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In and Out of One’s Element

The late Richard Idemon gave the following method for creating a “rough draft” by which to extract the minimum, essential information from the chart.


It is an accounting or point system. Simply stated, each planet is assigned one point, except the sun, moon and ascendant ruler; each of these is assigned two points for a total of thirteen points. Cancer and Leo ascendants, of course, have three points assigned to the moon or the sun as those are the respective ascendant rulers of those two signs.

The dominant and inferior functions in a chart indicate where the most energy is collected and where there is the least or none at all.

One’s dominant function is where one feels most natural and comfortable, most at home. Because it is easy and natural, it may or may not be a source of any great motivation.

The inferior function comes into play when one is under stress, when one has to cope, when one feels out of one’s element. The inferior function can be a source of great motivation and creative expression. It is often like the irritating grain of sand that causes the oyster, in time, to produce a valuable pearl.

(from Buckwalter: The Hidden Form (c) 1995)

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