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What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Dad?

father zodiac signsWith Father’s Day we would like to celebrate the essence of fatherhood with a brief description of how your sign sees “father energy” – which gives us a clue as to how you might have viewed your own father in your childhood. So just choose your Sun sign, and here we go…

If your Sun is in Aries, then your father may have appeared to be in constant motion to you. He most likely enjoyed sports and could even have coached you in Little League or soccer if you showed an interest and aptitude in these activities. He probably seemed to be more interested in an active relationship than in long discussions on the origins of man. He might have been impatient with you and sometimes a little short-tempered. Tagging along with him on errands or bike rides would probably have been the best way of getting his attention.

If your Sun is in Taurus, then your father probably appeared to be more focused on making sure the family needs were met than on spending time with you. When dad finally noticed you, he might have lavished gifts on you, or maybe he would take you out for your favorite meal. One thing is certain, however – in your opinion, he always tried his best to make sure that you had all the comforts that he could provide.

If your Sun is in Gemini, then your father might have appeared to you to be always busy, even if he was just relaxing at home. You would find him reading the newspaper, non-stop flipping through channels on the TV, or talking to friends and neighbors. You saw your father as being clever, smart and lots of fun. If he had the time, and to you it seemed like he never did, he would love to help you with science projects, or math and reading. He would be especially proud of you when you brought home those As!

If your Sun is in Cancer, then your father probably appeared to you to be very nurturing. Your earliest memories might be of daddy reading you a story and tucking you in at night. If you had a boo-boo, daddy would clean it, put a band-aid on and seal it with a kiss (even if it were an imaginary cut). Going to the zoo, grocery shopping, or even cooking a meal together was always fun with dad!

If your Sun is Leo, then your father most likely appeared to you to be larger than life. Nothing was too good for his little wonder. He would love to show you off to his friends, and you would love to accommodate him. Holidays were probably special to your dad, as this was the time that he would demonstrate how much he loved you by showering you with presents. His pride in you always inspired you to try your best so that you could get the best prize of all – a big winning smile from dad!

If your Sun is in Virgo, your father might have seemed to you to be very practical, and sometimes a little too fussy. Making sure that you brushed your teeth every night and father_art1.jpgputting your dirty clothes in the hamper were always part of the daily routine. Your dad was probably very organized and encouraged your own practical side. Intellectual pursuits, puzzles and science experiments were probably a few things that helped you bond with dad.

If your Sun is in Libra, you probably considered your father to be fair and even-tempered. He was most likely a handsome man with a wonderful smile and warmth – your very own Prince Charming. Your major difficulties with dad would probably have centered on whose turn it was to decide where to go or what to do, and on finding some “alone” time with him, since he always seemed to be trying to please everyone (even your snot-nosed little sister!).

If your Sun is in Scorpio, you may have seen dad as very intense and sometimes a bit sarcastic. It was most likely difficult to keep any secrets from dad (he always knew!). And should anyone dare to hurt you or your feelings, they had better beware of Dad’s nasty stinger. Most likely, when you were younger, your father was overprotective and overbearing until you gained his trust. And boy, that certainly took some doing!

If your Sun is in Sagittarius, you probably thought of dad as wise and idealistic. He was probably full of enthusiasm and fun, and might have seemed like your own Indiana Jones – someone whom you could share your love of adventure and travel with. There’s a chance that if dad put you to bed, you probably didn’t get to sleep until mom came in and shooed him away! Most likely, when you were younger you thought that dad had all the answers… and he probably did!

If your Sun is in Capricorn, then your father appeared to you to be strong and steady. Practical and self-disciplined, your father expected you to be a miniature adult, and you probably were. Your father probably expected you to be respectful of your elders, and to be a good listener, too. Although he might have seemed a little bit reserved and unreachable at times, he was someone that you knew you could depend upon. Chances are that your father and you spent many hours carefully planning outings that would prove both educational and fun.

If your Sun is in Aquarius, your father might have seemed friendly, but a little remote and removed from daily life. That is not to say that he didn’t love you – he just had an unusual way of demonstrating his affections. Most likely, your dad enjoyed taking you on little adventures where you could learn and experience different cultures and ways of life. As a child, you might have thought your dad unreliable or at best unpredictable, and that could certainly be annoying. Unless of course, he signed you out of school and took you to the beach to watch a whale being rescued!

If your Sun is in Pisces, dad may have seemed indecisive and slightly confused – like the absent-minded professor. Your dad was probably in his own imaginative dream world most of the time Boundaries were not always clear. Although your father felt things very deeply, he could have been uncomfortable expressing his thoughts as well as his feelings. As a child, you probably saw your father as someone who had a wonderful imagination, and who could bring your storybooks to life.

Of course, this is just a quick overview of your sign’s needs for father energy.

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