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Best Travel Destinations for Sagittarius

Best Travel Destinations for Sagittarius

Sagittarians have to visit exotic destinations and experience a variety of cultures. When a “Sag” travels, they are not only looking for adventure, but also to learn something new.

Some of the best travel destinations for Sagittarians would include, YellowStone National Park and the Grand Canyon, as it encapsulates their love of nature.

Curiosity, about the people and the culture will draw the Archer to visit the Philippines. This country is blessed with talented people that make magnificent hand-made structures, and the environment is just spectacular. The beaches are filled with clean, white powdery sand that are a luxury to lie on to get a tropical tan. For the sports enthusiasts there is golfing, snorkeling, surfing, kayaking and hiking available.

Sags may or may not be religious people, but they would love to walk the same path that prophets, leaders and others from biblical times followed. Besides viewing the amazing architecture in Egypt, Israel and Petra, they would use their minds to step back in time, and try to relate to how they lived. Also, they would delight in a dip in the Dead Sea.

Tanzania is another great travel destination that Sagittarians would love. They can witness the traditional sport of non-kill bull fighting or see the migration of the wildebeest from a hot air balloon.

If big game fishing is your thing, Tanzania is the place to catch marlin, barracuda and sharks.

A stroll through the Mwenge Carvers Market will delight every Sagittarius, as they walk among the talented people displaying their handmade wares, including Makonde wood carvings and carvings from ebony.

The National Museum and House of Culture will offer all the background and history about the culture, to satisfy even the most curious of Sagittarians. The peacocks roam freely among the Botanical gardens located nearby.

Although Sagittarians are not scheduled individuals, a safari in Tanzania is a must do. A first hand sighting of buffalo, lions, leopards, elephants and rhino (which are considered to be the “big five”) are almost guaranteed. During the months of November through May, the wildebeest migrate.

Scuba-diving is amazing in Tanzania, because the water is clear, and you will have no trouble viewing the brightly technicolored fish and the natural coral. The chances are good you may also run into a manta ray, a turtle and even a shark.

Tour the “Spice” plantation and the Stone Town, and save some time to see traditional dances at the Sukuma Museum.

Sagittarius are last minute, spontaneous individuals that don’t need (and usually won’t follow) a rigid schedule, which is one of the reasons they choose to travel alone. They appreciate places that stimulate all their senses and emotions.

For a Sagittarian, the traveling experience is just as important as the destination – for example, when given the choice, they would choose the slowest form of transportation (a boat rather than a plane or train).

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