how we feel. Our physical bodies are connected directly to our emotional bodies. When we feel something, we move on it. Advertisers know this. They gear their ads to how we might feel about something. Using phrases like “cashmere me,” and “BMW will make you feel younger.”

Another financial indicator in our chart is the planetary body Venus. Venus shows our connection to pleasure, comfort, balance and love. It is the planetary body that shows us how we want to be loved and how we want to love others.

The placement of Venus in our charts shows what we love and care about. It verifies how we will feel balance in our lives. Bombarded with advertising and the constant desire for love, we could forget the deeper understanding of Venus in our charts.

What does an Astrological Chart Indicate About our Values?

An Astrological chart is divided into 12 different segments. Each segment corresponds to an area of our lives. Example: personality, home & family, relationship, career, etc.

Two of these segments are devoted entirely to your money and prosperity.

  • The 2nd house of your chart addresses the questions, “What do I want out of life?” “What do I value?” “What is the key to my prosperity?” “What do I tend to spend money on?”
  • The 8th house of your chart is related to shared resources and the use of money in objective and public ways. It represents inheritance, taxes, insurance, wills and the financial support we receive from others. Alimony as well as family legacies are highlighted even if some of these assets are hidden from view. The 8th house also relates to our divine association with the secrets of money. “How do I utilize and view other people’s resources? ” “What is the mystery associated with other people’s money and resources?”

We can learn what has value & meaning in our lives by the planetary sign present at the beginning of the Second segment. This is what the Soul “intended” to learn. When we understand this placement we get connected to our souls.

An example:

The second segment ruler in my chart is Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the centaur. Half man and half horse. The archer. The seeker of the truth and freedom. I personally value my freedom. Last weekend, my father leaned over and looked at me and said, “You are really a free spirit aren’t you?” I just smiled.

How you use your money indicates what you truly want and value in life. It shows you what is important. It helps you to understand why you acquire the things and experiences you have in your life. In looking at a persons Astrological Chart we can understand what a person values.

What does it profit a man
who gains the entire world
and in the process loses his soul?

Our Souls Journey

Look around you, and look at your life. Does it express what you value? Our present surroundings show us “what we have focused on.” Working with prosperity requires that you look at your values and reevaluate them. This prepares you for what you really want to receive. When we change what we value, we change what we are getting ready to receive.

I hope this has given you an idea about prosperity. It is an attitude and a feeling. Prosperity is directly aligned to hope. Hope is about what you long for and expect. Ultimately it is about your feelings. It is about understanding your feelings. Allow yourself to understand your feelings. It is not a mystery, but a story that we feel and tell ourselves every day.

Until then, love your feminine, and your mother. Most of all nurture your feelings about prosperity. You hold the key to your prosperity in what you feel.

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