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Home Sweet Home – How The Zodiac Signs Feel About Home

In honor of the sign of Cancer, I thought it would be wise to take a favorite Cancerian theme–the Home–and see how the other signs feel about it. Do note that as I describe the temperaments, interests, and probabilities of the various signs, I am not only referring to one’s Sun sign, but also to one’s Moon or Rising sign, as well as to a predominance of planets within a particular sign. How do you find out about these particulars? Why, consult an astrologer!

Cancers are noted for their bonds to family and the home. A lot of attention goes towards creating and maintaining these symbols of emotional security. A lot of time, energy, and money goes into this largest of investments, the home. Let’s take a tour through the Cancerian home, shall we?!

Aries Sign
Is this a statement on simplicity? Rustic ruggedness? Definitely self-sufficiency! If it is neat and pretty, don’t disturb things! It’s a business investment. Tools, spare parts, fix-it books, how-to books. A fireman’s hat. Some wilting plants; the plastic one looks healthy. Books on exploring the Western frontier, WWI, Popular Mechanics, brain exercises, animal rights. A collection of Indian artifacts, another of ducks and decoys. Camping gear in the garage, next to the pickup. A pizza box in the fridge. An old “Buy War Bonds” poster. The motorcycle’s in the shed. Aries is out hiking with the dog.

Taurus Sign
A good stone and brick house with a vegetable garden. It’s amazing how one can decorate – and with style – on a budget! Self-canned sauces, peaches and pickles. A well-stocked pantry. Self-made baked goods…smells great! A vocalist on the HiFi crooning ballads and blues. Books on gardening, how-to-do-anything, cooking, helpful hints, pottery and art. Comfort. Musical instruments. “Born to raise tomatoes” poster. Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Neil Diamond records in the TV room. The punch bowl is out. Planning to entertain?

Gemini Sign
Between this home base and the apartment in the city, surely we can find the missing keys! The telephone is ringing. The TV is on. The garage is perfect to house the ham radio equipment and part-time darkroom. Books on everything. Magazines, too. Bin for recycled newspapers. Computer with the latest programs. The cat is chasing the dog. What’s the diet/nutrition plan this month? The kitchen will tell! Must not be using the kitchen table…no room! More books, though. Junk mail. Piles of correspondence. The phone’s ringing again!

Cancer Sign

Ozzie and Harriet would be proud! The pantry is full–how many months worth of food? Cookbooks and kitchen utensils, of course! Antiques here and there, old photographs, mementos from childhood and from special friends, nick-knacks next to heirlooms and silver jewelry. Yep, there’s the food bowl for the family pet. There are too many things in the garage to put a car in there! Ah, but there’s that extra freezer for some extra fare!

Leo Sign

“A man’s home is his castle.” Gotta have things in this house that produce music! Guitars, flutes, synthesizers, whatever! Even a sound system would do! One first may be struck with the architecture, or is it the dramatic lines, colors, and that sense of style! Is it overdone? Not for a king or queen! Gold ornaments, well-framed pictures and a conspicuous dining room (for visiting dignitaries). The “rec” room is fun: big TV, games, an oversized couch, ping pong and pool tables. The garage looks like a second hand sports shop! Bicycles, skis, roller blades, running shoes, tennis rackets, bowling balls, etc.! And here comes the pedigreed pooch!

Virgo Sign

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness!” How neat and tidy! Economy of style too. I’m sure there is a practical use for just about every item too. Some areas of concentration, other areas of space. Signs of busy-ness here and there–2 or 3 projects–arts and crafts, like stained glass, ceramics, beadwork, etc. Miniature collections, self-improvement and how-to books. Plenty of vitamins and supplements in the cupboards. A mini first aid station in the clean smelling bathrooms. The two cats are sniffing around the herb garden–probably looking for catnip!

Libra Sign

We’ll start with the book shelf: theater, classic literature, psychology, relationships, self-growth, erotica and big picture books on favorite painters and museums. Pastel colors, flower arrangements, vanity mirror, symmetry and grace. A fine stereo system playing mood music. In the kitchen we find fine delicacies next to fast food items! Librans try to do a balancing act between a “welcoming” comfort and a “don’t touch the ideal arrangement” Better Homes & Gardens! Lots of shoes in the closet. Magazines on fashion and more on relationships. The garage stores the exercise bike, running shoes, skis, umbrellas and, oh yes, an attractive car!

Scorpio Sign

Wood paneling and shelves of books on the mysteries of life, metaphysics, the occult, politics, obscure authors, and some serious erotica. On the desks and tables are projects and proposals in various stages of completion. The closet is full of stuff; just what seems to be another mystery. Sometimes you wonder if this person cares what the neighbors think! Symbolic paintings, a place for meditation, and a big bed. Rhythm and Blues playing. An sensuous abode that is indeed lived-in! Tool box, bicycle and car in the garage. Scorpio is into recycling. For specifics, you have to go and see for yourself. Call first.

Sagittarius Sign

The music’s already playing. Third world music, I believe. Drums and rattles next to the stereo, “just in case.” Colorful paintings on the wall, acrylics by the homeowner! Books and videos on travel, foreign languages and culture, philosophy and religion. Wooden statues from Africa, jade pieces from the orient. Chinese take-out menu on the fridge (don’t look inside!). Various wines on a rack. The bed’s a mess but there are some nice pieces of furniture. A busy garage with sports equipment, a kayak and a mountain bike. The owner’s gone on a trip with the family dog in a four wheeler..they get around!

Capricorn Sign

We’ll start in the study. A big mahogany desk with a globe on one corner. An open book, “The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius.” Hardcover books on politics, government, history, labor and economics. Fun stuff. There’s a work shed out back with some cabinets in the process of being built (a present for sister-in-law). A nice garden. A sturdy house. A good investment. Stereo playing Vivaldi. A piano. A neat and orderly appearance, yet comfortable to live in. Who calls these people pack-rats? Oh, don’t look in the garage!

Aquarius Sign

The motif of this particular house is wood (the last one was ultra-modern). The guest room is also the studio. Completed pieces of art are scattered about the house: ceramics, watercolors, sculpture, a quilt. What’s next? Little motor-driven airplanes! Books on anthropology, bridge, UFO’s, Latin American poetry and utopian fiction. Computer games. Batik scarves from Bali. A Howdy Doody puppet. Congas and African percussion instruments. World beat music playing. Bagpipes in the corner. Keep the cat away from the iguana!

Pisces Sign

After the apartment in the city, it’s nice to have this quiet, out of the way place! The shades are still drawn, though – force of habit? Save the whales poster. An aquarium with exotic fish, an accordion, some clutter, building blocks, save the seals, a shrine or private altar with crystals and gems, a picture of an Indian saint. A celtic harp. Save the dolphins. Unusual items in the kitchen from the Chinese market. A sea shell collection. Wind chimes next to a hummingbird feeder. An expensive camera. A church hymnal. Save the redwoods.



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