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Treasures from the Reading Room

Treasures from the Reading Room

*Natal South Node in the same sign as the Ascendant and simultaneously in a water sign will suggest noise sensitivity, and introversion. This is especially marked if in Cancer.

*If you are married, a transiting Jupiter through your 7th house may actually act as a malefic, and not as the benefic he’s promised to be! (Remember Zeus and his love affairs?). The traditional “opportunities to marry”, so useful if single, translates as potential affairs if you are already married.

*Natal Mars in a water sign in the 1st, 6th or 8th houses; and sometimes too the 2nd and 10th; is a strong testimony for medical ability.

*Natal Uranus closely conjunct the MC or NDR, and/or conjunct either lunar node predisposes toward electrocution. Also watch transits of Uranus over natal NDR, MC or either node. (Gleaned from study of five electrocutions).

*South Node Ascending, or 12th house in earth and water signs testifies to a fascination with the past.

*Problem solvers, engineers, and prominent practitioners of horary astrology often have an abundance of close quincunxes – 150 degree aspects in their charts. A quincunx reflects a conundrum and lends itself towards an ability to solve conundrums!

*If his his Mars is conjunct her Venus, you have chemistry! Vice versa too.

*Flight attendants need lots of mutable signs in their charts to tolerate constant time zone and latitude changes. Triple mutable is typical of life time flight attendants.

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