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Sagittarius Tattoo Designs Ideas

Sagittarius Tattoo Designs Ideas

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign represented by an archer and a centaur, which means an ancient creature, made of half man and half animal with a bow and arrow.

Sagittarius Tattoos Immortalize your Aspirations

The Greek tale associated to Sagittarius can be traced back from the story of Cheroin, the Centaur’s king. In the middle of a battle, Hercules wounded Cheroin through the use of a poisonous arrow that wounded him but failed to bring him to death because he was an immortal. Though alive, Cheroin received different harm through perpetual misery and suffering. To ease his pain, Zeus turned him into a constellation, which made him rose in the sky for all eternal.

Your Sagittarius tattoo can be custom designed based on the fascinating tale about Cheroin. Other significant characteristics of Sagittarius that you can include in your sagittarius tattoo design, is its selflessness, which seek equality and impartiality to all people even with money manners. You can represent your kindness and devotion for other people through a zodiac tattoo that illustrates the good traits of a Sagittarian. Furthermore, if you are outgoing, you can have your sagittarius tattoo zodiac tattoo inked as if it was running.

More and more people appreciate the great art offered by the Sagittarius tattoos, which allows you to interpret it in variety of ways as you deem proper. Since your birthday is near the Christmas season, you can get your early Christmas gift by sporting a new Sagittarius tattoo that promotes your life convictions and beliefs. You are a seeker by nature, which makes it enjoyable for you to search for beautiful sagittarius tattoo ideas that you can incorporate in your body art. Sagittarius Tattoo holds excellent designs.

Sagittarius tattoos are not only limited for Sagittarians:

Since Sagittarius tattoo can stand for other people’s personality who find interest in unusual creatures. You can also find what you are looking for, with the glyph for Sagittarius that celebrates the life of an archer because its symbol delineates an arrow that has tips positioned to the upper right crisscrossed by a horizontal line near the base. The Sagittarius being a fire element can also be incorporated in the glyph by putting strikes of flames.

More Sagittarius Tattoo Designs

The Centaur comes from Greek mythology and symbolizes that the Sagittarius has both the poise and wisdom of humans, but also the wild untamable qualities of an animal. Getting a tattoo of a centaur will work both as way to represent the symbol for this astrological sign but also as the fact that each Sagittarius has a dual nature; two sides to their inner self. To personalize this tattoo to the individual’s taste, their favorite animal can be chosen and linked to an idealized image of themselves.

Sagittarians are optimistic, fun loving, adventure seekers, with a thirst for knowledge and truth. They are not the type to sit still in one place, in fact they love to travel to any corner of the earth and discover different people and cultures. A tattoo of a globe but in a heart shape represents the fact that they love to travel around the worlds and there is no place they won’t go.

Getting a pair of wings tattooed on their back symbolizes their desire to up and fly away at a moments notice to a faraway destination or even an out of town tryst. Winged beings could also be used to achieve this statement. For instance a bird, a butterfly, a fairy or an angel even.

Their cheery optimism is known to all those around them and as such a smiley face tattoo is a simple and cute way for those born under this sign exemplify their inner joyfulness.

The phrase “Freedom is Happiness” sums up the key to life for these fun loving fire sign people. They can’t stand restrictions, whether physical, or emotional when imposed by anyone even those closest to them. They long for a sense of freedom and truly can’t be tamed by those who try to restrict them. This quote can be written in a foreign language picked up on one of the many journeys the typical Sagittarius has had in their life.

Blue and purple are the lucky colors typically associated with this sign, and if chosen they can be added to the quote.

On the other hand their lucky gem is the Turquoise. This gem can be sketched for good luck or the greenish blue of turquoise can be incorporated to any number of tattoo ideas.

Since Sagittarius belongs to the fire sign category of the zodiac, fire, flames, a candle or any other sort fiery symbol is an option. The flame can be sizzling, large and burning brightly or a dim light depending on how the individual Sag identifies with their inner fire.

The glyph symbol for this sign looks like an arrow pointing to the right, it is a popular choice and can be made either small or large, on its own or as a part of any other tattoo chosen. Tatting the glyph with flames below it, will incorporate two aspects of this sign into one tattoo.

Get your body inked and immortalize your dreams through a zodiac Sagittarius tattoo that corresponds to your exceptional persona.

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