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Peak Love Moments by Zodiac Signs

Peak Love Moments by Zodiac Signs

Every relationship has peaks and valleys, but if you’re coasting along on a plateau, there may be ways to orchestrate a peak moment. Look at suggestions for both of your signs, but feel free to steal liberally from any sign. It’s simply about making time for shared happiness.

Aries — Create an atmosphere of Brilliant Firsts.

Aries is the “Me First” sign, and you might always feel like the dazzling tag-a-long. Join them in the pursuit of mastery over a skill so you’ll experience progressing together. If it’s something like scuba diving, you’ll soon be planning trips, sure to lead to even more peaks. Aries loves a dare, so see if they’ll dip into that icy water, arm wrestle, ride the Cyclone — or whatever spontaneous challenge comes up in the moment.

Taurus — Create an atmosphere of Rooted Sensuality.

Taurus, plant an herb garden (a container works for urban living) and cultivate it together from start to finish. At harvest time, invite close friends over for a fresh-from-the-backyard meal featuring your own organic creations. After the guests leave, draw the shades and turn your home into a nudist colony for two. Aromatherapy and massage oils heighten the sensory experience.

Gemini — Create an atmosphere of Surging Circuits.

Gemini, throw a costume party for just you two and change your personas several times throughout the evening. Learn a new language together and practice your conversation skills at home and in public. Invite friends over for an old-fashioned game of charades. Watch a lot of comedies together, and start your own collection organized by comedic actor. Try your hand at improv.

Cancer — Create an atmosphere of Private Intimacy.

Cancer, if you go to a movie, pick the two seats furthest away from anyone, even if it means sitting in the balcony. Get a tub of popcorn and a bucket of soda with two straws to share. Alternatively, go grocery shopping together and hit the video store on the way home. Slip into loungewear at home, smile into your stocked fridge, prepare a meal together, and settle into cinematic cuddling. Take a moonlit stroll on a warm night, by the ocean if possible.

Leo — Create an atmosphere of Luxurious Celebration.

Leo, when the next holiday rolls around, go all out with decorations. Or create your own holiday with your mate, with a made-up name. Make drinks and put Chinese umbrellas in them. Take a dance class, like salsa or mambo – surprise your partner by learning sensual movement, like bellydance. If your guy is a “metro-sexual,” go get manicures and pedicures together. You can also do this at home, and is especially appreciated if your guy (or gal) works with their hands.

Virgo — Create an atmosphere of Natural Purity.

Virgo, try to insert yourself into their daily routine, perhaps taking an amble at sunset together a few nights a week. If your Virgo is more vigorous, set personal goals that you can meet and then exceed as a couple. Surprise them by performing an organizational feat or ably handling a nasty cleaning job. Check out the local nature center, and learn about native trees and plants. Throw an understated appreciation dinner for your Virgo for all the little things they do for you. Take a relaxing bubble bath together, then enjoy some unhurried “Sexercise,” followed by another bath – because you can never be too clean.

Libra — Create an atmosphere of Elegant Refinement.

Libra, buy bunches of fresh flowers and place them all around your Libra’s home. Plan a candlelight dinner or take them to a top-rated restaurant, perhaps dressing in formal wear for a change. Secretly put monogrammed towels in the bathroom and rose petals in the bath water. Place a chocolate on their pillow. Take a horse and carriage ride sometime.

Scorpio — Create an atmosphere of Swirly Depth.

Scorpio, arrange to take on an intense challenge of confidence and control, such as horseback riding. Enroll in an art class together or learn to play instruments so you can do duets. Sit by a fire and tell spooky ghost stories or go investigate a haunted house. Solve a local mystery. Take a course on couples massage. Eat Indian food while listening to the erotic sounds of the sitar and tabula. Go paddling down some white water rapids with a river guide.

Sagittarius — Create an atmosphere of Curious Exploration.

Sagittarius, come up with a place in the world you’d both like to check out, learn about the region together and set a date for travel. Go to a slideshow presentation on another culture, then come home and make the native cuisine. Very often the Sadge enjoys tests of endurance, and perhaps there’s some way to train for a feat together. If the time is right, consider adopting a dog together – they add adventure, as well as lots of spontaneous socializing with strangers to your daily life.

Capricorn — Create an atmosphere of Purposeful Abundance.

Capricorn, find a masseuse that does house calls, and invite them over one early evening. Follow this up with a pre-prepared gourmet meal and see what unfolds when you’re all blissed out. Encourage any latent talents you each have, and resolve to move toward mastery. Catalogue a collection, or create a display for your possessions. Build something together, whether it’s part of a home improvement project, or simply a dinner to remember. Attend a wealth-building seminar in line with your values.

Aquarius — Create an atmosphere of Experimental Originality.

Aquarius, if you see a game going on in the park, like Ultimate Frisbee, ask to join in for an hour and see what happens. Take a ride on a hot air balloon or parachute out of an airplane. Go out from town so you can see a canopy of stars and peer at them through a telescope. Bring a blanket and some treats for some horizontal star gazing afterwards. Try to invent something together!

Pisces — Create an atmosphere of Mystical Serendipity.

Pisces, go check out the nearby aquarium for a trippy blue-lit time. Another idea is to set up an aquarium together for your home. Enter a sanctuary or cathedral, and if possible, listen to sacred music or chanting. How about moonbathing on your private lawn, rooftop or deck? Turn on the sprinklers or get a slip n’ slide, and later eat popsicles. Learn about another spiritual tradition and attend a service.

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