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How To Turn Your Downside Into A Potent Upside by Zodiac Signs

How To Turn Your Downside Into A Potent Upside by Zodiac Signs

Many of us are often not very nice to ourselves. We worry endlessly about what we did wrong. “If only I weren’t so impatient, passive, stubborn, weak-willed, greedy, critical, vengeful …” The list goes on and on. The good news is that every negative has a positive to match. And when redirected in the workplace, the sky’s the limit!

Take neediness – remember the old Streisand song that goes, ‘People who need people are the luckiest people in the world’? People who don’t need people are often cold and shut off from their feelings. Granted, you may have to fill your inner gap with more self-esteem so you don’t drain those close to you. But being in touch with your needs and asking they be fulfilled will bring you closer to the right people. You will make them feel valuable by asking for their help. That is a gift in itself.

Turn Your Negatives Into Positives

All signs have their downsides, which can be turned to upsides if you find the right context and are centered enough in yourself to let your inner energy flow as it wants. It’s all a matter of how you look at things.

Aries can be reckless and brash, lacking staying power. But put in a different way, you’ve got courage, you’re a straight talker and you’re better at sprinting than long distance running.

Taurus can be obstinate, power-hungry and overly indulgent. See yourself instead as a steady rock, good at maintaining control and in touch with your body’s need for pleasure and vitality.

Gemini can be scatter-brained, superficial, all talk and no action. Or you can re-envision yourself as the ultimate multi-tasker with an immense breadth of knowledge, whose prime talent is communication.

Cancer can be moody, hyper-sensitive and lacking in humor. But your supreme sensitivity to emotional atmosphere is precisely what tunes you into realms that are inaccessible to more rational souls.

Leo can be demanding, vain and defensive. Hey, the world needs entertainers and leaders — sunny personalities with the confidence to stand in the spotlight and ignore the envious griping of also-rans.

Virgo can be critical, too focused on trivia and overly serious. Well, someone needs to sort the wheat from the chaff, get the details right, be the observer and pay attention to practicalities! Your analytical qualities are essential.

Libra can be superficial and lazy — the ultimate ditherer. Your supposed insincerity is really a desire for calm and harmony. You are a careful decider, weighing up all the options before reaching a wise judgement. Lazy? You simply know that work needs balance with relaxation.

Scorpio can be stubborn, vengeful and overly intense. True — but you are also the miracle-worker of the zodiac. You have formidable insight married to equally formidable determination. You know how the universe operates at a core level.

Sagittarius can be an irresponsible adventurer, brutally outspoken and impractical. Seen another way, you have the courage to travel far — both literally and in mind. You refuse to put up with restrictions, you have a broad overview of life and you tell it like it is. Not so bad when you look at it that way, right?

Capricorn can be overly ambitious, materialistic and too negative. Your strength comes from living in the real world, knowing that solid results are crucial. Ideas can be turned into money-making ideas and creative achievements.

Aquarius can be contradictory, cool and stubborn. You see the extremes and are open-minded to differing points of view. You are a thinker and communicator, not a feeler, and the strength of your convictions helps you bravely face resistance over long periods.

Pisces can be timid, spaced-out and uncommitted. You may not always connect to the real world, but you are connected to the spiritual realms, as well as to creativity and other people’s suffering. Your sensitivity is a huge plus.

Impatience is suppressed anger; anger is simply stored-up assertion. You’ve got a pot full of dynamic energy stored up inside you that is crying to be let out in constructive ways. The world needs dynamos who are passionate and can cut through nonsense. Be proud to be a fiery warrior.

Weak-willed? No. You are just more sensitive than most and don’t operate well amongst bruisers. Find an arena in which your delicate fragility can blossom. As you build up self-confidence by being true to your real nature, you’ll find your way on less trodden paths.

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