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Rising Signs

Have you ever read your horoscope in a newspaper or magazine and thought, “this does not even sound like me?” Or felt as if there were entire aspects of your personality which never appeared in your horoscope at all?

Chances are you haven’t explored your ascendant or rising sign. The constellation which was on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth represents an essential part of your personality. In fact, a natal chart cannot be done without this vital piece of information. Truly, the rising sign position is the point at which a natal chart begins. (There is also a rising sign position in Chinese Astrology).

The ascendant has been referred to as a “mask” or an “outer facade.” It is the you the world sees and the impression that you first make with folks. And it is more. In terms of energy, the ascendant represents an individual’s conductivity or resistance in the way one’s life force flows through the person and out into the world. In other words, the Sun sign represents voltage, the moon is amperage or rate of energy flow and the ascendant finally represents how that force is manifested in the world. The ascendant modifies the expression of the solar energy. Our rising sign is key to understanding our entire selves.

There are various components to the ascendant which directly influence its nature. As mentioned in the section explaining the system of western astrology, every sign has an element as well as a ruling planet. If one is Capricorn rising for instance, the ascendant is an earth sign ruled by Saturn. The planet that rules the sign of the ascendant is known as the “ruler of the chart” because of its importance. The Ascendant sign and house position colors one’s entire approach to life.

An individual with Capricorn on the Ascendant, for instance, is heavily influenced by Saturn – a planet of discipline and practicality, patience and stability. These individuals most likely display these characteristics to the outside world.

However, depending on the position of the Sun (and the other personal planets) they may or may not display those qualities around people they’re close to, or when their guard is down. In fact, if the relationship between the sun and ascendant is a strained one, there can be plenty of inner conflict. If the aspect is harmonious, there is a solid sense of self. No matter the aspect, the positions of the sun, ascendant and the moon combine to create a unique chart and therefore a unique you.

Let’s explore a few combinations

Leo sun with Gemini rising.

Leo is ruled by the sun and Gemini is ruled by Mercury. That gives us fire for Leo and air for Gemini. In the laws of nature, that is a productive combination. With Gemini rising, speedy Mercury is the ruler of the chart, a very important factor. Leo the Lion demands recognition and respect. A Leo sun is a force to be reckoned with, no soft-spoken speakers here; yet a playfulness and definite sense of drama exists as well. Of course there is that lion’s pride as well as a radiant warmth of loyalty and vitalization.

We always have to keep in mind that every energy can be expressed positively and negatively. . . it is simply the way of the earth.

Leo’s sun energy has its downfalls. Sometimes their desire for respect turns to arrogance and their need to be special, excessive. These are, of course, general characteristics of Leo. But if we consider the combination of Leo sun with Gemini rising – the expression of that Leo energy is definitely enhanced. The air of Gemini allows for a fairly easy flow of the Leo fire. Gemini rising encourages curiosity, talkativeness and friendliness. Mercury is associated with how one thinks and communicates. It follows that with Mercury as the “ruler of the chart,” there is a definite desire to communicate with others. This drive compliments the Leo desire for attention.

Overall, the energy of this combination makes for a somewhat lighthearted energy. Depending on other aspects in the chart, there may not be much grounding or sense of responsibility, but there is ambition and a strong desire for achievement; however, the path chosen to reach those goals may not be the most sensible.

We can see from these examples that the ascendant plays a major role in our personalities. If you have found yourself unsatisfied with daily Sun horoscopes, find out your ascendant and begin exploring it. It will open your eyes to aspects of yourself which perhaps were unexplainable to you before. Be cognizant of the ruling planet as well as the element, for these provide revealing clues to your nature.

Remember, there are many paths to take when seeking knowledge of self, Western Astrology is just one.

Deeper Implications of the Rising Sun

Many astrologers today are becoming increasingly aware that the stars influence people at the soul level as well as at the ego or personality level of being. Western astrology traditionally has taken the more widely used ego-personality approach. The western natal chart symbolically depicts the personality’s responses to planetary influences at birth. Furthermore it depicts the influences of transiting planets over the natal chart during the course of a lifetime. Some schools of eastern astrology depict the person’s responses to planetary positions based on the self’s strong connections to patterns already imbedded in the soul. These soul patterns, though less obvious than in eastern horoscopes, are discernible in the tropical or western natal chart.

In the tropical or western chart, the ascending sign should be examined from the soul level. From this perspective one begins to understand that the ascendant is like a mask, protecting an inner sensitive life lesson associated with each sign. The lessons involve integrating a par¬ticular virtue or virtues into our consciousness so that it becomes a part of our every day experience. We may be completely unaware of this internal process. The integration of these lessons takes a great deal of work and patience. It may involve encountering a variety of different life experiences before they become completely assimilated. If a chart has many planets in one sign the individual is also learning the lesson of that sign as well. In some cases a stellium of planets in one sign or one house may represent a more urgent need for an individual to ascertain and work out complex problems associated with that sign or house.

It is my intention here to reveal some of the LESSONS of each of the twelve signs as they appear on the ascendant. I also want to point out how the RULING PLANET of each rising sign plays a major role in determining how an individual will fare when attempting to learn these lessons.

There is no doubt that, in addition to influencing life lessons, the ascendant rules, in part, over the appearance of the physical body. On an exterior level the ascendant has rulership over everything that man reveals to the world. Each of the twelve astrological signs, when examined on the first house cusp, displays not only their own unique body structure, but also carriage, body language, and manner of dress. The ascendant is our physical projection to the outer world, but also what we desire to reveal about ourselves to the public. It is a state of conscious¬ness that is immediately apparent.

From a psychological standpoint, the ascendant would symbolize the persona, a projected image of the inner self. In order to protect the inner self from the real world, the persona projects a veil-like exterior. It reveals to the public only that which it feels will satisfy the demand of an insensitive world. The ascendant is ruled in the natural chart by the sign of Aries. The ascendant, like Aries, symbolizes that part of ourselves that greets the world with enthusiasm and a hopeful spirit. This is generally true regardless of what sign is on the ascendant. When a person encounters an unfamiliar situation for the first time the persona immediately shields the true inner self from any potential harm. More often that not the persona reacts to challenges from a defensive standpoint. Each of the twelve signs as they appear on the ascendant carry with them their own set of built-in defense mechanisms. For example even a strong sign like Aries feels the need to protect the self by confronting those who would challenge their position.

These defense mechanisms are apparent when examining the nature and lessons of each ascending sign engaging the world around them. Every human being, whether they are aware of it or not, is assimilating the lessons of their particular rising sign. The lessons are important because they point toward a more positive way of reacting to the pressures and challenges society has to offer. As the lessons are being integrated with the sign’s nature, the persona begins to respond more and more from a position of strength and control. It is important to note that the lessons are ascertained and endeavored toward at a deeper intuitive or soul level of our being. During moments of peacefulness and mental serenity, such as the state of mind achieved with medi¬tation, the individual can attain awareness and insight into the understanding of the lessons. Upon awakening in the morning the intuitive mind can convey awareness of these lessons as well.

The Aries Rising Lesson

Because Aries are born leaders and self-starters the keyword for them is INITIATIVE. They are good at beginning new projects, but hardly ever have the patience to stay with anything for very long. Their lack of patience is not a result of weak character, but more a result of extreme restlessness. The lesson here is self-control or poise. The Aries ascendant has to learn to continue with something long enough to see it through, to nurture it with steadiness of purpose and composure.

Far too often this sign feels an urgent need to move on from the things they have started long before they see it take root, blossom and grow. Part of the problem may be that they have such a tremendous initial burst of energy and passion that they feel depleted shortly after they get started. They then rest just long enough to realize that they no longer have any interest in what they started in the first place. It’s not long before they become fascinated by something new that catches their interest and the pattern is once again repeated. They require the slow and steadying influence of their neighbor sign of Taurus.

If they can learn to stay tranquil long enough, deep and slow breathing everyday in meditation and often during their daily routine will help to calm their natural anxiety. Integrating the lesson of poise with their natural initiative can help the Aries personality become the embodiment of the virtue of FAITH.

The Taurus Rising Lesson

Taurus is considered to be one of the most DEPENDABLE signs of the zodiac. This sign on the ascendant exudes a quiet strength and endurance that needs to be led by others of good character. Materiality and beauty carry an allure for them that they can seldom ignore. Once having attached themselves to things or people they stubbornly refuse to let go even if the material object or relationship has long since outlived its usefulness.

What Taurus is searching for is FLEXIBILITY in all matters concerning business and relationships. They need to explore their mind and imagination in order to discover that true values lie within themselves and not without. The greatest quality they can discover is giving and investiture. Through letting go and giving they can then receive. By appreciating and investing in the valuable resources within themselves and others they will truly possess human wealth beyond their wildest dreams.

More than anything else they need to see that their own, and the talents of others, is the true measure of worth. The real treasure house resides within the mind of man. If the Taurus rising energy persists in lusting after all that their senses experience then their calm demeanor becomes tortured by greed. Taurus needs to know what to do with all they possess. Visualizing when centered in meditation will aid them in their search for creative outlets. Once having integrated the lesson of flexibility with their natural dependability and endurance, the aware Taurus personality becomes the expressions of PATIENCE.

The Gemini Rising Lesson

The Gemini ascendant can be described as VERSATILE. Unlike the calm demeanor of Taurus, Gemini is always alert and nervous. Like Aries they can’t sit still for very long. Their minds are always going in many different directions at once. They have so many interests that it is difficult to FOCUS all their attention on any one of them for very long. They can quite easily detach themselves from all that surrounds them.

One might say that they have a disinterest in whatever fascinates them at the moment. This sign spends far too much time in their own heads. They need to observe the behavior of Cancers who know how to form an emotional bond. Information gathering is not enough. Developing an emotional connection to whatever attracts them will keep them on course toward success. Knowledge of the world around them has no significance if one lacks understanding of what one sees. Putting an emotional value on the knowledge they obtain gives meaning and significance to their lives. It is not that Geminis lack emotions and caring, it has more to do with ignoring their emotions in favor of their mental curiosity.

No other sign needs meditation to control their restless minds more than a Gemini. They should meditate often while visualizing their heart’s desire. Emotional understanding combined with a focused yet versatile mind produces a Gemini rising that embodies WISDOM.

The Cancer Rising Lesson

Cancer represents the sign of NURTURING. They step out into their world with open arms and an open heart because they need to be needed. This is where the trouble sometimes begins. Because of their indiscriminate love for everyone who will accept them, they easily get taken advantage of by users and clingers. If this pattern happens often enough then the once smiling, warm-hearted Cancer rising individual will become moody and suspicious. The key lesson for Cancers is SELF-RESPECT. All too often they will allow others to take advantage of their caring nature. They need to discern the difference between those individuals who truly need and appreciate them and those who merely use them and drain them of their psychic energy. A psychic drain is always a danger to their mental and physical health.

The deeper problem here is that Cancers tend to get into their roles as earth mothers to such a degree that they lose sight of who they are. If they treated themselves with the same regard as they treat others then people would show them more respect. They need to learn from their next door neighbor sign the Leos who have an abundance of self-love. Cancers are sometimes under the misconception that if they keep giving more and more then others will eventually return the love. This kind of behavior is not only naive, but allows others to continually take them for granted.

A person who has a chart with an abundance of Cancer energy belongs in the fields of psychology or social work. In these endeavors they will be appreciated for their undying care. Once they have learned to express their need to nurture, without losing their self-respect in the process, an evolved Cancer rising soul will possess and express the virtue of true DEVOTION.

The Leo Rising Lesson

Although Leo is one of the most GENEROUS of signs, they also demand a lot of loyalty in return. In fact, they attract others who admire and respect their proud and confident nature and feed their ego. The problem with the Leo pride is that it can at times degenerate into pompous and boastful behavior. If they do not possess the abilities or knowledge to back up their boasts they will appear foolish. It is then that they lose support of their loyal followers.

Humility is not a strong point of Leos. They must at times remove themselves from center stage and allow others to have their say. This will happen if they practice being more RESERVED. If they don’t check themselves from time to time self-pride will slip back into arrogance and vanity.

Of all the signs, Leos most of all like to have fun and enjoy themselves. They stimulate others along these same lines. This is their great gift to the world. At a deeper level Leos try to hid the fact that they can be lazy when it comes to working on self-development and perfecting the ego. This is where the sign after them can be of assistance. Virgos can help them to see that they need self-awareness and to develop work and self-help skills.

Leos need to study themselves, find their true worth through training, and practice service to mankind. Work and training require discipline. Too often the Leo energy would rather fool around and waste precious time and resources. Instead they should be training their powerful wills to create the kind of good this sign is capable of achieving. Once having learned to still the ego the Leo character will possess a quiet resolve that endures. Combine this quality with their natural generosity and Leos become the embodiment of CHARITY.

The Virgo Rising Lesson

The influence of Virgo on the first house cusp tends to be weakened by this sign’s introverted nature. No other sign of the zodiac, though, comes prepared like a Virgo. The keyword for them is STUDIOUS. They are constantly striving for perfection. Because perfection is impossible to achieve they are almost always frustrated with themselves and others. Anyone, including themselves, who is unwilling to give it their all is severely criticized. Virgos are learning to become more tolerant of a world that often lacks morality, an adequate work ethic, and practicality. They need to lighten up on themselves and others for the sake of their sensitive nervous system and overall health.

Generally the Virgo ascendant expects themselves and others to show up and do the job to the best of their ability. They also demand virtuous behavior in relationships. Sometimes the Virgo personality can carry their demands too far. Being overly critical has its risks especially when it comes to one’s health. They have to realize that they live in, and always will live in, an imperfect world. This can be a drain on their high-strung nervous system. They need to stop finding fault with existing conditions and look for and APPRECIATE the good in human nature.

The most suitable work for them would be in nursing, massage, physical therapy or occupational therapy. Appreciation of human suffering and helping others to regain good health will enable Virgos to overcome their own negativity and critical nature. Having the ability to be virtuous and hard-working is a gift. Combine this with the ability to realize the true worth of people, despite their faults and you have a personality that is the embodiment of PURITY.

The Libra Rising Lesson

Many born under the scales are known to have exceptional peace¬making abilities. Upon entering a heated debate their calming and soothing nature is effectively disarming. An unruffled and cool disposition is useful when observing two opposing sides in confrontation. This allows them to be IMPARTIAL when attempting to settle a dispute. In their own personal lives, though, indecisiveness can be unbearable unless someone close supports them in their decisions.

By nature Librans form close personal bonds with others. This is not always to their advantage. Life demands that they stand alone and firm when confronting problems. Divorce is a very difficult predicament for them to handle. After a break-up they seem to lose their bearings. Before they can move on they must deal with their bereavement. Coping with loneliness can be so unbearable for them that they usually seek the com¬pany of another partner to bond with as soon as possible.

It would be better for them to work on being more SELF-ASSURED during such times. Because their nature is so highly sociable it would suit them to take roles of leadership, such as a group facilitator or a host or hostess at a social event. This would teach them the strength of purpose they need. Many are inclined toward the study of law and the judicial system in order to utilize their abilities of fair play and to learn how to make firm decisions. For the Libran who is impartial yet self-assured adds up to a personality that is truly the embodiment of the virtue of JUSTICE.

The Scorpio Rising Lesson

The Scorpio ascendant has a very passionate nature. They tend to see everything as black or white with little or nothing in between. The key to their personality is their INTENSITY. This sign comes into this world with a lot of pain and hurt to overcome at some point in their lives. Whether they show it or not, this sign tends to be suspicious of everyone and everything. Aware that they are a sign of extremes and sensitivity they spend a great deal of time and energy avoiding relationships. Always requiring an absolute guarantee that they won’t be hurt on an emotional level, Scorpios oft times turn away from people altogether.

The challenge for Scorpions is that they allow unresolved issues to build inside of them until they reach the boiling point. They cannot let this happen or they run the risk of exploding in anger and sometimes violence. They need to deal with their anger in the present. The lesson for them is forgiveness and RELEASE. This isn’t easy because they tend to be always on the defensive, never letting down their guard. By judging others too harshly they provoke extreme negative reactions. If a battle ensues with others it can be so intense that neither side gives in. The karmic implications such behavior can be tragic. Letting go of being too judgmental of self and others is the key.

They are far too hard on themselves and they tend to be their own worst enemy. The stress that Scorpios can generate needs to be channeled into pursuits that involve physical activity, such as exercise, yoga, and work. Deep breathing from the heart center will aid in the self-healing process. The issue here is to release all their anger, hurt and pessimism in a positive manner. Combine this ability with an intense yet controlled nature and they begin to embody the expression and virtue of COURAGE.

The Sagittarius Rising Lesson

Sagittarius rising responds to most life situations with laughter and a good sense of humor. No matter what dire predicament surrounds them eternal OPTIMISM prevails. No doubt a free-spirited nature gets them into trouble more often thatn they would like to admit. Carelessly forsaking tact and forgetting to administer restraint when necessary often lands Sagittarians in hot water. The archer has a tendency to lose self-awareness during times of fun.

Their own laughter can often be heard above and beyond normal crowd noise for example. If a Sagittarian loses self-control then fun can become frenzy and delirium. If things get out of hand then irresponsible and foolish behavior reigns. This can put them and others into an embarrassing position.

The lesson here is to know how to be DISCRETE. A little more constraint and turning down the volume will earn them the respect they deserve. When staid and inconspicuous they are one of the most thoughtful and intelligent of signs, even profound at times. They have a way of seeing into things that is remarkable and fascinating. In order to control their restless nature Sagittarius rising should stick to professions like teaching, ministry or even competitive sports. During moments of meditation they should visualize goals and combine it with deep diaphragmatic breathing. Kepping goals in sight and never losing that wonderful optimism helps this sign to become the voice of HOPE in the world.

The Capricorn Rising Lesson

Capricorn rising or many planets in this sign portrays a serious-minded and RESPONSIBLE individual. They focus their seriousness more towards their jobs or career than on themselves and family. Excellent at managing others and taking on huge responsibilities, this sign brings to the table a great work ethic. Work before play is a motto they live by. All work and no play can make Capricorn a dull sign indeed! If they are too serious and cloak themselves in a position of high importance the mountain goat is not easily approached.

The problem for Capircorn rising is that they take the roles they play too earnestly. People in their company are uncomfortable with this and tend to shy away. In return Capricorns also appear uncomfortable, especially in social gatherings. What this sign needs to learn is to lighten up and enjoy themselves. The lesson here is to be more AFFABLE. It is lonely at the top and mountain goats need to realize that they appear to be moving out into the world entrapped within castle walls. If they break down the walls that separate them from their friends and families they will gather their support more easily.

Not always the most people-oriented sign in the zodiac, they will treat others like subordinates. In order to cure their social ills Capricorns need to become more involved in social events. Also, exercise — especially running or fast walking — will stretch and loosen up tight muscles. If a little joy and affability were to be coupled with their beautiful dedication to the call to duty, they would sooner embody the virtue of FIDELITY.

The Aquarius Rising Lesson

People who have the water bearer rising are always ready and willing to take you on a wild ride into unpredictable territory. They are FRIENDLY and approachable as long as Saturn isn’t hanging around their ascendants. They greet you as if they have known you for years, and sometimes with a prankish smile. Underneath that amicable personality there is another side ofthem that is cool, aloof and detached. Adept at loving others from a safe distance, its another matter when it comes to affairs of the heart.

Aquarius is a sign that is not impressed by displays of affection and warmth. They prefer friendship to intimacy. Although an intelligent sign and lovers of mankind, Aquarians are cold when it comes to love on a personal level. A good way to start loving on a personal level is by getting in touch with their own feelings and being SENSITIVE to the feelings of others. Instead of perceiving feelings as foreign they need to understand that emotions, especially warmth, is what humans need in order to feel a part of one another.

Aquarius rising is extremely individualistic and independent, like Uranus, the planet that rules them. It is not comfortable for them to be dependent on another for happiness. They want their freedom at all cost. Freedom for its own sake means little. Without commitment freedom leads to eventual separation. More than any other sign Aquarius needs to learn what it means to get close and personal to another human being. In meditation this sign needs to focus on opening up the heart center. This will increase self-awareness and sensitivity. These qualities combined with their natural friendliness equals a persona that is rich in GOODNESS.

The Pisces Rising Lesson

Pisces rising is capable of showing others, especially Aquarius, how to tune into feelings. It is the sign of EMPATHY. Innately understanding that they are part of a greater whole they have been known to sacrifice their own needs for those of the many. They have a gift for quietly calming anger, rage and other strong emotions in others. The most disturbing quality of the Pisces personality is that they tend to be unwary doormats or dumping grounds for negative people.

This is why it is so important for them to have psychic protection around them at all times. Not knowing how to handle too much negativity will cause them to retreat within themselves or run and hide. Whenever the slightest negative experience is picked up by the Pisces psyche, the vibration is increased to such a high frequency and volume that their nervous system can’t tolerate it. They may even try to mask the pain by turning to addictive substances for comfort and relief. Dulling the pain or retreating from it never resolves the issue. What this sign needs to do during these intense moments is to be ASSERTIVE. They must learn to confront those negative individuals who would hurt and abuse them. The Piscean capacity to endure suffering is not enough to get by. They need to fight back. By doing this they become tougher. Some form of assertiveness training, such as the martial arts or competitive sports, will test their strength and increase their endurance.

More than anything else, the sign of Pisces needs to know that perserverance pays off in the end. Because they are so creative, with a little discipline added to the mix, success is most assuredly within reach. If a Pisces rising individual combines their natural empathic disposition with the ability to assert themselves, they will know the true meaning of MERCY.

The Ruling Planet Of The Ascendant

How does one determine if the lessons are being assimilated? Is there a key piece of information hidden in the chart itself that will provide us with the answer? Are the lessons too difficult to master? The answer in part lies with the planet that has rulership over the rising sign, or what is referred to as the RULING PLANET. Through a study of the planet’s nature and the aspects to it, a person can judge the manner in which an individual is dealing with the lesson.

Consider Aries rising as an example.

The planetary ruler of Aries is Mars. To judge whether or not the Aries lesson is being absorbed during the lifetime, all of the aspects to Mars in the natal chart need to be analyzed, especially the major aspects. The declinations to Mars should also be included. If the client had all soft aspects to Mars, including minor aspects, then the person would be well on their way to establishing poise and self-control when confronting life’s challenges. Indeed the lesson may have already been learned and transformed into one of the persons greatest gifts. The individual quite possibly exemplifies patience and steadiness of purpose in whatever arena of life he chooses to perform. He may exhibit calm when facing a stressful job or family situation, or moderation when deciding to make a major purchase. Having all soft aspects to the ruler offers little room for growth because the lesson may have already been learned.

Another person with Aries rising may have all hard aspects to Mars, such as the square, opposition, inconjunct, etc. In this case the person is constantly faced with circumstances that challenge self-control. The individual in their early stage of development may repeatedly respond to stress with anger, frustration, and even violence depending on the aspects. They may, for example, display resentment when refused a pay raise or job promotion. Their challenge, though difficult, is never impossible. Most individuals will persevere until they realize they have alternative choices. Eventually, through experience, they will find ways to control their impatience and calm their passions.

Most individuals have a combination of hard and soft aspects to the ruling planet. This may be the most ideal situation in which to find oneself. While the hard aspects motivate us to be aware of and strive to overcome the challenges, the soft aspects lighten the burden and offer positive alternate avenues to release frustration. For example, if another person with Aries rising had Mars in hard aspect to Venus, they might demonstrate crude and impatient demands in the area of love and sexuality. However, if they also had Mars in a soft aspect to Jupiter, they might find ways to rechannel the rough energy of Mars/Venus into worthwhile projects or competitive action such as sports or strenuous exercise. Although the easy Mars/Jupiter aspect wont negate the difficult energy expressed in the Mars/Venus aspect, it will soften its effect. Softening the effect of stressful aspects to the ruling planet is also found in soft major aspects to the ascendant.

The natural progression of the signs, Aries through Pisces, symbolically represents a process of evolution. Aries, although assertive, represents the least evolved and most self-centered of signs, while Pisces, though passive, symbolizes the most evolved and unselfish of the signs. Yet there is no one sign that is more important than another. Just as all aspects of a persons character are interrelated, so are the signs. They all play equally important roles in the development of the personality. In reviewing the lessons of the signs it is apparent that what each one needs to learn is already resolved in the ensuing sign. For example, the Pisces lesson of assertiveness is already learned in Aries. An Aries needing to learn poise and self-control can look to Taurus, and so on.

The process of discovering that the solution to a sign’s lesson is found in the succeeding sign, and points out the importance of the progressed chart. At some point in a person’s life the ascending sign will move, or ingress, by secondary progression into the next sign. The time that this occurs depends on the degree and minute of the ascendant. When the ascendant ingresses into the next sign, the person is, in a manner of speaking, trying on a new personality. The ascendant with all its lessons, is never completely discarded. The influence of the progressed rising sign creates a realization that there are new ways to respond to old problems. The progressed ascendant helps the individual solve the problems and lessons of the natal ascendant.

Responding in more positive ways to ever-present blockages in the natal chart is essential to the unfoldment and growth of one’s personality. People cannot change or avoid the challenges ahead. The soul set up these patterns long before it incarnated. The horoscope clearly indicates what problems need to be analyzed and understood and the transits and progressions point out the appropriate time to work them out.

As we have seen, the birth chart is a guide, or blueprint, of the present incarnation’s lessons to be learned. Students of astrology will find it helpful when they synthesize the chart and study the interrelationships of the signs. By doing so they will discover a symmetry among the signs and an evolution of consciousness that is hinted at by the sign’s ascension over the eastern horizon at birth.


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