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Planets ruling the Zodiac Signs- Know His Planet to Understand His Love

His PlanetThink you know your guy because you know his sign? Think again.

Unless you grasp the power of the planet that is behind his astrological idiosyncrasies, you don’t know enough to understand what motivates this man to love and be loved by you. Once you get his planet, you can totally rock his Universe.

Aries ~ Mars

Mars is the warrior planet who both protects and destroys. Mars confronts, battles and is determined to not just win but to conquer. Being a a warrior requires intelligence, boldness, fearlessness and extreme self-confidence. Mars seeks to control and stimulates drive and aggression.

Mars ensures that Aries is charged with physical energy and unwavering effort. Because of Mars, Aries’ ego is grand and he is inclined to take greater risks than others. It is most unwise to challenge the warrior whose need to dominate can cause sudden and explosive reactions. Rather let Aries be your super hero and win the bounty of his love.

Taurus and Libra ~ Venus

Venus’ heart is so big that the goddess of love rules two signs. Venus is passionate, seductive and extremely secure in her ability to enchant. Watch out. You are in the throws of a lustful planet who is both alluring and dangerous. Venus has no oxygen and, likewise, can take your breath away. Dare to imagine what she can do to your heart.

Venus ensures that Taurus and Libra are charged with charisma and vitality. Because of Venus these signs have great warmth, kindness and sexual appeal. It is most unwise to betray the goddess as she seeks commitment and total devotion from a lover. Instead dedicate yourself to adoring your Taurus or Libra and expect his passionate love.

Gemini and Virgo ~ Mercury

Mercury is the messenger of the solar system. It is quick, restless and mobile. The planet can prompt unpredictable and unstable actions that seem perfectly logical at the moment. Mercury is mental energy and must communicate but can be fickle and bore easily. There is always more to the story with Mercury around.

Mercury ensures that Gemini and Virgo are charged with intelligence and wit. Because of Mercury these signs are interesting and innovative. Airy Gemini is more chatty while grounded Virgo wants to dissect the matter. It is most unwise to ignore the messenger who must get inside your mind. Rather open up, spill it all and watch him fall in love.

Cancer ~ Moon

The Moon is mystery and intrigue. It is the watchful mother and the darkness of the soul. The Moon waxes and wanes as does our passions, hopes, dreams and our very lives. This planet is moody and shows itself in full, in part and then disappears from sight. The Moon controls Earth’s volatile seas and toys with the human psyche.

The Moon ensures that Cancer is charged with sensitivity and compassion. Because of the Moon, Cancer is protective and nurturing but susceptible to deep and dark moods. It is most unwise to be unkind to a Cancer who feels at an intensely emotional level. Instead, be the comfort that Cancer craves and you’ll shine in his sensuous romantic light.

Leo ~ Sun

The Sun is bright, hot and illuminating. This life giving astro body will not be ignored. Without the Sun, our Universe as we know it would not exist. The Sun is the father, the commander and the supreme top dog. The Sun is needed and required but can’t be looked upon or touched without destroying.

The Sun ensures that Leo is the light that others seek and Leo would have it no other way. Because of the Sun, Leo is powerful and generous but a force to be respected. It is most unwise to try to upstage a Leo who is the ultimate showman. Rather make this big sizzler the center of your universe and you will soon bask in the heat of his love.

Scorpio ~Pluto

Pluto is ruler of the underworld and referred to as Hades in Greek Mythology. This planet’s mission is to destroy order to effect transformation. Pluto is erratic and a symbol of death but with the intent of resurrection not ending. Pluto stings deeply but spiritually and is a master at hiding in the bowels of the pyche.

Pluto ensures that Scorpio will be intense and controlling. Because of Pluto, Scorpio is mysterious, destructive and rejuvenating. It is most unwise to dominate a Scorpio who lives life on his own rather noxious and unforgiving terms. Instead surrender your heart to this expert transformer and watch him revolutionize your love.

Sagittarius ~Jupiter

Jupiter is the all explosive thunder of Zeus. This planet is huge, expansive and omnipotent. Jupiter is the optimist of the Universe and expands all that we have, are and can be. Just do it and worry about it later is Jupiter’s message and the energy it brings to those in its path. Jupiter makes our inner and outer worlds bigger.

Jupiter ensures that Sagittarius is a player in life’s adventures. Because of Jupiter, Sagittarius has great physically energy and enthusiasm. It is most unwise to try and restrain a Sagittarius whose larger than life personality and potential cannot and should not be hindered. Rather throw caution to the wind and receive Sag’s massive love.

Capricorn ~ Saturn

Saturn is the taskmaster of the Universe and a powerful force in every mortal’s life. Saturn forces us to face challenges and overcome hurdles. The planet tells us to grow up and take responsibility even at those times we want to least. Saturn reveals strength we didn’t know we had in us no matter how painful the process.

Saturn ensures that Capricorn is dependable and just. Because of Saturn, Capricorn is serious and conservative but always a close ally. It is most unwise to disappoint a Capricorn who will never accept less than your best or listen to any of your excuses. Instead be a rock of self-confidence and accomplish anything you imagine with Capricorn’s love.

Aquarius ~ Uranus

Uranus is known as Father Sky but his primordial journey through the Universe was not an easy one having come out of Chaos to be both the light and the darkness. This planet is uniquely odd and unpredictable. Uranus is how we are different and special and where our bonds are formed.

Uranus ensures that Aquarius is a rare individual and friend. Because of Uranus, Aquarius will confound and confuse but never fail to delight. It is most unwise to regulate an Aquarius who lives to break through boundaries and overturn rules. Rather let your spirit soar carefree and crazy and speak Aquarius’ language of love.

Pisces ~ Neptune

Neptune is as mysterious as it oceans run deep. As with water, this planet’s energy is without shape or form. It can give life and take it away but Neptune vibrates to spiritual idealism. This planet holds our dreams, illusions and psychic gifts. Neptune is both naive and wise but never ever Earth bound.

Neptune ensures that Pisces will live on the edge of fantasy or fall right off it. Because of Neptune, Pisces is creative and intuitive with a passionate but unrealistic outlook. It is most unwise to use logic with a Pisces whose purpose in life is transcendent. Instead become the fantasy that you both can live in and float in a sea of Pisces love.

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