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Things You Can Get Away With by Sign

Things You Can Get Away With by Sign

We all have our quirks … or things we get away with because others love us. And these quirks vary wildly, based on our astrological sign. Where Cancers gets away with withdrawing into their shells and bowing out of social activities, everyone expects Sagittarians to be the life of the party — and forgives them even if they turn up hours late. What can you get away with?


As the Eternal Youth of the zodiac, you’re allowed to think and dress however you like. When you show up at an elegant event in a bright red cap and faded jeans, you’re considered adorable. If Capricorns tried to get away with that, people would snicker behind their backs! Your jokes may be silly or even crude — sophistication is not your forte. But you always make people laugh … and they love you for it.


With your sweet delivery, you can get away with saying just about anything. Your pals know that they’ll get the truth from you, but offered so gently that it slides down like syrup. An Aquarian could never help someone through a break-up the way you can — their “just get over it” approach would seem insensitive. But your “you can do better, and you will,” accompanied by a warm hug, soothes the person’s soul.


As a Gemini, it’s your prerogative to change your mind — in fact, it’s practically required of you. Nobody is surprised at your last-minute call, “Hey, let’s go mountain climbing instead of playing miniature golf.” Your friends also know that when something bad happens, you need to hash out the details so you can understand and let it go. They’ll indulge you where they’d draw the line with a Scorpio, who only wants to plot revenge!


Cancers are more comfortable with the inner world than the outer one. Like the Crab, you need to periodically crawl inside your shell to process what’s been going on in your life and to feel protected. This usually means staying home. People understand when you cancel if you’ve had a hard day and need to retreat to your private nest. They’d be alarmed, though, if a Gemini pal — who is renewed by social contact — did the same.


Leos love drama — it’s why so many of you gravitate toward the theater. So no one is too shocked when you turn forty, buy a Corvette and head west. Your love life often resembles a Greek comedy or tragedy — and in your hands, it’s indeed a great story. Yes, you can sometimes be a bit self-centered. But you’re so colorful and entertaining that others don’t mind, where they might grow bored with a Cancer’s sob story.


Everyone knows that when visiting a Virgo’s house, neatness is the rule. In fact, cleaning the sink after each use wouldn’t be going too far. People indulge this fussy side of you because you’re a great friend and would do anything for those you care about. You also tend to arrive early to events. If a Sagittarian did that, others would think the world had ended. But they know it’s just your way of keeping things under control.


Libras like to keep score. Though very giving, you also need reciprocity. If someone isn’t treating you fairly, you’ll fuss and fight — usually behind the person’s back. Your friends let you do this and even help you plot strategies, knowing how hard it is for you to confront the issue head on. An Aries would just let it all hang out, but you need to think things over before taking action. Once you do, though, no one is a better diplomat.


You’re deep and enigmatic, Scorpio. Even those who’ve known you for years sometimes have no clue how you really feel. When you get that Mona Lisa smile on your face in response to a question, they know they’ve crossed the line. Where a Leo delights in telling all, you are slow to trust others with your secrets. But you’re also good at keeping theirs. You may be hard to figure out, but you’re loyal to the bone.


A Sagittarian can’t stay put for long. The grass is always greener somewhere else. Nobody blinks an eye when you embark on a motorcycle trek across the Southwest or suddenly move to China. Distracted by a myriad of possibilities, your intrepid nature often sends you off in several directions at once. When you show up three hours late, your friends just roll their eyes — where they’d be filing a missing persons report on a Virgo. But everyone’s thrilled you’re finally there … the party can finally begin!


You have such an upright image, Capricorn, that you can get away with a lot. When the contents went missing from the cookie jar, they blamed your mischievous little Pisces brother, not you. And those “perks” your company pays for are explained away so cleverly that the taxman never suspects. Your friends look to you for guidance, thinking you’ve got it all together. You strive to measure up to their straight-arrow image of you, but it’s also okay to be like that naughty Pisces and sometimes let down your hair.


Though you’re a friendly person, others find you oddly detached. You tend to get lost in your own little world and tune out the conversation. If a socially-aware Libra did that, they’d be considered arrogant. But your pals usually cut you some slack because they rightly suspect you’re brainstorming your next brilliant move at work, envisioning your future mate or calculating the square root of pi. And they know that when they need help analyzing a problem, you’re the one to call!


You’re loaded with charm, Pisces. The genuine compassion and fondness you have for others gives you a special place in their hearts. Your loved ones are inclined to be forgiving when you forget to call for weeks on end or fail to show up for a date. If a Taurus did that, there’d be hell to pay. But your friends know you’re out saving the world — or at least finding your lost car keys — and their turn will come soon enough.

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